The Authority Of Christ & Of The Believer




The Authority Of Christ & Of The Believer

Lots of love and good news to all.

There are sensitive matters which the Spirit wants me to write about. This is of much concern to the Father, looking at the times we live in, otherwise our lack of understanding or a case of misinformation, could lead to a lot of troubles or dangerous situations for us.

One of them is about this matter:


We need to know and understand the dimension of Christ’s leadership-from where it spans or to where it ends.

If the world and us don’t know where Christ’s dominion (leadership) spans, it will be like we all ignorant or don’t know who we are dealing with.

Now, first, let us see what the Bible says concerning the Authority of Christ over the worlds or over the nations. This is a rule that cuts across the whole world

Daniel 7 actually goes a long way to expose to us the Authority of Christ. First, it explains to us how Christ is the Lord of all, and this command was given to Him by God His Father. However, it was interesting to note that it was written in the Old Testament, that Christ (the Son of Man), will be brought before the Ancient of Days (God Almighty), to be made to ruler over the earth and over everything. This being prophesied in the Old Testament (way before He came) indicates that, Christ didn’t come to force Himself into Power as interestingly, some men had accused Him of, or might have assumed, but it was truly entrusted to Him in Heaven above, by God Himself, who is always known as The Ancient of Days and the Father of the Living.


Read this:

I watched as thrones were put in place
and the Ancient One (God Almighty) sat down to judge.
His clothing was as white as snow,
his hair like purest wool.
He sat on a fiery throne
with wheels of blazing fire,
and a river of fire was pouring out,
flowing from his presence.
Millions of angels ministered to him;
many millions stood to attend him.
Then the court began its session,
and the books were opened…
As my vision continued that night, I (Prophet Daniel) saw someone like a Son of Man (Christ referred Himself as the Son of Man when He came to the earth), coming with the clouds of heaven.

He (Jesus) approached the Ancient One and was led into his presence.


Now, see what happened next, after appearing before God, in Prophet Daniel’s vision;


He (Christ/Jesus) was given authority, honour, and sovereignty over all the nations of the world, so that people of every race and nation and language (all races-blacks and whites inclusive) would OBEY Him (Jesus). His rule (Kingdom) is eternal—it will never end. His kingdom (the Christian-Kingdom) will never be destroyed.

Daniel 7: 9-10; 13-14 NLT.


So, Christ, whom we serve today, according to the scriptures (which is even by the Old Testament) didn’t appear to appoint Himself as some have assumed, but was pre-appointed or listed by the Father who created Space and humanity.

Per Daniel’s vision or account, this was His Eternal Destiny.

Christ was destined for that universal authority, even before He stepped upon the Jewish land. The world should acknowledge that, God (the Ancient of Days), had released the prophecies before He had come to us, through the birth of a virgin Mary-which even came as an interesting way by which He landed up upon the Jewish land. I say interesting because, even that way of He entering the world, was equally prophesied. This time, by another old Hebrew Prophet called, Isaiah.


Therefore, the Lord Himself (this was the Ancient of Days) shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin (that was Mary) shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call His name Immanuel (Jesus Christ is the same Immanuel; a known fact).

Isaiah 7:14 KJV.


As you can see, these prophecies were not just spoken, but were actually written down thousands of years before the Son of Man, Christ, came to fulfil each of them. All these renowned major prophets who lived years before Christ, saw His entry into this world, a world or an earth, belonging to the Most High God.

If we revisit the ‘‘message’’ Daniel received, the ‘message’ speaks of a man (not an angel) who will be made to come to the Ancient of Days, by whom all global authorities will be given to Him. It speaks of God the Father of Man, entrusting into His hands everything, making this Son of Man the overseer of everything He had created, such that all men and all things must serve under Him.

Absolutely, such great power and great authority was given onto Him to do that. (He did not appoint Himself; it was given to Him).

Look at this plan of God, again:


I saw someone like a Son of Man coming with the clouds of heaven.

He approached the Ancient One (God of the whole Universe), and was led into His presence.

He (this Man called Christ who appeared before the Ancient of Days) was given authority, honour, and Sovereignty Over ALL THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD, so that People Of Every Race And Nation and Language (including you), Would Obey Him. His rule is Eternal—it will never end. His kingdom will never be destroyed.

Daniel 7: 9-10; 13-14 NLT.


He was selfishly selected and appointed to be head over all men God had created!


What About Doubts?

However, one may be quick to say that;

‘‘I agree with the fact that, God, per His own visions, had chosen to use a right-hand man or a great figure to lead the world or the whole cosmos; but what if it was not Christ Jesus in that Vision?’’

Well, though this is a good question, we can only entrust this position of an authority to another soul, if that soul or character, fulfilled all the other visons and prophecies spoken out and written down by these renowned prophets as well.

Okay, so per the requirements;


  1. The man was first to be born as a Jew-the character had to be a Jew. Are you?

‘‘A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit. (Was prophesied by Prophet Isaiah: Isa. 11).

The Person will be King David’s descendant, seeing that Jesse, was King David’s father, who was from the Judah tribe.

We all know of that.

(Okay-so non-Jews, from any tribe or race are disqualified from the list of men already. So then, we can only zoom the satellite down to the Israeli nation alone, and specifically down to the tribe of Judah, leaving all other non-Jewish tribe, Jewish tribe, and all other nations out of the list, whether they be great or strong.

Sure, this means, no American (Be it south or north), British, Asian, European, African, Russian, Grecian, in the Middle East, Chinese, or anyone from any other race, country, language or tribe qualifies to hit this mark we are seeing in God’s picture.

Absolutely, and with all due respect, we may be great and strong, but not to that level.


2. Secondly, the prophecies, had predicted or unveiled that this man had to be borne by a virgin. (But virgins do not give birth without having sex (Isa. 7:14)). As we look at the Jewish profile, how many Jews have been borne by a virgin-even per the time the vision was to be fulfilled? How many virgins do you know to have done that?

I doubt if any.

Till now, nobody had ever been born without an intercourse taking place between his or parents or between the opposite sexes.

Even though we may argue that, artificial insemination has made childbearing possible without a direct involvement in sexual intercourse, the question is, how many Jewish children who qualify within the list, were being born by this scientific practice?

Moreover, it is also interesting to note that, even per the era given by which this virgin was to bring forth that child to absolutely become the world’s super or greatest leader, it did not fall anywhere close to the scientific age. Yes, it was not close to the era of the practice of artificial insemination. By that time, that science was not discovered; neither did it occur to us that, something like that could possibly happen.

To add up to this, it wasn’t said that the child will be born through artificial insemination. This immediately debunks the chances of any human institution or assistance from the scientific age, getting involved into these holy works.

God, did not consider them to be a part of His plans at all!

Honestly, He was going to be the One to bring that Child of a world’s leader, to come out of the virgin. It was going to be a notable miracle the world was going to behold. This leader will be coming out of God’s unfathomable plans, through this virgin!


This immediately foretells that this Child prophesied of by God, will be great indeed! In fact, His entry into the world will be one of a kind, a special Child created for which reason the Ancient of Days would call Him up and appoint Him to be the superior over all His assets, including you!

I know there may be great leaders, but this One is superior to all that ever, had existed!

I like one thing President Trump said when he was confronted and told that he was the most popular man in the world. He humbly said, ‘‘It is Jesus.’’ He as well meant that, though he may be the most powerful man on this earth, there was and is this very same Man we are talking about who is far greater than or superior to him. Yes, it is a superiority which is according to God or heaven’s unalterable demands.

However, when a leader should claim this ‘‘first’’ man or ‘‘greatest’’ man position, he sure will be coming into terms with God!

Your leader or leaders are not greater than Jesus Christ, and that is what God is saying, because He appointed Him.

Now, to be honest, to try to be in the lead instigates that, you are trying to tell God He is a liar. So, you are not afraid; and you are actually standing against the Universal Decree given in that statement by the Universal God or the Almighty God, who first abides over everything-everything in both heaven and on earth. This could mean a serious red flag or danger, plus a major rock of offence in the face of the Most High. Now, if you want to save or keep your life safe, you better stay out of that pre-occupied position should you get the chance to rule anyone on this planet.

Please and a big please, do not be caught up in the pride of Nebuchadnezzar, who in his days, uplifted himself up to that stature and was punished by the El Elyon or God with severe demeaning punishments, which lasted for about 7 solid-years by which anybody was able to stop.

When Nebuchadnezzar whom we know was also the leader of the greatest nation by then, had lifted himself up because of the greatness of His kingdom, God became so angry, snuffed at his pride, took the kingdom from him, followed by a reduction in the functioning of his biological senses, made to live among places men wouldn’t dare to live, and was made to eat grass, serving as a detriment to any man or to the world.

That should tell you God is not joking with men.

That should make you afraid, and that should tell you that God had given that special position to Someone else; this is someone, whom we all know He had claimed that He would be in the world, with a very special sign.  ‘‘Watch your steps and watch your hearts,’’ says the Lord to me. He added that, ‘‘Any human being who lifts himself into that position is like the Devil who had lifted Himself into that position and was brought down, by God. Then He added and said, ‘‘Your Money and Fame, Does Not Make You A More Powerful Person Than God! Don’t Be In That Deception.’’


3. Now, we were also fully told, that this Jewish Leader to rule, even by the prophecies of these Major Prophets will be a male Jew from the tribe of Judah; not a female Jew.


For unto us a Child is born, unto us A Son is given, and the government will be upon His shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counsellor…

Isaiah; 9:6 Blb.


Well, that further reduces the number of the people that qualify for the Universal Throne in the ‘‘Jewish realm.’’


4. Further, Prophet Isaiah added that, this Jewish master would have a name called Immanuel. (Isa. 7:14).

Now, Immanuel means ‘‘God is with us.’’ This means that, the presence of this World’s Leader amongst us, will now indicate to us that God, is with us. This doesn’t mean He will only be with the Jewish community but equally with the whole world! What then? It means that, He is going to bring the qualities of God to all men Understand that, He is not leading this world for Himself; He is leading this world for God.

Becoming a Mediator between the Ancient of Days and of men (the whole world), He is bringing the ‘‘Heavenly Kingdom and all of God’s Systems’’ down to us, and this will allow men to be a partaker of it wherever they find themselves in the world.  In short, this Man of the greatest ruler, who was made to appear before the Ancient of Days in that vision, was going to bring Heaven and God’s Presence (which is called, Shiloh) to humanity, so that men will live with God!

5. Nevertheless, we also learnt by the scriptures that, upon His arrival, He would be misunderstood by the Jews, according to God’s own pre-determined plan, and be chastised by the Jews (Isa. 8-15); He would experience a painful death, with an indirect plan to save humanity or the world; yet, by every prophetic indication recorded in the Books, it will be on a tree.


6. Then in the same body of requirements, which was according to Daniel’s vision, He (this Man) would have to meet God personally; in fact, it was stated of Him that, He will not only enter into God’s presence with the clouds of Heaven, but will also be brought, that means, being accompanied by some ‘people or helpers’ into God’s open presence, when that time or Day, comes.

Daniel had stated;


I saw someone like a Son of Man coming with the clouds of heaven. He approached the Ancient One (Almighty God) and was led into His presence.

Daniel 7:13 NIV.


The was evidently a requirement which was fulfilled by Jesus the Messiah (the Anointed One of God), which were vividly written in those holy scriptures, that He had ascended into Heaven to meet God after His death, for the call into His Great Office.

When He was ascending, per the Biblical accounts, He was lifted into the clouds of Heaven (glory)-where He was equally assisted or accompanied by some of the Lord’s (God’s) angels; There, He was lifted above to go and meet God, which was what Prophet Daniel’s prophecies had recounted of.

Well, notice that, Daniel said; He was or will be brought before the Ancient of Days. Those who brought Him are or were called God’s servants, who are called angels or often termed as messengers. That matches very well, and it is because, when Jesus was about to ascend God’s angels from Heaven came to assist Him, each one on His side, to see Him go up!

This is because, in the New Testament account, when Jesus had resurrected from the grave according to God’s doing, and was about to move (ascend) into Heaven, He had also ascended with clouds from Heaven, while having two mighty angels sent by Him, to be there with Him to be taken there, before God.


After He (Jesus) said this, he was taken up before their very eyes, and A CLOUD hid Him (Jesus) from their sight.

They were looking intently up into the sky as he was going, when suddenly two men dressed in white (those angels) stood beside them. “Men of Galilee,” they said, “why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven.”

Acts1:9-11 NIV.


So, brothers, Jesus went to God, after fulfilling the prophecies; nobody amongst men, a Jew for that nature, called Immanuel, was beaten, shamed, made to pass his death on the cross in any Jewish land, given birth single-handedly by a virgin right from a Jewish land, was ever spoken of amongst Jewish real-life history or folktales, to match or fulfil all these anciently divinely spoken and written requirements, which were to be fully enforced.

Nobody among men.


Oh yes, I must say again that, there may be several worlds political, religious or spiritual leaders; very great in word and in deed. Oh perhaps, you know of them or perhaps, you are one. The Lord honour or bless you for it; however, in terms of the Highest Rank, it is certain that these pre-destined qualities do not run through their lives, which were laid down or prophesied by the Ancient of Days. Per the prophetic words from these major prophets, their lives do not match any of them.

Therefore, we really know whom God is talking about; beloved, we do know the Man whose life we all know we can zoom into, now.

Now, understand first that, God gave the prophetic messages off old, even before He was born, so that men or the world cannot ever assume that the requirements were written down after this man was made to go through each one of them written down.

It was certainly never the case. Otherwise, men could have said they were deceived and it was all a frame-up, played intelligently upon us.

However, they were spoken before His coming.

This is was why generations consider them as prophecies.

Beloved, we are here talking about the most Powerful Man on the earth, as well as in the Heavens (apart from God Himself), appointed to reign without end, according to God’s own great and unquestionable declarations, raised to rule over all nations, tribes and cities, even from the spirit realm down to the world of men.

The Bible evidently indicated that, God had fully crowned Him (after His resurrection) with some all-encompassing global or universal authorities and powers, for giving His life to save us, from our ways. (The sacrifice from this leader has convinced God enough that, this is a leader who is ready to lay down all He has for the people, no matter what it takes.) This is indeed a quality, only few can bear.)

Now, the fact that it was stated that He would have an eternal authority or kingdom by the prophets, reveals that, we shouldn’t expect Jesus to be dead, even though we’ve all not seen Him, perhaps in this current age.

We know He is transported to a different realm even as Daniel had stated that He was commanded to do first, which is to meet the Ancient of Days, who was to appoint Him in all His Global or Universal assignments, over all things of the living or of death upon the earth.

Yet, how can He die if He had been given unending works to render, over us? How will He dominate from the silence of that simple grave?

So then, believe it, beloveds, when we should tell you that Jesus Christ is still alive, sitting with God, and He is taking all the orders from God!

He, by Himself, had declared many times that He had been raised and He is still alive, for the obvious reasons.

In fact, the presence of the Church today, shows that our Lord Jesus Christ, is still alive (This is because, He was called to form this organization, which is called the Church. Had He not been called to form a kingdom for the Living God, which must not die?)

He (Jesus, our Lord) is still ALIVE, today and forevermore: Amen!

Truly, He is understood to be right there in Heaven with God, delegating His authority to the men of the Church-the Eternal Kingdom He was mandated to build, which were according to the accounts of the prophecies, and He would be coming down to obtain everyone’s accounts, for the works.

After working so hard, Christ started the Church with a handful of 12 disciples; yet today, it had turned into a Global village, as God was expecting, marching it right into the worlds even through persecutions, from men who don’t understand, and drawing all men and women into this kingdom, according to the Creator’s specified instructions. He is there for the people (from that spirit-realm); they are the people He has been placed over, by the Eternal Master and God!

Indeed, this Church is the Powerful-Packed House of the Almighty, who is called the Ancient of Days.

It is both directly or indirectly the property of the Ancient of Days, who had pre-commanded Him and appointed Him to head over it, and to serve it!

God’s unmovable footstool is the Church per those very scriptures, where He comes to breath His breathe of love and of life. Indeed, God is building a Church which shall know no end; and I guess whether anything can ever put a stop to His Voice, because it is a universal and unalterable decree from the Lord who has no respecter of persons. He does and says what He likes, according to His own Sovereign Will, a will through Christ was appointed!

Therefore, we can only help Him build it through love or He takes any of us out of the way.

Amen to the King of Glory.

From henceforth, haven seen the powers or the authorities of Christ, we do not underestimate Him of what He can do through the Great and Highest Order, He’s gone to sit, to laisse or to appear to! Now, today, the Father’s kingdom is being built, and it is already in session through the words and powers fully deposited into the Church, by the eternal powers of the Holy Spirit!


Author Of The Christian Church:

We have come to see that Jesus, is actually, the Most Powerful Man on Earth, or to ever exist, which is by God’s own Voice or appointment, which took place in the Heavens.

There are even other prophecies that indicates that, Jesus Christ is the Lord of the Universe.

Now, before He died, Christ started the Universal-that Church by which He was supposed to build, which will know no end.

So, He is the Lord of His own Church. He has Lordship over all the Churches of this world, or over all Christians, having saved them all.

The book of Revelations unveils to us Christ Lordship over the Church as it fully unveils Christ’s Lordship over the 7 Church Ages. We saw Him giving warnings and instructions to the Churches through John the Apostle (Rev. 2 and 3): indeed, this is an indication that He is the Bridegroom of the Bride, being the Church.

Now, in all and from the inspection of the above scriptures, God has first given Lordship to Christ over the world, that is, over unbelievers, and secondly over the Church which He started with His own Blood on Calvary.

Finally, He was ultimately given authority over all of the creations; meaning, the stars, the moon, the clouds, the sun, over the earth and over everything, by the One who called Him.

It was equally said that all powers in the Heavens (where God is) and on the Earth-where we are, were given to Him, when He had risen.

All angels were also placed under Him.


In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days He has spoken to us by His Son (the same Son is the Son of Man), whom He (God) appointed heir of all things…

 The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. After he had provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven (after being taken to Heaven.) 

So He became as much superior to the angels as the name he has inherited is superior to theirs.


Heb. 1:1-4 NIV


What it then means is that, there is no heritage, nation, people, system or given order, that is greater or superior to Christ’s given universal authorities or powers.

Name it, if there is one-if God had lifted one, by the order.

The Lord Jesus, is said to rule in both the Heavens and the Earth, according to Gods unchangeable demands which must be adhered to by all elements of creation; therefore, God gave Him His Name, which is above every other name in the universe.


Therefore, God EXALTED HIM TO THE HIGHEST PLACE AND GAVE HIM THE NAME THAT IS ABOVE EVERY NAME, THAT AT THE NAME OF JESUS every knee should bow, in Heaven and on Earth and under the Earth, and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.


Phil. 2:9-11 NIV.


Well, we understand that ever since Christ started forming the Church, the Devil has been trying to form fakes among it, trying to tarnish its image or even trying to pollute it, which He does sometimes, by using the very same systems Christ through God uses. But God Almighty has patted His back, to wait and to see how His judgment will reign upon them.

It will be in some short times to come, according to the prophecies!



Now, Christ was not selfish; for surprisingly, after fully receiving or acquiring all these authorities which spans from Heaven to the Earth, Christ came to lay all of them down under the feet of the Church with an interesting intention of empowering the Church beyond measure. (Thus, today, the Church has authority over the world, the earth, demons, the universe, all the elements of the earth, together with elements of Heaven, including the Angels of God, who were equally put under Him).

In short, by virtue of this all-encompassing or unlimited Grace given to the Church, whatever Christ was completely given powers over we were fully given exact powers over; and God was aware and happy He did so.

For this reason, we were called to sit with Christ in the heavenly places; this is the place of God’s Power, where we sit with Him, through the Spirit, at the right-hand side of God, ruling over all the nations, tribes, authorities and powers by God’s unmatched Name, Jesus. So then, the scripture explained:


The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints,

And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power,

Which he wrought in Christ, when he raised him from the dead, and set him at his own right hand in the heavenly places,

Far above all principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come:

Ephesians 1:18-21 KJV.


So, today we reign, that is, if you make this reality your own and instantly start acting upon it. This reality can be acted or must be acted upon instantly by these earthly Churches (the Bride), who are supposedly seen as His rib or Bride.

Hence, today we have the divine Power through the Spirit to fully dominate and to overcome all things, whether the sun, the moon, stars, the seas, humans or all people over the, over the Church, over demons, angels, and fully over death, for He’s already given us the Key of Righteousness in which we have fully overcome both Death, and Hades.

What it means is that, even though Jesus was made superior over all things, He wasn’t selfish; He decided not to be selfish.

That was a simple act of love and of humility, having faith in us, as well!

So, He decided to share or to distribute all His authorities and powers with anyone in the whole world whom He was made to be superior over, so we all become so powerful, over everything He was called to lead and to fully become powerful over.

This was how much He could give to us-I mean the whole world, which includes you, if you so wish. He won that victory, not just for Himself but for the whole world; for the whole world to participate, in it!

We are creatively powerful like Him, while working through Him, in Him and for Him, and in the sense, bringing Glory to the Ancient of Days (God the Father), who had appointed Him to rise and do that bidding!

He shared His authorities, powers and dominion with us, which stretches from the heavens down to the earth. He has shared His government with us-it’s a government for the people, with all His people and also by all the people, as it said by us, in Political Science. As you can see, this authority of Christ is not bound to a specific country, per God’s complete unquestionable demands. This makes the Church, the most powerful nation or organization in the world, because that is where God’s sovereign authorities and powers have fully been deposited! This is the abode where He (Immanuel), sits in with us, ready to reign, judge and to rule.

He has shared His everlasting kingdom or His nation with us, which comes as a full or complete package, together with unending powers and forces; meanwhile, it is all to us by grace or for free. It is not by force; it is a choice to partake of!

Let us fully grasp that, the authorities and powers given to us are far more powerful beyond any socio-economic problems this Church He shares His authorities and powers with, can ever face, because it was a power given to dominate each one of life’s circumstances. This is the power of the Almighty God, which have been distributed into us, by the pure unmatched powers of the Holy Ghost, for these collaborative divine kingly services of God Almighty!

We are royals in His courtroom; we have authorities, within His Space.



So, brethren, how do we act upon that given latent Power which is powerful over all living or non-living things? O, do we even know we have such Powers?

(Anyway, I guess you do know now; Amen and Amen).

According to the Spirit-in my ears, the absolute way we can act through these all-encompassing powers of Christ (and of God), are through;

a) Humility

b) Love

c) and by Faith


A) Acting By The Power Of Humility:

Even though we have been perfectly lifted above all elements of the creations now, we still have to be able to humble ourselves.

Christ the Lord doesn’t want us to be corrupted by this all-encompassing Power from the Most High God! In His days, He was humble on earth though He was seen as Lord of All.

It is important for all of us to know this, that the higher we go, the humbler we are to all become, not corrupting His powers or authorities.

It is very easy to do so.

Power Corrupt a soul!

So, it was important that He adviced us on that! More humility is demanded from us, since we’ve all come higher!


B) Leading And Ruling All By Love:

Christ, we absolutely know, rules the Earth and the Heavenly places through Love. We must all be able to understand that God our Father is Love and nothing moves in the Heavens without Love. Certainly, a good king’s rulership must be always be done by Love, but not through share wickedness.


C) Leading By Faith:

We can only exercise a given Authority by Faith and not out of fear; there is no king or governor who is seen exercising authority, outside Faith.

Why should you be afraid of being in Authority? How can you all fear the people given to you? So, you are to be as a lion, exercising and commanding Faith (that all-encompassing Authority). It was made superior to all things!


God Has Interestingly Dealt With Us A Measure Of These 3

Indeed, the Holy Spirit, the seed of God, has brought into us the fruit of the Spirit. He has built into us Humility, Love and Faith. After all, we were saved through Faith! No one can be saved without Faith and He has dealt with us all a measure of God’s Faith, and that is why we believe in Him.


For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.

Rom. 12:3 KJV.


By the Seed of God, we have Humility, Love and Faith in us. Thus, God had qualified us to reign, with all authority; and therefore, from the Spirit, we sit in the Right-Hand-Side of God!

So then, all these qualities or opportunities are given to us the minute we become Born-Again. Yet, this comes about when we receive the Seal of the Spirit (that is, The Seal of Christ) upon our spirits, which is the reason why we become born gain, through a mouth-confession.

God is wise-we first have to be born again because, you cannot demonstrate your powers over someone if you yourself are doing the same things, through the spirit. (You Act Differently No Matter What, When You Become Born Again.) Moreover, you are born with qualities of a ruler, because you are born in the Royal King’s house.


The Bulk- Powers of The Church:

The minute you are born again, you are called into a Love-Fellowship, which is to strengthen your state or to make you whole. What do I mean?

Well, since Love is the key virtue, we need to acquire to make use of or to exercise this high all-encompassing authority, our fellowship of love as Christians, therefore strengthens the powers we all have as kings, enabling us to fully exercise our strong authorities over any type of matter.

Therefore, if one person of love will probably be able to unleash or exercise just about 1000 joules of his Christ-given supernatural or cosmic powers over all things, a thousand (1000) Christians with joint forces, will cause more havoc, with that joint power. (This is much like when the Planeteers combine their forces in the episodes of Captain Planet.)

Here is why, by reason with the powers, our coming together or fellowship cannot be under-estimated. Revival is needed! It is a very serious thing to take note of.

To be honest, like in Captain Planet, absolutely nothing can ever stand in their paths, because of the grade of lethal powers they will unleash, over the realms!

Everything, through God, will be scared of them; they will be a people that will come, great and strong, and the likeness of which has never been.

In short, nothing, absolutely nothing, can by any means stop them!

(This was what Christ inevitably promised us all, forever.)

In short, the stronger love, humility and faith grows in our hearts as a collective army of Christians, the greater the collective powers we can exercise over all things-the nations, cosmos, the mountains, spirits, valleys, hills, men, clouds, weather, water, angels, powers; name them.

For our weapons are ‘‘lethal.’’

Hence, to see that the Universal Church was immediately equipped and empowered, love was fully passed as a command to us, from God.

We know that fellowship as Christians will bring heaven down from the right-hand side of God, where Christ is seated, to subdue earth.

Surely, if Christ was able to subdue through love, faith and by humility, which He had done by being in a rich fellowship with God His Father, then we must be able to do so!

Christians, we cannot be causing so much harm to ourselves and still be expecting to walk in that ‘cosmic’ power. You know, beloved, it doesn’t work that way.

Not at all.

Hence, in Christ, God’s endowed Authorities can be enjoyed by us, through our strong exercise of love, faith and humility each and every day, first towards God. and then towards creation, as well as men. Therefore, this shortly implies that, if today Christians are not able to exercise all this authority to their advantage, so that they can be extremely blessed through the abundance of this all-encompassing authority given to them, then that indicates or means;

1) They are not walking anymore in love; or their love had run cold, even in the Church.

2) Many of them are not any longer humble; in short, they have become so proud.

3) Thirdly, for some reason, many of them have fear gripping their hearts.

And so, how can they win against the odds?

(In some cases, we can even say that, they are improperly saved or are not growing into that all-round authority given to the believers through Christ and God, which is on the right-hand side of the Father). Our God never promotes bitter, unforgiving, proud or fearful people!

He is certainly a God of love, full of humility, and of course, full of great faith, being the Author and Finisher of every Faith, power of Love and of the character of Humility.

Seriously, these are the virtues that form the Church and that form the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, today, Christians do not feel the already unleashed power, nor so much of the powers of the gospel, thinking that God has abandoned them; meanwhile, it is because most of them had not continued steadfastly, or consistently in love, faith and in His powers of humility, after catching the gospel. Rather, we use our vague minds, to operate in all things.

So, today, we have shown you how those 3 major virtues are important for the exercising of our authority in this earthly realm, as well as the heavenly places-both of which are two places our Christ, had placed down our feet, an authority incomparably seen to be beyond the world.

These are what makes Christians rise above any man or above any circumstance within the conformable earth.

Therefore, these individuals in the Church, as well as God’s Assembly of saints, must exercise their kingly virtues of love, faith and humility to forever exercise their full potentials on this earth. They mustn’t wait to enter into Heaven, to exercise all that.

Our fellowship with one another, must become so strong again within the Church; meanwhile, the longer these virtues of our Christ should remain in our recreated hearts, the longer we will reign in all things, doing each of these unthinkable feats or things, even from today! (Beloved, quickly examine your spirit, and rise up to this God-centered occasion.)

Now, you are all the masters creations, have been dying to meet or have been waiting for!

You are seriously being waited upon, to decree your powers and those words shall be greatly established. So, why not raise up those Christians who are dead in their walk of faith, full humility and of His love, so you can ignite that Fire of His Love within them so that they may do the unthinkable.

Today, we have been told that the Kingdom of God is not about feeling pitiful; it is not about eating, drinking or playing. You are not supposed to be sad. You are not supposed to feel pitiful towards one another or towards yourself, a dying feeling of being in need. In fact, as an Authority-holder, from the time you had become born again, you were actually supposed to exercise and experience that faith, full of powers. We are demonstration powers, and latent powers surpasses all rule or other opposing faith, similar to how Christ has rule from Heaven to Earth. So, we obviously know that, no power here can stop your reigns, no matter what!

Through Christ, we have powers over sin and death (that is, over all the Devil’s qualities)-that is, if you are still born again. These were some of the elements Christ had given us authority over, because the Spirit of God in you is greater than the desires of the flesh!

Indeed, from the same economy of God, you have powers over any economic issue, because unlike the sinner, our provisions are not really coming from a human leader nor from a human possibly ‘failing’ government. Our supply comes from both heaven and earth, through Christ and God. It is an authority that comes from the heavenly places, where we command creation and reign with its unusual powers. No human president, has been able to do that which Christ is willing to do or to provide you.

(When you shall decree a thing and continue in humility, love and faith, it shall be established; and we are told that absolutely nothing shall not be provided).

”All the promises of God are Yea, and Amen.”

Life and death are yours.

All things are yours.

Rise up, Churches of the LORD!

He had placed them in our hands.

This is a power beyond any pancake you can eat!

Rise up o sleeper, reign, and march forward today!

Now, to Him who has dealt with us a measure of His great faith, be glory and honour, forever.

Thank You.


Prince Akogo.



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