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A Quick Tip-How to hand-wash clothing very well!


There are a lot of people, who when they’re going to wash their clothes, go for a whole bunch of clothing, sometimes, even 30+ to wash. Well, this is not a wise way of doing things!

If you know your strength level can wash about 12 things, in which you won’t be tired, anytime the number of your dirty clothes reaches 12, start, or gather them and wash. Now, to further make it easier to wash, try to soak some or all,for about 4 or 5 hours. For instance, 12 things can be soaked in 2 buckets.
This will remove much stench and stain from the dress, before you wash, and can even make the dress even more softer to wash. Know your strength-level, and know how many you can wash per a sit-down!

Quick Tip:

By Prince Akogo.

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