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The Importance Of God’s Unfathomable Love, Mercies & Grace-The Omnipotent Grace Of God



The Importance Of God’s Unfathomable Love, Mercies & Grace-The Omnipotent Grace Of God


Lots of Love:

When the world had fallen into sin, according to Genesis Chapter 3, we had become hopeless, guilty, shameful and lost our rights with God.

This is the gospel that had been preached to us from the generations, that God forgave us (had mercy on every bit of the sin that we as humans committed), and then saved us by giving us His son to die for us, who had exchanged or substituted us with His Life (salvation), and after reconciled and restored back our privileges with God (Grace).

Hence, today, we are no more sinners, but born-again, born of Him who died for us. Sin had made us offspring of the Devil, the Father who had sinned from His beginning.

Therefore, if you do not belong to the God of all things, then you belong to Satan, that Old or Ancient Serpent, called the Dragon.

This was why God needed to save us or to deliver us from His ‘enemies’ from the other side. (Just as Lucifer (called Satan) and His cohorts (called fallen angels) lost certain rights and privileges from the God of Creation through their disobedience or sin, so did the humanity, through their parents Adam and Eve.

Therefore, we needed God’s mercies, and an extension of His arm to save us from sin and the devil (death), as well as His forgiven grace to restore unto us all we lost from Him..

Therefore, the combination of the 3, through Christ, extended to us by God and His Holy Spirit, are what has brought us to where we (Christians) are, right now, making us extremely ‘happy’ or ‘joyful,’ to be ever reconciled back onto the God, the God of all creation.

This is why we serve Him, pray or communicate to Him, duly worship Him and demonstrate His virtues down here. We all have been reconnected back into His long sockets of Grace, which we know is an unmerited favour we could never have found.

To Him be glory and honour.

If you are not saved yet, you better do that right now, so that you will be delivered from the Devil’s demonic claws. God, through Christ and His Holy Spirit of Grace, with their arms opened wide, are waiting for you.

As they did onto us, they are not there to judge you, but to save you, to reconcile back all creations to their original Source.

To God Be the Glory.

Say the sinner’s pray and get yourself saved; brothers or sisters, just like me, you are to return back Home and the One who created the Home (all things) is willing to receive you back into His arms, to wipe away all your tears and to show you the original plan, He had had for you, before your forefather Adam, got you into sin.

To God be the Glory.


Prince Akogo.


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