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The Marital Training!


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The Marital Training!

‘Ah, you’re at it again,’’ he husband yelled again.

‘’Why do you always tell me I don’t do any chores at home?’’ Bella’s mother yelled back at her father on the phone.

She sat on the sofa, watching her mother through the kitchen door, but pretending to be watching the smart television.

Nevertheless, her eyes were attentive to the conservation.

Her parents have been quarreling for years, with her mother always complaining that her dad does not give her the respect she deserves.

And her dad, as always has been complaining about she being a lazy woman, like the basketball wife-type of woman.

Even though she felt that her dad was a bit harsh for yelling at her mother, she obviously felt her dad was right, for the obvious description-her mom will not wash, nor bath her little brother, nor even cook, in the house; she will always go to shopping and spend his money on her own perfume and clothes.

She always counted on the maid to do that for her, while she’ll mostly be on Instagram, on phone.

Bella, had always wondered, what will lead to a better marriage?

Then she adviced herself, that if that ‘casual way,’ was the way of being a wife, then she would have to take her chores, and responsibilities seriously, yes, even as a young girl, and learning all that she needed to know, how to manage a house with  or without a man, to avoid future marital problems, lest her future turn out to be what she’s enduring in her home now-yes, almost every single day.

So even though she knew her mother obviously wouldn’t allow it, almost for the first time in 16 years, she told her favourite maidservant, Rosy, to call her whenever she was undertaking those chores, so that she can learn.

However, Rosy to avoid any problem, she’ll will start the home classes, which is really geared toward her future, only when mum was away, to go and meet her friends, or her everyday shopping career.

Rosy told her;

‘’Bella, I know you’ve taken a great course, because I’m 55 years, and one thing I know is that, all the we do in marriage, comes from all that we do in our mum’s and dad’s house. Well, that’s how God planned our marital training, from the beginning,’’ she told her added;

’’ So I can tell that, probably all that your mother is going through now, comes from all that she couldn’t learn at home, for these are the same ABC things your husband in the future home, will require from you.’’

‘’Yes, mum!’’ she agreed!

‘’She was going to pass that bad training to you too, so she tells you, not to handle or touch anything.’’

‘’Well, can we start these lessons, tomorrow?’’ Bella asked the supportive married old lady.

‘’Yes, we will!’’ she answered, with a pat on the girl’s back, while smiling happily at her new little female student.

She knew, that she was on her way to a perfect and great marriage.

And indeed, she was!

A Fictitious Story By Prince Akogo, On Marital Training!

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