Here Is The Most Important But Silent Needs Of Man Revealed



Do men really know what their core needs are?

I asked the Lord, and He interestingly revealed to me what comprises of the silent and core needs of all mankind. Now, we are in search of in need of so many things, but have you really realized or thought about what our core needs are?

I asked the Lord: “What are the core need of mankind?’’

The Master answered without hesitation:

‘‘The core needs of mankind or everyman are Love and Care. To be honest, everyone, no matter what they are in search for is truly in need of or looking out of for ‘‘Love and Care. Everyone needs ‘love’ and everyone needs to be cared for.’’

I was like, ‘‘Wow.’’ So, these are two, are the true needs of men irrespective of the fact that they are touring the earth helter-skelter and killing themselves in search for so many of things, most of whom are material things.’’

Now, what the Lord meant was that, the bottom line is, everybody, whether they know it or not, is needing of love and care, beyond material things. These are needs that transcend beyond material needs.

This is why people, (a lot more people), are in search of love and care, even though they may have abundance of material goods. (In short, there are some interests of the soul that go beyond these material stuffs, though material goods, are equally important).

Now, this explains the reason why God loves and cares for us even though we may be full or not. This is because He knows that these are the true energies we truly need, whether we have abundance or not. God had fully cared for us that is why He created us and fully gave the earth to live in, but He knows that it won’t be enough if He doesn’t express His love and care towards us in a practical way.

As well, God as well died for us through Christ, just to tell us He cares so much. However, how many of us do see this act of love or care?

Honestly, it is really appalling how men don’t see this as much love, but do see what the Devil gives to them as much love.

They will hail and praise what the Devil does for them, but wouldn’t like to hear the name of God being associated or mentioned in regard to any great sacrifice or good deed.

Does it suggest, that man still loves the Devil more, even though God had shown him His matchless love, from ages to ages?
Now, not only has God has cared for mankind, but has as well told us to care for one another. In fact, this is a campaign we see in most of the beautiful pages of His scriptures.

He had intreated, “Can we equally love our brothers as ourselves?”

Over there, what was the Master trying to do or to instigate?

For He knows that our full sustenance or complete well-being will not only depend on only Him trying to show us love and care, but when we also show the sacrifices of love and care for one another.

Now, time has fully tested that though many can live without money, they cannot live without love, because this the pure energy their souls derive its energies or strengths from, because that is what will give them a meaning in life.

Honestly, should this world find itself in an unfortunate situation where the men and women do no more love nor care for each other, the world will be in a devastated state. A lot of people will lose their lives, because they will lose a meaning to live. Will they be loved, or will they be cared for?

What every soul wants is, love and care. The inherent core needs of mankind, are absolutely nothing but Love and Care. So then, as you see men walking helter-skelter in search of one thing or the other, what their innermost hearts are actually panting for are beyond those material needs, but they are about the silent but rich ingredients, called Love and Care.

He had explained vividly that when men realize that they are not loved, they sometimes become wild. Yes, they may fully have kids, shelter or money, but there in their private life, they become fully troubled, very sad or unwanted.

They could see life better or they could be better off, and not thinking of taking their very own lives if they were made to feel a bit okay just by knowing their souls are not being taken advantage of, and there are some genuine hearts or chests out there they could lean on. Sadly, they have been made to feel that they don’t belong or they are an option. At that moment, they do not see the essence of living, since they are not truly cared for by those around them. Too many people are faking love…The majority do it or profess love to you, when they need something from you.

It’s a heart-wrenching feeling, a heart-breaking feeling, and so bad to be made to feel that way while we simply want to belong or live, just to be okay.

Therefore, the average person derives his energy from places he or she finds love and care the most, even with such empty pockets.

We must understand that as long as we are humans with hearts, people will draw their strengths from us and we must not be wicked towards them. We should never take advantage of them and should never treat them as some trash or garbage bags, as so many have been made to feel often so. They Are The Maker’s Children placed in our hands.

Therefore, the biggest problem of the economy is not unavailability of resources but about whether somebody loves them, (even with their shortcomings), or even whether the world that circulates them truly remembers them, or loves them.

Now, we have so many examples to cite-we have often realized that, when a woman does not feel loved or is feeling uncared for, that means, feeling unwanted by the rest around her, trust me, she may lose the essence of life in the midst of that abundance. It is a situation which has happened so many times in the circles of marriages.

Now, interestingly, it is the same with children. Now, you may assume it is otherwise with men. As brave or as hard as we may be, when a man realizes he’s being supported, but he’s not genuinely loved, it can take a lot from him. His soul can be bruised even in the midst of abundance. What everybody needs is genuine love, but the question is, can you give it? Let everyone around you be loved or cared for. Make it your responsibility to give them such meaning in life.

Wives should treat their husbands likewise, letting them know beside them there is no other.

When we all do, people will find love and will find a meaning in life, feeling so wanted and where that surge of energy will cause them to live even longer. Trust Him, this surge of life is what makes men happier than any material thing, putting faith and a form of boldness in us, to face the rest of the trying times of our lives. After all, is there not an assurance that we are not alone? Therefore, love is the positive kind of energy which breaths a surge of life into the wildest souls.

Later, the Lord of Matter, revealed two ways to make people feel cared for and feel loved the most. They are, to;


  1. Speak well to them
  2. And to simply buy them good gifts.


By His wisdom, these 2 acts truly work. So then, LOVE and CARE from all corners, which are mostly demonstrated as one is what will change the people’s lives. It is what will change the world; not money, fame or a thousand shekels. Note; there are countless who can be content with so little.

However, while we all want to be changed through love, we must understand that it cannot work, if we do not become the pacesetters to demonstrate this love. Whatever we expect to have, it will be better if we always become the people to lead it. We mustn’t be selfish about it.

Yet, in the multitudes of the abundance you give to others, make sure in all of that you really love and care for them, while not faking, because that’s the true energy of comfort that will drive up their lives. So, today, can we make others of all kinds place their heads upon our chests or upon our hearts to receive that comfort? This was what we came here for-to make others joyful and happy and to become other’s genuine keepers, in respect of the Lord.

Sons of God-we are all here to care and love one another, for this is what give us a true meaning in life, until we turn up into dusts.


In short, without a shadow of doubt, these are what we are all looking for.



Prince Akogo.

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