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Give & It Shall Come Back To You In Good Measure!


Yes, God always gives back in a mysterious way.

My friend Razak, told me how God had surprised him. That day, he didn’t have money to go work. The only money he had on him was about 1$. However, this couldn’t be enough to cover his transport fare to his workplace.

So my friend picked up a plan; he would walk some miles to cover some part of the distance, till he gets to a place, where that 1$ in his pocket could cover the transport fare. So he hit on the road early, and started walking, so that he wouldn’t be late for work, to avoid that temperance of his mean boss.

When he was almost close to where he could use that 1$ to cover that transport fare, he heard the voice of a beggar calling upon him:

‘’Oh help me, please! Please help me,’’ he said. What could he do?

It was only 1 buck in his pocket, which is intended to help him cover the remaining miles to his workplace.

He had already been worn out from the long walk to this place. This means, if he should listen to the poor man’s plea, and should hand him over that 1 buck transport fare, he would surely have to bear the consequence of walking another 50miles, by walking!

Surely, this will be difficult, and he’ll surely might be late. But for some reason, he felt like he should empty his pocket for the beggar, and should trust God to cover the remaining miles with his wearied feet!

There he went, digging out his hand into his pockets to hand the money to this poor man.

Ouch, the money was not there.

He checked his right pocket; this single dollar note wasn’t there; he took his hand behind him, and checked his right-back pocket; no sign of the money. By this time, the poor man was waiting, his hands stretched steadfastly to him.  

He felt that people were looking at him, as they were standing in an open place, close by a gas filling station, close by the road side. He breathed in, dipping both hands into the breast pockets, of his office shirts too-yet there was no sign of the fare.  

 ‘’By this time round, I felt the beggar was getting discouraged!’’

‘’Let me check my side pockets. If I don’t find it, then that’s it!’’ He was thinking, feeling a bit embarrassed, around this time.  Finally, inside the last side pocket, his hand felt this money.

‘’Aah, at last,’’ he thought.

‘’Here is the money,’’ he gave the money to the poor man, who had already been waiting, waiting longer than he thought, hes was going to wait for the money; the man was happy, thanked Razak with all his heart, and started walking away from the station.

Razak was happy finally, that he was able to find the money, and gave it to the needy man.

While taking few steps away from the station, he began to calculate how he should now cover the remaining miles, on foot! Suddenly, when he was about to cross the street, someone called behind him.

‘’Excuse me, excuse me, please wait,’’ the woman was clapping his hands, calling from behind.

It was one of the ladies from the filling station, ‘’ Wait, that man in that car over there, is calling unto you!’’ she said.

‘’Me?’’ he said.

‘’Yes,’’ she said.

It was a car parked beside the shop of the filling station. That man inside that car might be rich, since it was one of those latest cars talked about in town. Razak followed behind the filling station’s attendant, and got closer to the car.

‘’How are you, sir?’’ The rich bearded man in his cozy car said.

Razak replied, smiling ‘’ I’m fine.’’ Honestly, he had no idea why he was being called by this man.

‘’Are you a student?’’ He asked. Razak was both a student and a worker, so he answered, yes!

‘’Was that your last money you gave to the man?’’ The man deeply inquired, wanting to know about it!  

Apparently, from the way Razak was searching all over his pockets, he realized that that might be the last money, Razak had offered to him, as he watched from the windscreen.

‘’Absolutely yes, sir!’’

The man was so touched, by the moment he replied to that!  He knew that, even though this young man had none, he sacrificed his all, to ‘’feed’’ someone’s child.

Sighing deeply, nothing could prevent this man from fetching out from his pockets, some 100$ bills to make up to the young man’s loss.

(God miraculously provided for him there).

Oh yes, he thought he was going to walk to work, but God provided for him there, as he watched from heaven. (Indeed, this was how Razak, was able to continue to work, by counting other’s needs better than his needs).

The Story Lessons:

*Indeed, this shows that whoever gives will not lose. It speaks of how God coughed and said, ‘’Give, and it will be given to you. You will have more than enough. It can be pushed down and shaken together and it will still run over as it is given to you. The way you give to others is the way you will receive in return.”

Luke 6:38 New Life Version (NLV)

*Most times, we don’t know that, when give we’re actually winning and not losing.

Indeed, the giver is more blessed than the receiver.

By Prince Akogo.

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