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The Agape-Kind Of Love: Man’s Special Place In God


The Agape-Kind Of Love: Man’s Special Place In God


The love between God and men must be as that of the love that exist between a biological Father and with his children or between a biological mother and her children. This is the Agape-kind of love in which God cannot deny that He knows you, in which the Master cannot deny He raised you and brought you in the earth.

With this quick understanding, you are to quickly know that as His child, you have right to the Throne and to the quarters of His Home-both the Earth and the Heavens.

All the elements of this Creation are not as important as you are. We absolutely have more rights than them.

They are actually the resources our Father has given to us and He’s bound to give them to you anytime you ask Him without ever rejecting you.

So, this is why the Bible says, all the promises of God are Ye and Amen.

Well, that is true, because your Father will answer you whenever, as a living child, you call upon His name.

So, anytime you are in trouble or you are in need of something, remember God.

In short, the universe belongs to you and everything it fully consists of.


Prince Akogo.


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