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A Fictitious Teaching On Time Management.


A Fictitious Teaching Time Management

Mary went into the office of Mr Clarke

 ‘’Hello Clarke,’’ she knocked.

‘’Come in, Mary,’’ he said with a worried and a husky voice.

‘’Clarke,’’ she said ‘’Are you okay?’’

Mr Clarke was standing over his desk, with several items on the table.

He looked scattered, as his hands were over the pack of items. ‘’Mary, I think you can help me out,’’ he said ‘’I’ve been having issues with time management, but I don’t know why, and I looked scattered now.’’ He told Mary, as he sat down to face her. ‘’Well, can you help me?’’

‘’Oh, is that so, Mr Clarke?’’


‘’Well, the last time, I had the same problem, until I saw Bill, and asked him why,’’ she said, clearing her throat, ‘’You know, that guy, is seen to be the most organized person around here.’’

‘’Well, Bill-but how can I talk to him?’’ Clarke smiled, pulled back and sat back.


‘’What do I do?’’

That afternoon after work, Clarke sat with Bill at the lounge of the office. ‘’Listen, my friend. Three simple things that I do. First, I try to list all the things that are on my hand, or that are on board; and list them from the most important ones, to the least important,’’ Bill lectured.

‘’I give, or apportion more time to the most important ones, less time to the least important ones. To cut down, or save down time, I look at the time when I’m most energetic during the day, and then use such times to do the most difficult and the most important works, that’s on the list!’’

‘’Mmm,’’ Clarke sipped on his drink, ’I think I’m getting it.’’

‘’I hope so buddy-so then, by the time my strength will be very little, most important works have been done, with the least important works being curtailed by little energy.’’

Bill cleared his throat, ‘’That’s good.’’

‘’Nevertheless, if I lapse my energy on the least important ones, first, yet not the very first things I need, by the time I get to the most important ones, the work won’t be done, and I’ll be so tired. It means the most important works won’t be done, and I’ll be a waste of time!’’

‘’Surely, this can pile up the stress you feel now,’’ he continued.

‘’Wow, that’s a fantastic idea, Bill.’’ Clarke was happy about the trick, sipped on his drink, and walked Bill past the door, of their office!

The end.

Story to be continued:

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This Fiction Fiction Story Teaching On Time Managment:

By Prince Akogo.

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