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3 things to do to make your business Grow



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Point 1


Buying More of the Raw Materials, in Bulk.


Buy, the Business Products,and the Services, in Bulk. This is, the only Way, you can distribute, what you’ve got, out of the Bulk, and to get, more profit. The smaller you buy the raw materials, the lesser the profit, would become.


But however, you should always make sure, it is your Left over, you are actually using, to do your business, not your full capital, which you have on you. I have explained that here.



Point 2


Your Pricing System


According to the Lord, one advice God gave to me, is that, never price things, too high, or too low, as relatively, to how much you’ve bought it.

Thirdly, He said that, the reason why we fail in business, is also about, the manner at which we price, the goods, and services.

According to Him, we actually price goods, and services, based on the numbers, not how much you will want, or gain, from the price. This is actually the best pricing system.

According to Him, instead of making the price of product or service, as you will find, in some businesses, rather, rather, strike the average amount, at which everybody, within the Economy, would like to buy the good, or the services.

Thus, and in other words, don’t price your goods, and services, based on the rich, in the society, and on huge profit, on just, a singe product, but rather, price the goods, and service, in such that,

  1. The average person, within, your locality can afford. Usually, you can find that by asking yourself, ‘how much, would the average person, in the locality, both the rich and poor, would like to actually pay, for the goods and services I am producing, or am selling.’ If you strive, and find that mark, then sell your good at that price.




He said, that, when you do this, you’ll be selling to a larger pollution. You will be selling in their Numbers, because, at least, everybody, in the Economy, can buy it. In this, case, you can take the business product, to actually, anywhere, for people to buy, unlike, the one, who has priced his/her businesses, so high.

Hence, don’t focus, on

Hence, I tell you, if you should do this, you can sell a product, just for 0.99 cents, and can make over 1 million dollars, unlike the other person, who has sold the same good of yours, for 10, or 15 USD.

Never, do that, or ‘you will be wasting yourself, in the marketing.’

Now, I will give you want tip, now. You must do this, always. However, you must do this, especially when the Economy, is down, as you’re finding this, actually in many parts of the world.

In this case, your businesses, would move faster.

Hence, a lot of businesses fail, because, they don’t know how to price goods, and services, so everybody, so infact, everybody, in the world, can afford.

However, and especially, do these, when you know you actually have an important product, that satisfies.

For when they are beginning to think, that, you product is cheap, or inferior, based the price that you have now set it, give them a ‘free of charge one,’ to taste, and then, they would actually change their minds.

Hence, there will always be the temptation to get Price your goods high, once you have it, but never do that. Yes, you get a profit o 1$ on each profit, as against those who are planning to get about 7-10dollars, per each product. They would fail.

They may actually have thier goods, and services with them forever, and some, that need to expire, would expire.

Hence, for want, of exorbitant profits, people, overly try, to also selfishly price their things too high, and so, in that case, they’ve actually set themselves up, for ‘few qualified people,’ and not as many people, to buy, so that, the business, would go on faster.

That is how, a lot of people, are suffering, in business, and their businesses, are not moving faster.


Hence, God also gave this business, tip, to help solve, the issues, on businesses, which is, currently facing the world.



Point 3


Tidy Up, the Whole Business

The Purpose of tidying up a business, is to help the business Machines last long. You cannot always be using money, to buy machines. So, every now and then, do a tidy up, at the Work Place. Keep, everything neat, so that they would not decay, rust, become outmoded, or get spoilt. Now, anytime, you use a machine, and after, you don’t clean it, it would begin to lose, its efficiency. There are some dirts, sand, or dust, which would cause it to rust

So, remember, to clean them, whenever you are done, before everyone goes to the ones.

The neglect of these, is one reason why many factories, resources, especially, in terms of machines, tools, and their equipment, break down, then they begin to lose so much money.


In these times of ‘modern’ difficulties, which we should try and do these, so that, we would survive.


Thanks, be to the Lord,

And May His name, be Gloried, for releasing, this information.



Prince Akogo




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