How God Had Designed & Created Heaven: The Heavenly Tabernacle (Part 1)

The Mysteries Of Creation.


How God Had Designed & Created Heaven: The Heavenly Tabernacle (Part 1)


We were told in the Bible that God created both the Heavens and the Earth in Genesis 1.

Now, according to the Spirit, just as the creation of the universe, man and the earth, the Heavens too was created with this same tabernacle design which we also know reflects God’s Form or Glory.

And so, by using this design to ensure that all things are created in the pattern of His Glory, God as well created the beautiful Home He lives in now, which is the Temple He lives in, with the very same pattern of the Mosaic Tabernacle.

Therefore, that was why God said to Moses, that He was showing him a replica or the shadow of the things in Heaven which were in the Tabernacle or Temple in Heaven, which was a Tabernacle which was never pitched by men, but by Himself.

Therefore, the Bible stated!


They serve at a sanctuary that is a copy and shadow of what is in heaven. This is why Moses was warned when he was about to build the tabernacle:

“See to it that you make everything according to the pattern shown you on the mountain.”

Heb. 8:5 NIV


Hence, to understand how the main structure or the original copy of the Temple was created in heaven and was inhabited by God then we will have to understand the nature and pattern of the earthly Tabernacle, which was constructed by Moses, upon God’s requests!

Therefore, to be able to know that, let’s first have a descriptive look of the Mosaic Tabernacle, to understand how it was created, so that we can understand how the Original Copy was created in Heaven, which is far above the earthly-realm!



Note: (if you have read in any of our posts about the details of the Tabernacle (the Lord’s Model) and you understand it very well, then you don’t need to read it here again.

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 When explaining the details of the tabernacle, The Lord’s Spirit helped me to realize that the tabernacle had 3 courts, thus was also 3 dimensional. The tabernacle had an Outer Courtyard, The Inner Court and a Most Holy Place.



The Outer Courtyard

This was the largest court of the Lord’s tabernacle.


Inside Outer Court: Indicated by Arrow


Before a person will enter the Outer Courtyard, there was a Gate in front which one must pass through before getting into the large outer courtyard.


Outer Court Gate


Moreover, the whole courtyard was covered with white linen cloth, fastened to several poles and pegs. In the compound of the Outer Courtyard were two vessels.  The first one after the Tabernacle Gate was the Brazen Altar of Burnt Sacrifice.

 Altar of Burnt Sacrifice


It was a brass metallic rectangular box with wire mesh inside it. Under the mesh were coals of fire.

At the four corners of this Altar were four extensions called Horns. It was on this Brazen Altar of Burnt Sacrifice that sacrifices like lambs, bullocks and grains of cereals were burnt. Also, the blood of sacrifices was also poured upon it and also in a brazen pan by its side.

The second vessel, right after the Brazen Altar of Sacrifice was the Brazen Laver. The Brazen Laver was a large brazen bowl filled with water to its brim.


Brazen Laver of Water


The priests of the court often washed their hands in this brass pan before entering into the Temple to render services to the Lord God.


The Inner Court

But the first room of the Temple was called the Inner Court or Holy Place. This Inner Court too has a Door in front, which enclosed it. So then, before one enters this room, he had to pass through the Door to get into it.


Inner Court Door


Inside Inner Court


Now, inside the Inner Court we can see a Gold Plated Table on the right side. This table was called The Table of Showbread and on it were 12 flat loaves of bread.


Table of Showbread on the right: Six flat loaves on each side of this Table


These 6 loaves on each side totaled up to 12. On the left side of the Table of Showbread was what was called The Golden Menorah. 

According to description, the Golden Menorah was also a vessel of Six (6) golden lamp stands, with seven (7) candle sticks upon it. And the 7 candlesticks were lit frequently with coals of fire to provide light for the entire room of the Inner Court, often called the Holy Place as well.



Candlesticks being lit by a Priest


As fuel for the candlesticks, the priests used Olive Oil.  Then again, the Golden Menorah also had engravings of flowers and fruit buds on the stems of each of these 7 candlesticks.


The Altar of Incense

At the far end of the Inner Court, close to the veil shielding the Most Holy Place was The Golden Altar of Incense.


Incense Table: by the veil of Most Holy Place


On this piece of gold plated furniture, incense was burnt. When the incense was burnt, the incense smoke or gas filled the whole Inner Court.


Incense being burnt by Priest


But there were certain ingredients that were used for the incenses. These included Gum, Resin, Onycha, and Galbanum. Now, this floor space in between the Golden Menorah vessel and these other two sets of furniture of the Holy Place was called the Threshing Floor. 

Then as one looks into the Holy Place, one can see that the veil shielding the entrance of the Most Holy Place had artistic designs of Cherubs.


Cherubs on Veil: Designs of Eyes Close by


Around these cherubs, you see other designs as well. These designs around the cherubs reflect the eyes on the bodies of cherubs. Cherubs, on the other hand, are celestial beings who have eyes all over them. They live with God in the world we can’t see.

There were also colourful Curtains on the left and of the right hand side walls of the Holy Place: and even in the second and last room called the Most Holy Place are also curtains. But, according to the measurements, the length of this Holy Place was 20 cubits, with breadth too being 20 cubits.


The Most Holy Place

Finally, the last room of this Temple was the Most Holy Place. Though this room was the smallest and last room, it was the most important place of the tabernacle. This was because when Moses had finished constructing the entire tabernacle, it was reported that the people saw God heading down from the skies as fire, and without any particular form, into the Most Holy Place.


Ark of Covenant visited by God’s Glory of Fire


Anytime He went into the Most Holy Place in the appearance of fire He sat upon The Golden Ark of Covenant.

There was no light in the Most Holy Place, but His nature being light and fire produced light for the Most Holy Place. On the gold plated Ark of Covenant Box, were also gold images of cherubs, each one on the side, with their glorious wings spread out to cover God’s face.


God as Light over the Ark of Covenant:
face covered by designed wings of the Cherubs


The Items inside God’s Ark of the Covenant: Yet inside the Ark or the Chest Box on which this fire celestial being sat were other items, which Moses was commanded to set in there.

These included the 2 Tablets of Stone on which the popular 10 commandments were written, the Golden Pot of manna (The golden pot which contained the bread God gave to the children of Israel), the book of the Law, and Aaron’s rod (a rod with shoots of fresh green leaves).



Ark of the Covenant with Vessels inside   


Once a year, the High Priest went into this sacred room, called the Most Holy Place to offer sacrifices. He also burnt incense to fill the Most Holy Place: he never went in there when God arrived there.

By measurement, this Most Holy Place had its length to be 10 cubits, and a breadth too to be 10 cubits. Lastly, while the large Outer Courtyard had no covering, the Temple of two rooms, of an Inner Court and a Most Holy Place had roofing made with Badger Skins.

Outer Courtyard Uncovered: Dark Badger Skin over the 2 rooms


The tabernacle itself, its vessels, furniture and all other items are symbolic and also have direct interpretations as well.

So, for us to understand how God designed His tabernacle or temple in Heaven, we would have to understand the literal and symbolic interpretations, of the various parts of the Mosaic tabernacle!



How God Had Designed & Created The Heavenly Tabernacle

(How He Pitched It!)


First, The Entire Mosaic Tabernacle: 

So first and foremost, and as we’ve said, the entire Mosaic Tabernacle, represents the Tabernacle of God which is in the midst of Heaven, where the angels and men worship God.


 The 3 parts of the Mosaic Tabernacle:

Just as we saw, we realized that the Mosaic Tabernacle had three divisions, or had 3-divided courts. Similarly, God’s Tabernacle in  Heaven, has 3 true courts in all.

Thus, the number of courts in the Mosaic Tabernacle actually matches with the entire number of courts, in God’s Heavenly Tabernacle.

And so, in the Day God created ‘The Heavens and the Earth,’ He had actually created both the Heavens and the Earth, to all have 3 divisions, that is, to also have a pattern of His glory.


The Brazen Altar of Sacrifice: 

If you would also remember the Altar of Sacrifice was the Altar with blood upon. Yes, here was were Moses, put or had sprinkled the blood of the animal.

There is a Major Altar in God’s Heavenly Tabernacle, which was were Christ as the lamb, had placed His Sacrificial Blood on our behalf. 



The Brazen Laver with Water inside:

This was to indicate a purification process in front of God’s Temple. As water is like mirror in which you see your face, it signifies that in the presence of God you go through a purification process, in which you’re brought into the judgment of God to be tried and tested by all the works you have done.

So then, in heaven, there is a water-system after the Altar, which figuratively was representing the body of Christ, which is His Word.

So the Water was a reflection of Christ’s body, which is the Word of God, which is to clean our inner beings and conscience.

This means, before one must enter the Throne-room or must proceed to the next step or stage of Heaven, he must be washed by the blood and water of Christ. The throne-room of God is very Holy and you cannot proceed further if you’re carrying sin on you, or you’ll be made to face God’s furious or terrible judgment.

Hence, those washed by the Blood and washed by His Spirit (The Spirit), will be the ones to pass through the Clean or Holy Gates of Heaven.

All unclean persons will be smashed out by the angels; yes, the angels will drag you out.

Therefore, this Blood will show whether you’ll qualify to get near, or ascend further into God’s throne-room.

Figuratively, this was why in Israel too, the people could not get near to  the Holy Temple or to even get near the Outer Court unless they’d duly gone through a purification-process of sin-washing, by use of the blood of an animal sacrifice and pure water.

Hence, Christ came to give us access into the Heavenly Gates, and first into the Outer Courts of The Most High’s Temple, which He did by sprinkling His blood and by giving out clean or pure water from His side while He was pierced.

Understand that God cannot behold sin, and so cannot permit anyone full of sin to cross-over into His Holy Place. So we’ll all be accessed at the Gates to see whether we qualify to enter no matter what our positions or statuses may be, while living here within time.

Thus, in this first judgment, it’ll be the Blood of the Lamb of God and His Word which we ‘eat’ and obey continually that will redeem us, or we’ll never be  made to get closer to the next courts.

Thus, those who’re walking in sin, will not be able to even approach Heaven’s Gates, let alone would be made to get closer the Courts. Hence, they’ve become the souls that are right there in Hell.

For this reason, God’s Outer Court has a Strong or a Powerful Gate to shield out all sinners or all the unclean people. This means, while in time we must not take anything we say or do for granted lest we’re not made to see the next important places called the Courts.


The Symbols of Brass Elements:

As you noticed, both elements (the Brazen Altar and the Brazen Bowl), were all made with brass. Brass in Symbology is the symbol of Judgment.  

And so, this is what we’re saying that in God’s Outer Court you’ll be strictly judged. At Heaven’s Outer Court, we’re either given mercy or not.

So then, at the presence of God’s throne room, all must first be accessed near the gates. At this place, they are first undertaken through judgment to find out whether they have received the blood purification of Christ or not.

We cannot proceed further into God’s throne-room, until the purification of Blood (that is Christ’s Blood), has washed away our sins, at the Outer Court.

So, at the Outer Court, is where the judgment of Christ even begins. Hence, you don’t fully make it to the throne-room before you’ll be judged or accessed by God.

Thus, we’ll actually be accessed or judged afar, and then brought near.

So after this place, we’ll be shown where we will placed (will be positioned), in the next court of God’s House, which is The Temple or The Court of Congregation.

Will you first make it with those who’ll cross over, to the next stage-just as Israel was also made to cross-over to the next stage, but Egypt (which symbolizes the people of the world) were prevented, and were not made to cross over into the next stage?

And note carefully, that what made Israel escaped the death, was when they’d also applied the blood of their lamb at their lentils or doorposts, and had been made to be baptized in the red-sea (a water-system), when the sea was then divided by the instruction of God, and by His servant Moses. No one in Egypt knew nor followed those instructions; and though Egypt had the best magicians, scholars or greatest scientists, to provide them with good knowledge, they all perished eventually.


The Symbol of Wood and Fire:

All men and things (wood), will be judged by the Lord. We, and our works (symbolized by wood), will be judged by God or be tested by His Fire.


The work of each shall be made manifest; for the day shall declare it, because it is revealed in fire; and the fire shall try the work of each what it is.

I Cor. 3:13 DBT


The White Linen Cloth: We’d noticed, that the whole Court-Hanging was made with white linen. Of course, ‘‘white linen,’’ as a ‘‘a linen without stains,’’ vividly explains how we must be clean, spotless, pure and surely without blemish when we and our works have been tried in the fire of God’s judgments, before we enter through the courts.

And that will happen, only if we have our beings purged by the blood, and have our whole image or nature, looking as white as snow or looking like white linen.

So then, Holiness and Righteousness are pre-requisites for entering into the Kingdom of God.


The Inner Courts: The Great Hall Called The Temple of Congregation:

The Inner Court Gate, of The Temple:

This will be the next Gate that will open up for you in God’s House if you qualify into the first stage, and have ‘managed’ to cross over from there.

Meaning, all those who made it into the Temple or into the Inner Court are those, who’ve managed to escape God’s judgment after they were tried and accessed at the Gates, for being purified by the Water (that is, His Spirit) and with His Blood, being symbols symbolized at the Outer Court.

(Yes, they’re the ones who’ll be made to walk in white linen clothing, to walk and move in and around Heaven forever, in such glory and splendid joy.)



The Inner Court: (The Room Called The Inner Court)

Just as we saw, the Inner Court was called the Temple of Congregation, and as its name speaks, its the Temple were all the congregants (all the qualifiers are) that is, all those who have passed on or have crossed over to that place, since the time of Adam till this very day and hour.

As we speak, they stand there watching and beaconing for all others to come and to join, with such great joy. 

Yes, they’re the people of God who’re washed up by the Blood of The Living Covenant and by the Spirit-Presence of the Covenant.

They were first with us here but have now crossed-over into to the Heavens above to be with the Lord of their Rest, haven overcome by the Blood of Christ and by the Perfect and Vivid Instructions of the Spirit of God’s Living Covenant.

When they’d left and had overcome, they were made to move on to God’s Temple of Congregation, and now to be made the new kings and priests who’re bound to be in the Courts forever and forever to worship God as their Father in Heaven.  

Now notice that, since there’s only Day in Heaven and there’s no Night at all in Heaven (nor any black out in such a place like this), they worship God in such magnificent glory forever, being appreciative to all the things He’d done for them, before or after creation.

So in that Great Hall is the whole Church of the Lamb (The Church of the Living Lord), who are there to be with the Lord of the Universe and of its Great Provider. They’re also the souls which have departed from the earth, being your brothers and sisters, who’re also awaiting The Final Day.

(We should make it an endeavour to be a part of them, since God would require that we should become a part of them, by first escaping the corruption which is arresting this world.)


The Table of Showbread: (The Table With 12 Loaves of Bread):

The 12 loaves of Bread: As we said, on the right-hand corner of Moses’ Temple which was a replica of God’s Living Temple there were 12 loaves of bread placed on a gold-plated table.

In Numerology, the number 12 represents a nation, or a people; also, it represents kingdoms, administration, satisfaction or a government.

This pre-supposes that God is forming a kingdom with all these people, a people who’re moving into heaven from all over the corners of the world, haven first overcome by the Blood and have accepted to walk purely with Him.

(So, this is why He expected them to be sanctified by His Blood, so they can wear the linen robe presented to them at the Gates.

So, over here the number 12 does represents the Living Tribes of Israel (that is, God’s New Bread which now involves all nations), placed under the leadership of Jesus Christ, The King who was sent by the God of all mankind). Therefore, all men born of the Spirit and of the Blood  are Christ’s, and therefore, are God’s.

However, note that as we’re told that there are kingdoms in the Great Hall, these kingdoms in there include the Kingdoms of the Living Angels who minister songs (services) to God the King of the whole Universe, and also serve the washed and qualified people who’ve gone up there to  be with the Lord of Rest (Sabbaoth).

And so, there are innumerable company of Angels who serve God Almighty, as well as the Assembly of People who’ve gone there to see the Lord. (These are the people God wants to satisfy. (This why the number 12, also means satisfaction.).

So, as there are sons and kings and servants in all glorious kingdoms, there are sons and kings and servants in this glorious Kingdom of God as well.


The Golden Menorah: (6 Lamp-Stand With 7 Candlesticks)

With regards to the Golden Menorah, we have a lot to speak on; In all, this speaks about the virtues and qualities the Assembly of People in Heaven posses.

If you remember, the Golden Menorah was a 6 lamp-stands with 7-candlesticks vessel, with attachments of fruit-buds and flowers, in the Mosaic Temple. This was the set which illuminated light for the whole Inner Room or Holy Court.

Same way, in the Presence of the Lord a Menorah can be found, which Moses made a copy after being made to see the vision.

You’ll also notice that, this Menorah was seen by Apostle John when he met Christ in an open vision, while at the Isle of Patmos; John confessed that He saw Christ in the Heavens, and He was standing amongst the Seven Candlesticks of God-or the vessel called the Menorah.

Yes, Christ evidently explained to John that the Seven Candlesticks of the Golden Menorah, are these Seven Churches (Seven Church-dispensations) which are passing through the earth after the disciple’s departure. (And so, our age is one of those Church ages after others have known to have come to pass.)

Nevertheless, though we said these refer to the Church ages passing through time they equally represent or refer to the Churches (The Assembly Of The First Born) in Heaven, or will be found in Heaven’s Court, because they’re the same ones who’re going to be with the Lord, after they die in their faith and in their love for God, and for their Christ.

So, these are people who’ve accepted to be washed by the Blood of Purification and to be washed by Christ’s Water when they hear the message of the cross.

By the price of the Blood, they get free access into the Kingdom of God, which is where God is, now.

(So, they overcame by the Blood and also by words of their truthful testimonies)

Hence, by the symbols of the Menorah it indicates that they were men (six lampstands-the number 6 in numerology represents man), that is, men who’ve also received into them God’s Spirits (the 7 lampstands also refer to the 7 Spirits of God) into their hearts. Thus, they allowed God’s Holy Spirit, to enlighten all of them about the Truth of His Cross, and decided to walk by His truth and revelations.

And so, as the Golden Menorah had 7 Candlesticks and Olive Oil for it’s light, the Assembly of People being caught up into Heaven are also a people led up by the Spirit of God.

So, the Spirit was God’s Anointing in them and He was the sign of their true sonship or redemption.

This Menorah also had emblems of fruit-buds (golden fruit buds) and gold flowers on the candlesticks, which are to reveal the Fruit of God in them, and the Glory of God in their lives respectively, for fruit in the Bible represents the Fruit of the Spirit, and flowers stands for His Glory.

This means, the Spirit of God does not leave those who die in faith after they leave the earth to join the Lord, or to join those other members of Christ’s Church in Heaven; He’s still with them in Heaven, to qualify them to stand before God always, in the eternal heavens.

Moreover, the seven candlesticks of the Menorah also refers to the Seven Spirits of God which stand before God always.

 And they are the same Spirits sent by God to the Church, to prepare the remaining Church for the heavenly activities.

So then, the Holy Spirit, who’s The Presence of God is also in this very Great Temple, and lives with and in all the people, a people whom by His works He’s made to crossover to the Inner Court of Heaven, so that they can posses the courts of Heaven and wear the white linen clothe in worship of the Majesty.

So, the Menorah vividly explains what the Assembly inwardly possesses-The Holy Spirit and His Virtues.

In short God has given us the same Glory, so that we can qualify for the Eternal Courts of Heaven. . Since we have the Spirit, we’ve become a part of God’s Eternal Glories already, even before we leave. Thanks be to Christ.

Now what is left-it’s appointed on us to follow the directives of the Spirit, and to study and imbibe His Word so that we too may grow up in Him, and to join the group of people in Heaven for a better placement in the eternal life.

Know and understand that, in Heaven your placement or nearness to the Heavenly throne of God, will be based on your ability to follow God’s leading here, by following the Voice of the Spirit and doing His works.

Just make sure your oil is not choked up by the cares of riches, and your endeavour to have a better place on this earth, which shall not last.

While in this time make wealth with considerate attention about your eternal placement, and be content with what you have.

 Know that, Heaven is where all the blessings have been placed; for as for those in time, they shall all be made to vanish.

In all, understand that the biggest Fruit in your life that should give you a better placement in Heaven is your ability to walk in love which absolutely is the Greatest Commandment of God since it’s the very nature of your God.

Thus, those of you who walk in love and not in self-righteousness, greediness or selfishness will duly get a better position amongst this assembly in Heaven.

The greatest commandment Christ and He God had commanded us is Walking In  Love.

Evidently, we’ve seen that both the Old Commandment and New Commandment all makes noise on this.

Even at this moment, some of the people in this Crowd of Witnesses in Heaven’s Inner Court are in deep regret for their selfishness, and not fully walking in love on the earth, and so did not do God’s bidding in regard to the Greatest Commandment. 

Though they’ve made it to Heaven by Blood, and by Purification of Water which is symbolized in the Outer Court, they didn’t fully walk in love, though they knew Christ had spoken highly about living and walking in love.

This calls that, those of us down here must learn and show a better character if we want to be given a better position amongst the flock of people trooping there.

O yes, among the crowd a person is closer to God when He obeys God fully, which will let him or her enjoy more blessings in the after-life or in the eternal realms of God.

Therefore, watch whatever you do on earth and don’t follow this world of ignorance, since that’s going to determine your eternal placement in Heaven and make you that expected eternal mark.

Let’s watch ourselves.


The Threshing Floor:

Just as we also saw, the threshing floor was the space in-between the vessels of the Court of Congregation or the Inner Court.

Yet, a threshing floor in Agricultural Science, refers to a place where farmers separate good seeds from bad seeds.

Actually, God made Moses to call this place between the vessels, ‘‘The Threshing Floor,’’ to indicate that just as bad seeds are separated from good seeds, these people in heaven have been separated from the world, due to being born and sanctified by the Blood.

They’re a people who have accepted Christ’s Righteousness, and had accepted righteousness to denounce themselves from evil, as God’s eyes cannot behold Sin.

Honestly, no level of sin can be permitted in God’s Courts; for this reason, they were washed by the Blood and by Christ’s sufferings.

Why should Christ suffer for them, and they’ll get back into the sin of whoredom?

Then He should not have died.

So God doesn’t permit sin in this world or in this heavenly church. When we chose to live with God we must denounce (thresh-out) the passing pleasures of sin from ourselves.

Also, the Threshing Floor, also reveal where the Church worships. If you’d notice, it was this place the priests of Moses’ temple worshiped, had lied prostrate and worshiped the Most High or the Living Lord.

It was a rehearsal to show that in the Inner Court, is where the congregation (the heavenly assembly) must worship.

 Hence, at this place in the courts of God, the people worship together, with the innumerable angels.

Now, in Heaven there’s what is called ”Joy-Unspeakable,” which is really present as result of the worshipful activities that happen there, while all of them join in chorus to sing to God.

Well, this is like how the Churches too on the earth join hands in the worship in their temples, and in Holiness amidst the presence of God.

(However, you should know importantly that, you’re the first temple in which God dwells.)

Now, in regard to our worship in the Temples of God, remember what David coughed out and said;


…Enter His Gates with thanksgiving and His Courts with praise. Give thanks to Him and bless His name.

Psa. 100: 4 CSV


You’ll equally notice here that, the beautiful symbols of kneeling and lying down before God show a sign of Humility to Him.

Oh yes, God only needs humble people to worship, which include the people who do greatly according to His will and purposes on this earth.

This means, in Heaven’s Court of Congregation, which should be similar to what we do here, no proud (nor arrogant) person can find himself there; all the proud who find themselves there will be threshed out (implications of the Threshing Floor). 

See how men go on to show a sign of humility to their kings-how much more before God of all the Kings?

Our humility starts from the Earth, not in Heaven, since God frequently scans the earth to see us (to access us) all.

And so, even on the earth, the Creator resists the proud but goes ahead to give abundant Grace to the humble.

Humility is the Key.

Yes, one thing you’re to know for sure is this-that God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

So, your closeness to God will depend on your obedience to Him, which will be your of humility He’s looking out for in His Temple.

This brings us to note that, the Highest Mantle in Heaven, is the Mantle of Humility.

Therefore, the congregation is in an order based on this rule.

Yes, we’re closer to God, based on the level or degree of our humility.

So, it’s important for those of us remaining on earth to know what God expects if we want to have a better position with Him and amongst the crowds.

All you need to do is to clinch on to what is Good and to thresh out what He knows is Bad, for you.

Yes, God is looking at you for these obedient-fruits.

Hence, your humility will give you a better placement in Heaven-yes, amongst the crowds that make it to heaven. Begin from today, to strive for a better placement in the Courts.


Altar of Golden Incense:

Now, at the far end of the Temple’s Inner Court, we noticed that there was another furniture set called the Golden Altar of Incense, which the priests burnt their incenses on.

These living people, who’re God’s new kings and priests in God’s courts, and who’re wearing white linen clothes are also made to burn some form of incense to God, by which they do with their ‘hearts and mouths’ in God’s Living Temple.

By revelation or interpretation, the incense they burn, refers to their mouthful praise and worship, pleas, prayers and petitions which rises to the Most High God of the earth. If you’ll notice, David said, that his prayers rises to God as an incense. In fact, in the Holy Court of Moses’ Temple, the Inner Court Priests worship God once the incense on the table is burnt.

Secondly, the incense also refers to the Glory of God which fills the Inner Court once the people lift up their hearts and hands to worship. God responds to their call with a strike of Glorious Smoke, when His people rise up in worship or call upon Him from His Throne. (When He does that, His Glory fills the whole Temple and the people so they can enjoy Him in this Powerful Glory).



The General Assembly Of The Court Of Congregation



Curtains Of The Courts:

This Inner Court, where the 12 tribes go to worship is a Gigantic Beautiful place.

The beautiful and colourful curtains reflect a beautiful and glorious place, which is being made for the people to worship the El Elyon. It’s really made for His worship.



The Most Holy Place Of The Temple

The Veil Shielding The Most Holy Place:

Just as was in the Mosaic temple, at the entrance of this Most Holy Court there’s a Veil.

This veil leads to the final or last room called the Most Holy Place! As it was in Moses’ Temple, so it is there in Heaven.

This room notified as the Throne-room of Grace is were God’s Ark of Covenant is!

However, though there’s supposed to be a veil in heaven which shields men from God Christ has torn down this veil in Heaven!

And in actual fact, the Veil is Christ who without Him you cannot bypass nor ‘‘pass through’ to see God; yet it has been God who had made Him to stand there to become our Mediator, and our High Priest.

However, Christ had opened that veil for us all, having first shown this to all, by tearing down the veil which was in the Solomonic Temple during the Day He was hanged on the cross, for He made His flesh to be thorn through death, likewise! He tore the veil of Heaven down for us, to grant us access into the Throne-Room, to see God our Father.

When Christ too had died, He presented His Blood into the Most Holy Place in which figuratively, obedient Moses and Aaron too were made to carry Blood samples of an unblemished sacrifice, to make atonement for men-in order to make amends with God! (On earth, these people rehearsed these things, while the Real Temple for which Moses created a replica of, was supposed to be washed in such same manner.)

Thus, being chosen according to the order of Melchizedeck’s Ministry, He went there like the manner of Aaron, to present the Blood of a New Covenant, which makes pure amendment with God, and washes away the sins that had been committed since the Adamic day, till today.

So by Him, the congregants have their salvation, and passes through the Lamb to behold their Ancient of Days with great expectation and heavenly reverence.


The Artistic Designs Of Cherubs On Veil:

We saw that, there  were Artistic Designs of Cherubs on the Veil, signifying some cherubs in Heaven!

They are the Ministering Spirits shielding and guarding God the Most High in His Throne-room, in Heaven.

Among these groups of ministering Spirits include the Seraphs! Like the angels, these group of Spirits worship God Day and Night.

They know that God being King, He must be worshiped! Therefore, Isaiah spoke about them and told us.


The four living creatures, each having six wings, were full of eyes around and within. And they do not rest day or night, saying: “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, Who Was and Is and Is to Come!”

Rev. 4:8 NKJV


According to the scriptures, these cherubs used to cover the Face of God (Signified by the Cherubs that covered God’s face in the Mosaic Temple).

In fact, Satan was once amongst them, until He was sacked from the heavens.



The Ark of Covenant In The Most Holy Place:


Cherubs Below God: And God Upon His Ark Called The Throne


This signifies God’s Throne; the Ark signifies God’s throne which He sits on there!

It’s the Mercy and Judgment Seat of God! God fills or sits on this beautiful throne (Ark) with His full Glory just as He also sat on it in Moses’ Temple! So then the scripture says;


Then, in heaven, THE TEMPLE OF GOD WAS OPENED AND THE ARK OF HIS COVENANT COULD BE SEEN INSIDE THE TEMPLE. Lightning flashed, thunder crashed and roared, and there was an earthquake and a terrible hailstorm.

Rev. 11:19 NLT



The Ark of Covenant also signifies that, there are some other thrones in heaven.

These thrones include the thrones which the 24 elders also sit on.

These 24 elders surround the Throne of God in the Heavens.

Now, once I had a dream, I went to Heaven and saw the thrones of the 24 elders. They surrounded the Throne of God.

Well, I remember I saw these heavenly Spirits removed their crowns and bowed their heads and knees in worship of God, The King.

So then, they were showing how much reverence they also have for God, who’s the King in there.

With that posture alone, they taught that the Presence of God was indeed Holy, and cannot just be entered by anyone, but by those with humble hearts, and by a people who’re willing to live by a pure heart or conscience.

Well, you can see it as how God told Moses to remove his sandals from his feet because the ground he stood on was holy.

Well, I also remember that on that day, I saw Christ at the right hand side of the Father, and also, there were Seven Golden Pillars in front of God which signified the Seven Spirits of God which we know move across the whole length and breadth of the earth to enlighten those who’s heart are pure before Him.

And so by God the Lord, was Christ The Living Bread, who was  standing at the right-hand side of God, who was interceding for us all which is indeed a work of His Priestly Ministry, a critical work He does, lest we face the wrath of God for our misconducts.

O yes, in all we all must know that in Heaven, is an organized system, and that organized system is programmed by God, the Alpha Himself.

Yes, Heaven is an organized place to dwell, and this organization is part of its beauty which God had given it. (Thanks be to the Lord.)

In the Temple, God’s Glory is ahead or is in the rear, causing the congregants to see the Lord’s Glory, from far or near positions they have with Him, which is according to their obedience level they had with Him while they were on earth.

Indeed, Heaven is a glorious place.


The Items In The Ark Of Covenant.

The Pot of Manna:

This Manna was the sweet bread (like wafer) which God had told Moses to put into the Ark of Covenant. Yet, it was first placed into a golden pot which was round.

Now, here, the Golden Pot of Manna speaks of the Word which is spoken in Heaven, or which is found in the Presence of the Living God. Also, we all know today that Word speaks of Jesus Christ.

So then, the pot of gold reflects Christ’s divinity, and as gold stands for divinity in the study of symbols, this is to mean that the Word or the Manna of God is ‘‘God,’’ and this is absolutely something concrete we’ve also been told about by Apostle John.


In the beginning was the Word (Manna), and the Word was with God (The Divine / Gold), and the Word was God. ( This symbolizes the Golden Pot of Manna which was in the Presence of God.)

John 1:1 NIV


The Word of God is Divine (Gold); Thus, the Word of God is indeed God, and He came to dwell amongts us. (God came to dwell amongst us, and we beheld His Glory.).

So then, for those who want to believe that Jesus Christ is God, this is what God is saying by these two symbols. ( ln Heaven, everyone recognize recognizes this.)

So, He was the Word sent by God.

Therefore, amongst those in the Courts, Jesus speaks to them everyday about the Word of God, seeing that He has also become a Mediator between them and their Father.

Now, this pot of gold reflects Christ’s divinity, as gold stands for divinity in the study of symbols, which means, the Word or the Manna of God is ‘‘God,’’ and this is absolutely something concrete, we’ve also been told about. Therefore, the Bible says concerning this:


In the beginning was the Word (Manna), and the Word was with God (The Divine / Gold), and the Word was God. ( So, this symbolizes the Golden Pot of Manna, that was in the Presence of God.)

John 1:1 NIV


So the Word of God was Divine (Gold); Thus, the Word of God was indeed God, and O yes, He came to dwell amongts us. (God came to dwell amongst us.).

Therefore, for those who want to surely believe that Jesus Christ is God, this is it. ( So all those in Heaven recognize that, and even, by the Father Himself.)

He was the Word sent by God.

So, among those in His Courts, Jesus speaks to them everyday, about the Word of God haven become a Mediator between them and their Father.

Therefore, just as we can see that the pot of manna was situated in the Most Holy Place, Jesus too is in the Presence of the Father this minute interceding for us.

Christ left for the Heavenly Home, signifying that He was the True Pot of Manna which was sent by God to give us Heavenly Instructions and to deliver to us God’s Word, which borders around life’s tenets and wisdom, as He’d known it from the from the foundations of this world.

So, even when He’d come, the God gave His Word of Confirmation that this was His Dear Son, and so the members of the earth should hear He Him as the pot or substance that carry His truthful Word. Apostle Luke recorded:


And there came a voice out of the cloud, saying, ‘‘This is my beloved Son: hear him.’’

Luke 9:35 KJB


So then, in Heaven they all hear Jesus, and of course those that are on the earth too must also hear Him, or should do likewise, or will lose if they try to keep it from the Life Instructor or from their Maker.

(Well, w’re not teaching or preaching divinely devised fables here, but teaching the truth in love, for there’s love in preaching the truth.)

Therefore, it’s important that the remaining of us, should do likewise by giving our core hearts to Him so that we too can be caught up into the Heavenly Home in the  future, lest we should fall into the shadow of our ignorance by following the world.

Today, it’s important for us to identify Him (Jesus) as the Real Source, or else we will get ourselves deceived and walk in our shear ignorance.

For as we speak, we know that the remaining time allotted to mankind, is known us His Mercy, and His Mercy only remains for a little while; then our age will pass away.

Well, after all, He’s made us men to taste and see some of the things He’d already created.

Yet, just as we’ve been told, God will soon roll up His Property away and take it up to Heaven.

Soon, this is bound to happen.


Aaron’s Rod Which Budded: 

In addition, after God had told Moses the Israelite’s leader, to put rods (the dead rods) in front of His throne, it was Aaron’s rod which budded (with shoots of green leaves), signifying that a High Priest like Aaron, one who like that dead rod of Aaron, will bud and have life again, though He may be dead.

Christ, who came as the High Priest like Aaron was the one who according to this revelation, died (the dead rod), but came back to life again (shooting of green leaves), to join the living once again.

Since then, nobody else has been able to do this.

In addition, just as the rod was kept in God’s Courts Christ today stays in God’s Court, and He’s continuing with His Priestly Ministry in this Heavenly Temple.

Therefore, it means that, this Man called Jesus Christ, has become The Resurrection and The Life, making it so possible, for Him to also raise back the dead people who die in this Christ, both now and in the very last Day.

Well, if in time He raised up Lazarus, how much more can He do for us, now that He’s in Heaven, with all complete powers?

Furthermore, He’s alive there to make intercessions and petitions for us the saints, and also for the dying world. Being alive, He assures us here:


‘’I am the Living One; I was dead (a dead or severed rod), and now look, I am alive (the green leaves) for ever and ever….’’

Rev. 1:18 NIV


All of God’s congregants blossomed like Him after death; and we shall also blossom like Him, if we have faith, having much assurance that God who’s full of un-quenching life, shall raise us back, into life according to this divine purpose of given life to all men.

Brothers, it all therefore shows that, it’s no more a news for our God to raise up the dust and dead ones from the grave and to put sinews around them, to cause life again and dissolve that corruption forevermore.


The Book of the Law: 

This Book of the Law shown here, reveals books that are in these Courts of Heaven.

Well-they are books of God and we’re told that there are more than one.

First, we know we have the Book of the Law, which we’re told had the Laws or Instructions of God.

So then, as an Instructor of the Universe, the Lord has His Laws to govern all-especially, over us men. This is to make sure we all walk in His Plans and Purposes.

There’s also what we call the Book of Life (or of The Living), which is meant to have all the names of all the people whom He’ll save from the earth, by nothing, but by His Blood and Water (His Holy Spirit).

Understand that, one cannot go to Heaven if his name is not written in this Book of Life.

This vividly means, that all those who have had their names written in the Book of Life made it to Heaven, by primary accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Personal Saviour. Yes, that means, all those in the Congregation had had their names written in the Book of Life, before they were to go.

Well-you can also have your name written in the Book of Life, by also accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Personal Saviour-Do it now.

Then we also have the books which contain the deeds of the saints and of all kinds of men. God will be using this Book for His Second Judgment.


I saw the dead, both great and small, standing before God’s throne. AND THE BOOKS WERE OPENED, including the Book of Life. And the dead were judged according to what they had done,…

Rev. 20:12 NIV


Per what I hear from the Spirit, these books in regard to our deeds, are handed by His dedicated Angels.

Therefore, the Father wants everyone to be rewarded perfectly according to his lifestyle or deeds or behaviour even while he lived on the earth, whether young or old. Well, God’s not like men in their age who pervert justice.

However, first, we know that the judgment is going to start from the Church, and then spread across the world.

Hence, though men do have rights they do not have rights to do everything they do and want to say. Like in every kingdom, our God has limits to everything men should say and do, lest they should cross some boundaries they’re not supposed to cross, that could probably affect the world.

(Finally, in regard to Books, in one of my encounters, I received a Book called The Mysteries and Secrets of God-this was given to explain God’s mysteries.


The Tablets Of Stone On Which The 10 Commandments Were Written:

You’ll equally notice that God also caused Moses to write 10 commandments to indicate our rights and privileges before Him, and to further explain the boundaries of His human creation-so then, the dos and don’ts for us men were stated in those commandments.

As we could see, the Jews couldn’t fulfill these laws and God had to rain His severe judgments on them.

Yes-these Laws came from God and it was God who stated it to Moses, indicating that it was all written by His fingers but once a handful of people (called the Jews) could not fulfill them, then it was impossible for the rest of the world to fulfill them; hence, the judgment over the world.

Therefore, if no one could obey the Law, then no one could SEE GOD’S FACE nor MAKE IT TO HEAVEN-thus, the whole world is doomed.

The Scriptures enlightened us on this:


Therefore no one will be declared righteous in God’s sight by the works of the Law; rather, through the law we become conscious of OUR sin (s).

Romans 3:19 &20 NIV


Yet, seeing, that we all could not all obey those Good-Laws, God by His merciful plan sent Jesus to come and die for us. Jesus also came in to help us fulfill the Good Law, so that we can be able to walk in God’s prescribed boundaries.

(I guess that was the right thing He’ll do.)

After He had done that, He’s supposed to broadcast all these works to all men, so that men can become a part of this timely forgiven grace, which he whole world needs.

In short, Christ first took the punishment of the Law meant for us and then fully washed us men with His Blood to atone for mankind; then He changed our hearts and rewarded our hearts with the new Spirit (Holy Spirit) who carry the righteousness of God, so we all can be filled with the right life God wants, thus fully giving us access for God to reconcile us back to Himself-and this has been beautiful to us men.

After this, God as our Father was thinking that, this would take away all the unnecessary streaks of instant judgments He should bring to us, due to His pending wrath.

Yet, how many of us are now aware of this kind of thing or have now believed to accept the love which God has brought to us, after sending His Christ?

O, how many of us are still not in God’s redeeming grace, and will end making God judge us for no reason, due to our myopic mindset, shear ignorance and our everyday false pretense of self-righteousness, or the kind of civilization which can be waved like a fig tree, and will by no means whatsoever please the Most High God?

Nevertheless, if today, you think you can absolutely live by your ways and please Him then God is going to judge you by your kind of civilization, or ‘perfect works’ in line or in check with the heavy laws of Moses, which thinks no one can fully obey.

Moreover, I also think it’ll be an insult to the Father because you’re making Him think that He God is in a lie and that the Blood of His Son was not needed and it has always been a waste of His Time and of His Resources for bringing Jesus to die for humanity, even after more than 1000s of prophecies have been spoken about this, concerning our inability to please Him, and Christ’s redeeming Grace which must come to us.

By your act of self righteousness, which He’d also made mention of as a filthy rag before Him God will not even look at you any longer with much favour.

Yes, brother, this will mean that you’ll bereft of His white linen garment (robe), which can be given to those who’re washed by the Blood of Christ, and so have their names fully written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

What remains is, you shall be given to the devil to ‘play’ you in your shear disbelief.

So, Heaven is a place only for those who’ve accepted Christ and have become His righteousness by so doing-as a result of Christ’s redemptive works which was brought to us, without we incapable of paying. Yes, by this lone rule will a soul be given given grace to enter the Kingdom of Jehovah.

Hence, that was how all the congregants in Heaven so far made it; and so that’s why they honour Christ the King in Heaven and His God. Thus, we first go to Heaven to see God’s face by grace, not by works.

Yet, our works in Him, will determine our Positions in Heaven; yet, even that too can only be done by Grace.

God, Is The Sufficiency Of All Grace.


“This is the word of the LORD… ‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the LORD of hosts.

Zach. 4:6 NASB.



The Incense That Filled The Most Holy Place:

Yes-we also saw that there was a censor in the Most Holy Place of this Tabernacle. Aaron was instructed to fill up the censor with coals of fire and to make a lot of incense for this place.

However, this incense in the Most Holy Place represented God’s Good Glory which fills The Most Holy Place of the Temple, like incense or clouds of smoke.

This happens when God should speak, talks or should respond to a plea from His people, in the tabernacle. He also does this when the people gets to the time of worship.

God is a Humble Father, and He enjoys the praises and worship that comes from His creation, each and every day.

Sure-He’ll be rejoicing in His Temple with smoke till the rest of us men peacefully join Him in there to behold His Beauty, forever.



The Badger Skins On Top Of The Roof: There was a Badger Skin-covering on top of the roof.

It was to show the covering over Heaven’s Temple.

Moreover, there’s one thing you have to know about this temple-covering.

This covering by symbology means Protection; meaning that all the people who’ll be under this roof will forever be under God’s Sovereign Protection, which of course, will be fully according to His Grace, and not by their works.

However, if you should also realize, the covering of God’s Temple during Moses’ Day was made to cover only the Inner Court and the Most Holy Place.

So the Outer Court had no covering.

Now, by symbological interpretation, this was what God wanted to say-the more you’re closer to God, the more safer, or protected you’ll be- and the more farther away you’re from Him in heart or in deed, the more unsafe you’ll become, since you’ll not be covered by the Shadow of His Wings, or His Covering. 

(It’s a simple analogy).

What it means it that, men, are suffering in this world because they’re not so close, to God.

Hence, to want a full protection and a better view of His glory in your life, do that thing which will get you a better relationship with God, to get a better provision and support from Him-24/7.

(But if you want to go otherwise, you can’t have Him.)

This is why God is far away from many unbelievers, because they can’t know He exists (He lives), as far as the proximity principle is concerned.

If you don’t respect or love Him (obey Him), there’s absolutely no way He can respect nor love you, either; it’s as simple as that.

So He draws nigh to those who draw nigh to Him. He’s far away from those who’re far away from Him, in heart and in deed.

We’re aware that, a man cannot be wallowing in the sin of cold, and desire after a hot-presence of the Holy Father. You can’t just eat your cake, and have it.

Well, because there are some people who don’t know this, we often hear them ask the unfruitful questions they don’t need to ask:

‘‘Why Is God Not Here?’’

”Why Doesn’t Show Up And Is Always Hiding?”

‘‘Why Is He Far From Us?’’

‘‘Or, Does He Exist?’’


Understand the logic that a man can only know about another man if He’s only closer to Him.

So, as they ask the unfruitful questions, you can see that in their character, or in their ways of life, they’re far away from Him. Yes-desire a good or clean relationship with God, and He’ll draw nigh to you.

As you do this, all things will be added down to you, since He’s The Power that created all of them.

So, here is the pure secret of you beginning to see God in your life everyday.

But, if you find yourself outside the Courts, or just want to be at the Outer Court, because your of your sins, you ain’t going to see much of Him since around those outward places His glory reaches us in small joules, considering the fact that you may be blinded by issues of carnal men.

Therefore, let’s desire for a better place in the heart of this Tabernacle, where there’s every kind of Provision and every kind of Security.

Hence, in Heaven, those who’re closer to the throne, enjoy better than those who’re far away from His throne. These are the people who sought for a better relationship with God and they’d gotten it, even while they were here on earth.

However, if you want that kind of relationship with God, then go to Jesus, for no man can come to the Father, except by Him, seeing that He’s also the Veil through which we cross into the Temple.


The Curtains That Hang Over The Temple (11 In Number):

Finally, there were curtains hanging over the earthly Tabernacle and they were 11 in number.

The number 11 represent destruction, Vanity or Chaos.

What is God trying say?

Understand that in Heaven, God will be The First and The Last. Yes-He’ll be the same to us on earth too. Beyond Him no man can find himself.

Beyond the Throne-room, no man can live or can find himself there.

Well, if you try to go beyond God, you’ll be brought into Chaos.

Today, all the angels in the Temple, know how Satan or Lucifer, who wanted to rise above God-or beyond the Throne-was brought down from Heaven into Chaos. The power was strong upon him, and he fell swiftly like thunderbolt-bolts, sending the strongest warning to life.

In Heaven, God is love, but He does not tolerate nonsense and by so doing, setting up lines no man or creation must cross, whether in time or in eternity; thus, angels and demons tremble at this.

He’s strongly warned us, by telling us.


“I am the LORD, and there is no other; Besides Me there is no God…’’

Isaiah 45:5 NASB


Partly, we understand that it’s also the reason why God will come against men who do and say things against Him or blaspheme against His Name in time and in eternity.

Knowing that we did not create the worlds or all these things, we must know our limits.

Think about what God said to Job, in which God was trying to tell him to stay within His boundaries when he a man tried to question God of all gods (Job 38).

Therefore, we must be careful with our Words and with our Deeds because all those who offend God the most, will not go unpunished. Like Satan, they’ll be cast down.

Honour, Be To The Glory.




The Conclusion:

Beloved, we know that Heaven’s Temple exists, and I’m sure we’ll soon be going there to be with the Lord-I guess it’s because Jesus Christ is coming, so God told me to write these things to prepare for our soon ascension.

Beloved, you must get clean and ready because Christ’s wagon is coming, and she’s swifter than any moving car. The Man whom God sent to die for us will be coming back on a second visit, with the Spirit of His Presence.

To God Be The Glory.



By Prince Akogo.

(Called to Be A Prophet & Teacher By The Anointing!)



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