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A Photographer’s Live Wedding Encounter, In Ghana!


(The People In The Picture Do Not Represent The Real Characters!)

One photographer told me his experience. He thought these things happened only in the movies, but this, he saw in real life.

He was invited to take great photographs of a wedding ceremony; Let alone to realize, that the man, as in the bridegroom, was a real big pimp!

Sure, he had two ladies, and one of them was married to this man, who had two good children with him.

However, this new lady, had no idea, the man was already married with two kids.

Well, of course, he lied to her!

So what happened?

There was one friend of the married lady, who was in a gossip meeting, and had a hint of this man’s new relationship, and of course, wedding plans, with special information as date, time and the far locations of his wedding plans.

As this married woman was secretive about this to her husband, this she and her friend arrived early, in the wedding town, on that same day, having first reported the case to the police, and was given a police escort.

The day started with sadness, to witness an illegal marriage.

The sudden thing happened!

My friend the photographer was taking pictures at this new engagement, with several people around, who knew nothing about this man’s inhuman plans, when a police presence with two women behind, showed up around the gate, in the focus of his clicking camera!

He lifted his head abruptly, like a lizard, to have a full eye-show of the scene!

The police bumped in suddenly with arrest, making the woman explain that this good looking man in suit and tie, was her husband of some years now.

The man couldn’t deny, and the place turned into an uproar; As some were crying, some were hurling curses on the man for lying to this respected crowd!

This was a true story; it happened in Ghana.

My friend the photographer came down from his trip and played the video for us to watch!

This was a sad video!

Lessons To Be Learned From This Story:

Countless and countless again, women, be careful of whom you claim you’re going out with. Well, do a thorough check on them. Most especially, depend on God through prayer to make a right choice for you.

b) Yes, some of you men have also faced similar issues; so, be careful!

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Prince Akogo.

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