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The Horizon


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The Lord also complained about the kind of vehicles, and all the automobiles we use, that they are not good.

According to Him, it is high time we use non-carbon fume emission cars, or vehicles. He said that, the world has come far, in terms of technology, to make these non-carbon emission automobiles, in order for us to preserve our environment.


These carbon emissions are destroying our trees, animal health, the human life, and are destroying the Ozone layer. All motorists who use the road, or the streets, irrespective of their rank or position, or status in life, suffer from it. Whether, you use a car or not, but you use the street, you suffer from it.



According to the Him, its high time we use non-carbon fume emission vehicles on the streets.

This would help the lives of humans, plants, animals, and the Ozone layer to be preserved. It will help preserve our health.

These CFC gases, which go into our human bloodstream, reduce the oxygen levels, in our bloodstream, and much of the oxygen with carbons.

They reduce much of the oxygen, in our environment with the carbons, making it a health threat, to our health. Hence, they have contributed to the Elements, reducing or shortening our life span, on earth, since w have been inhaling these gases, into our system.


We cannot as well, say we want to resolve the GHLOBAL warming Issue, if we still emit CFCs, into our system. It would end up destroying more of the Ozone layer, to cause us to experience, a high or an intense global warming issue, which directly or indirectly has an impact, on our health, as a whole; but not only us, but serious weather changes; It is at the long run, affecting the life of plants, animals, and the impact on our water bodies too.

High or an intense global warming issue, will have a direct impact on the rainfall situation we have. It will actually lead to high or heavy rainfall, which is due to too much evaporation of water, into the clouds, whereby the clouds, would emit too much rain.

It rains at dry seasons when its not supposed, raining at places, they are not supposed to, raining at off times.

It is going to wrought extinction of animals.

Many plants will die. There would be floods, destroying many farm lands, as well as farm products. Cities, would be destroyed. Water bodies would overflow, to flood a whole community. In some places, there will not be rain for long time.

The heat of the Sun, will dry the plants, or farm produce, enabling

As the weather, it would affect wind currents, causing high rainy winds, which would affect many places, in the form of hurricanes-the results of many hurricanes in our system.

Tectonic plates would be shifted, because of the Imbalances within the water levels.

Just this 2017, over 1000 floods, have been recorded, all over the years.


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