”Why We Created Food:” God Reveals



”Why We Created Food:” God Reveals


Lots of His Love To Us:

What do you think food was created for? While the lord was creating food what do you think He was creating it to serve?

According to the Lord, when He was creating food all that He was thinking about was a substance which should contain “medicine” or “medicinal properties.”

God actually created food to be medicines for you and I, in such a way that their medicinal properties will fight against diseases in our bodies and will repair health issues within the framework of our bodies. They are the doctors which work better than any doctor and they circulate inside the body to heal if of any disease.

For this reason, when preparing any sort of food or meal you should be cautious enough not to lose any of these nutrients so they can carry out their important works within you.

Now, when the body becomes malnourished or starts losing so much of these nutrients, your whole body and system is going to find itself in trouble. In short, how will your body fight against these diseases that try to harm and short-circuit your life?

Hence, if you put these foods on fire for a longer time than necessary, too much heat will burn out these nutrients from the food. Though you may eat to satisfy your taste buds or may eat all to fill up your empty stomachs, your system or health will still be in danger when there should be absence of these medicinal properties, which are called nutrients, in your swallowed food. You should try as much as possible to avoid becoming malnourished.

When there is absence of these medicinal properties for which reason God claims He created foods to five to us, your body cannot fight against diseases and weaknesses.

So, this can render your body to;

  1. a) become weak
    b) lose the internal lifelong battles against diseases.
    c) see a poor functioning of all internal and external organs which could lead to sudden death or an unexpected shortening of a man’s lifespan.

In such a state, your kidneys, lungs, blood, brain, eyes, bones or skeletal systems, heart, ligaments, nerves, together with all the other important “properties” of your well-crafted or designed body, which God had given to you, will see a poor functioning. In other words, there will be one problem to another, from time to time.

Now, when referring to food I’m not just referring to only solid foods; this as well includes the air you inhale, drinks you drink, as well as water you are gobbling in.

Eat responsibly.

Don’t give excuses and waste your precious life.

You need to also burn the fats, the oils and the calories in you. These can as well harm both your internal and external organs.

Food is Medicine.

In short, what God is saying here is that to live long or to live short, now depends on us. Actually, it is not always magical. Are you going to consider what He is saying and put a critical look at what you are putting in front of you as food?

Will you now make it a major priority to take very good care of your internal and external organs very well, which are members that come together as one big piece, called the body? These where what the elders of old considered as a topmost priority to do, so that they can live long. They did!

Your wellness is your choice.

Eating junk food will destroy the framework of your body. As the name sounds, junk food is junk and it will create junk to fill up your body. They will create immense problems for you, in the long and short runs.

In the end, you would have to go to the hospitals. Now, this wouldn’t have been happened if you had disciplined yourself to ensure that you are having all the nutrients or these medicinal properties in their rightful amounts inside your food, any time you should sit down to eat.

Don’t just eat because you want to enjoy your food; eat because you have an agenda of empowering and healing all the systems of your body against any weakness or disease out there, so that you can constantly become healthy and strong, for life.

Avoiding to nourish your body for a long time can be very fatal. Now, when too much havoc or damages should go on within your body for quite a long time without having enough nutrients to fight them against those agents, it could lead to your death. So, to be honest, to live long or to live short, depends on you. You shouldn’t eat just because your meal tastes good or just for the fact that it is very hot. Such reasons are not enough. God’s motives are different from what you think. Try to eat well-that is where the benefit lies!

You must not just learn how to eat well but must master it, so your body will have so many doctors operating within you.

Thank you.


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