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A Quick Tip For Gospel Singers

  • As a gospel singer, or any time you’re called to lead a song, (or even be a backer of a song),

a) Don’t dress too atttractively

b) Don’t dress too boring, or less  attractively

And so, the attraction level should be moderate!

The reason being that, if you dress too-attractively, you may turn the people’s attention from the rich-song to your hot-dressing, and likewise, if you should also dress too less attractively or too boring, it can also destruct the hearers due to poor dressing and an un-kept composure! So, poor dressing too can turn the people’s attention away from the song! Often gospel singers are keen on trying to communicate something powerful through their songs and an attempt to overly attract people or poorly attract people’s interest will jeopardize the sacred gospel’s ministration and in the end, it shall lead to no proper ministration .at all, but just a normal performance or a ministration to show to people!

With regards to gospel musicians, it’s more about the spiritual impartation, not about a physical fanciful performance.

In all, just dress modestly and kep the attraction level moderate so that the Spirit can move through your ministrations, without any hindrances!

Quick Tip/ A Word of Wisdom.

By Prince Akogo.

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