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Giving-The Tool For Happiness


((Ama)-The Character In This Story, Is The One In The Above Picture!

Now, Ama hadn’t been happy for some days now.

It was the truth when the psychologist had diagnosed that, she had a big depression problem!

Most things hadn’t pleased her in her life: the marriage that landed into divorce, even the job she did, and the colleagues she had, were not happy people either.

She picked up her bag, and walked out of her room, to the car park.

Her lovely car, was parked in front of, the outside stairs!

Well, she had to head for the bank, and get some money before evening falls, or she wouldn’t be able to buy for herself, some groceries for the night!

She steered her car out of the house, and steered left, and followed the tail of a wagon.  The bank was about 30 blocks down the busy road.

As she got closer to the bank she then pulled over to the side! Ama having her shades on, she strolled past the security man who gave her a cool salute, which she returned with a smile and voiceless thank you. 

The C.T bank was packed with people, with some seated, and a number in a queue.

Now, the service of that beautiful bank was fast, so by 20 minutes, she was already heading straight out the bank’s glass doors.

She pulled it aside, and headed straight for the car.

‘’Give me money,’’ a voice spoke on her left, as she got closer to the car.

It was a poor old woman, by the side of the road-she looked tarted mercilessly.

‘’Please, have favour, and help this woman by the road,’’ the woman cried and pleaded with her. She was so touched, as she wondered what could have made this poor woman, fall into such a ‘pit’ as a victim. Little did she know, it was no fault of hers, and that, she was born as a pauper, and have lived on the streets for years.

Ama quickly then slipped her hand into her bag, and took a ‘fresh’ dollar note, with some coins, and gave it to her. What happiness, flowed from her eyes.

She was just saying, ‘’Thank you, thank you, and thank you.’’

Ama was caught by the words, and her eyes unveiled some tears. In all, she was just happy by the whole occurring scenario.

The lovely words of ‘’thank you,’ felt so good inside. Yes, the woman’s face lit with smiles and light, and she was happy she took the decision to help her.

For years, she has been so skeptical about paupers, but this one felt so real on the inside; and actually, it was real!

‘’Wait a minute!’’ That was it dawned on her, that she hadn’t been in joy or so happy like this, at least for a long time-yes, even not when she was in marriage. Yes, nothing had pleased her down the years, than feeling sorrowful for the poor woman. It was like the first time that she’s been happy, a happiness that crushed the sad years of pain, and dejection and her blankets of stress for just helping the mummy.

Yes, she stood there, waiting in shock, as she looked at the woman move away from her, still by the side of the road, but her heart changed, and her countenance lifted.

That’s when she realized that, one thing that could make her happy in life, is to live and make other people happy. It’s like the Law of Karma.

(You give out, and get back what you want).

She perfectly thought with a tear, in her hand! Then she thought that, if she could do more of that, she could multiply that happiness. She decided that, she’ll go about doing good. She decided to set-up a foundation! Haven come from a rich home, she had not really thought of how truly the poor felt, in life. So she ran to the woman, calling on her, and with additional 3 dollars in her hand, she slipped the notes into her hands and gently clinched her fist against the money!

Regardless of anything, she realized that she could live the rest of her life, being happy with that, and to find herself, the perfect meaning in life, forever. So to multiply her joy, she took out her arms, and gave her a hug, for about three, and a half minutes long.

When she was done and had returned back to her car, she waved back, with an uncontrolled heart, and a tear! She got the idea, that she was to live for other people; as God would live and move, because of other people, forever and ever-more!

She got into her car, and drove away, having lots of love in her heart, as God would.

That was how she started becoming happy!

How She Became After That, As She Drove Away!!!

A Fiction Fiction Story On How You Can Become Happy!

A Creative Story By Prince Akogo

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