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A Fiction Story ”Addressing Marital Conflicts We Have In Our World”


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‘’Mummy, for some years now, we don’t seem to agree on anything.’’

She told her mother about it-it was time they find a solution about it, because it was a hell.

The conversation with her mum was under a pink and a white umbrella of a drink or a cocktail bar, by the side of the road.

Her mother could understand how her daughter felt now, from several quarrels she had had with her 9 year-in-marriage husband, Gregory.

‘’Honey, I understand how you feel,’’ she said, ‘’ and I know you’re not supposed to be treated, or feel that way.’’

She said to her sad and angry looking daughter, who was touching her  head, as though she was not feeling well.

‘’Your dad and I are talking to your Gregory. I’m your mother, I love you, and you guy’s need to calm down!’’

‘’Sally, your dad and I over 30 years, have our differences too, but we try to accept to some extent, each other’s differences, due to the fact that we come from different homes.”

”Yes, we’ve learnt this, so that we don’t have to quarrel always.’’

‘’Only see yourself as a Business Company, and just as every business company has board meetings, to thresh some issues regarding the progressive development of the company, so you and your husband must also come together as a board, to thresh out issues regarding the development of your marriage.”

”And just as every Business Company has a head, and an assistant, so your husband is the head and you’re his assistant.’’

‘’So this is why you’re called a help-meet; and not an opposing mate!’’ she said!


Five miles away, Sally’s father met her husband Gregory Cupkins!

They sat in the park’s box chair.

” The husband, according to God, is the symbol of peace in the house; and it’s not first the woman, because you’re first the leader. ”

”Because conflict resolution, like in any organization, lies in the power of the leader- so you must be humble, and let her expect that from you!’’

‘’Instead of picking a quarrel with her, find a way to solve the problem, so she can still trust you, and commit herself in your security,’’ the 63 year old man, also adviced him.

He saw that what her father-in-law was saying made sense, and instead of being the angry type, he must be in the lead in promoting peace, as he does in the office, thus leadership goes with, bringing about peace.

‘‘I think I understood you, paps!’’

He looked straight into the aged and respected eyes!

‘’You need to call your wife, and start the love, and peace-making process, because you’re the leader, in the marriage.’’

The experienced man told him!

He picked up the phone, and gently punched the numbers!

Gregory came to know, that he now had to carry his responsibilities as the leader, and as the ‘substance of peace’’ which God had made him to be, in his household!

A Fiction Story On ”Addressing Marital Conflicts!”

The Story By, Prince Akogo.

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