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Quick Tips On Love-Oh Yes, take her opinion…


Oh Yes, take her opinion very seriously. She’s not there to destroy you; she’s your wife. Don’t call her wife. Call her something tender than wife. ”Wife,” is now a hard statement; it’s like slave trade. Well, you can call her
”My sugar”
”Honey Couchi couchi”
”Turkish spray”
”Perfect toy”
”Hide-Out Statement”
”Lovely Rose”
”Children’s care”
”Television Pastor”
”Sweet Pepper”
”Dexter’s Laboritory”
”Dutch Spectacles”
”Angular Statement”
”Grinding Attrocities”
”Doctor Boo”
”Sense Attachment”
”Onyan se ni”
” Akosombo-oforiwa”
”Mtn momo-me”
”linesman and referee”
”Brigadia 100”
”The Soup Composer”
”Marriage Cartel”
So, these are killer ideas you can try!

Inspired by the Holy Spirit.
by Prince Akogo

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