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The Serious Times Of The Fake Currency Menace Around The Whole World!


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I was in a private transport vehicle, when all of a sudden, the bus conductor complained that he had been given a fake paper currency by someone inside the car.

It was too late, as it wouldn’t be possible to or identify which of the on-boarded people in side the car or travelers, had handed him that fake money, since there several of us, in the car.

Now, the driver began to blame his assistant (the bus conductor) for not checking the authenticity of the monies before receiving them.

In fact, the bus conductor believed he might have even gone ahead to give balance, to that heinous crime. The driver was a bit annoyed with him for being careless. It was then other people in the car (including the thief, I suppose) were equally sharing their accounts of how they were duped with fake currencies as well.

Yet, one thing we’d realized was, these heinous crimes were committed all over the country at such a time, because the government had just introduced a new type (design) of denominations in the country, and it was now time the citizens of the nation were now trying to know how these currencies really looked like. That means, most people were duped with fakes of the new denominations, which most people were getting to know how they really like, or felt in the hand. Thus, we must be careful when new denominations, are being introduced within our countries.

The Story Lessons:

* No matter which country you belong to, always be careful when government introduces new currencies, or even new designs of all previously spent currencies, because that’s the time the ‘fake-currency menace’ arise most; yes, where organizations and individuals secretly go about duping people, across the length an breadth of the country.

* Be able to know (identify) good currencies from the fake ones, and be very vigilant. Be careful as a seller or a receiver of money.

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Prince Akogo

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