What God Said To Me About The Russian-Ukraine War


What God Said To Me About The Russian-Ukraine War

(His Total Abhorrence For World Wars Or Any  Type Of Global Predicament)


According to the lord, 98% of the time, war is considered by Heaven or Heaven as a sin. So, according to the lord, one single-handed event which can take many to hell are wars or conflicts. Well, this suggests that soldiers, who find themselves in this position, are in trouble of losing their eternal salvation. However, not only them, but their leaders who lead or command them into such heinous activities as well.

We know that the nation Israel which hailed from the loins of Jacob, had been fighting ‘‘physical’’ battles from day 1, and even some were by God’s commands.

However, when it comes to the new Israel (who are referred to as the Church, basically Christians), the order was changed-they were told by the Lord not to fight against human beings, nor any one in flesh and in blood.

Jesus, made us understand that, humans were not their enemies.

According to the Lord, their enemies were the devils, who were from a more spiritual world working against this whole system, called the World!

In addition to that, God made them understand that whenever it comes to their fellow man, there should be a more show of love and of the maintenance of peace, than of wars. This is to help all men develop toward each other in a lovely and peaceful manner and in the end will further help to develop and build the world.

That means, they all would have to come together as one formidable bond or force to fight against this spiritual enemy called Satan or the Devil, who is the arch-orchestrator of all human troubles, including the destruction of peace.

That means that, human disagreements against themselves, conflicts or wars per this rule, is incited by the Devil, so that this Arch-enemy, who fully hates the world so much will continue to reign in our human world or affairs.

Hence, per the scale of balance, and as far as God is concerned, there should be a more show of love & peace towards all men we live with, in our human world, than for us to face each other or one another with wars for whatever reason there may be, lest our Arch-Enemy reigns.

Now, this means or suggest that, God, spiritually speaking, is not in favour of any two nations of men fighting against each other for whatever purpose they may give or it may be.

In short, this is why the weapon (which is the most powerful of all weapons), that was given to us was or is the Gospel of Peace.

Now, in view of this, this is why the best ‘tool’ God gave to us help us in reconciling with our human enemies, was the tool called The Gospel of Peace, by which we see that we are all together as One, even from different tribes, nations, races, coming or stemming from one Adamic rib, and it also shows us that we all men together with God, have one enemy called the Devil.

In short, if the Gospel of Peace had made any fellow human being a target, then none of us wouldn’t have been saved.

God who was first our Father, would have been our enemy, due to our sinful natures. Therefore, God gave us a powerful weapon (in fact, the Most Powerful Weapon), called the Gospel of Peace, which fights against us to fight or war with a human enemy. Every time, it had raised ‘‘Love,’’ as the highest command.

Indeed, the Gospel of Peace, is more powerful than any human soldier with a gun, than nuclear weapons, unlimited tanks, fighting air-crafts, rifles, chemical weapons, javelin missiles, but it is so sober that we are not supposed to use it against men that God is saving, with the salvation Gospel. You think these physical ammunitions are powerful? Wait until you try a man who is able to command fire from heaven against any number of soldiers attacking you. This ammunition is so powerful that, we do need to construct it with billions of dollars and by use of any low or advanced technology, but it is a power placed on the tongue of any man raised or closer to God.

On this note, we were really told:

Though our weapons are not carnal (but spiritual in nature), they are mighty through God (which is by prayer) to the pulling down of strong holds of any type!


We are human, but we don’t wage war as humans do.

The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.

We use God’s mighty weapons, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

1 Cor 10:3-5 NLT;NIV


However, even though this Gospel of Truth or Peace, has powers to be placed on the tongue of a child, a power destructive than any power at all, it is surprising that it preaches more towards peace, but do not incite war.

No, who can fight against the Lord’s cosmic military powers?

Those powers are beyond metals.

So, even though God is more powerful, He doesn’t use His weapons nor will allow those whom He has given it to, to use it. Interestingly, He rather goes ahead to campaign for peace, preaching it to the corners of the world. It is a Gospel of Peace and Human or Global Reconciliation through Christ the Lord.

His main aim is not to use these eternal cosmic (military) powers against men, nor men to use them against themselves, but like I said, to use them against the devil, who is everyone’s main Arch-Enemy, the enemy who feeds upon our disintegration.

However, as for this spiritual entity, God would let us use this power against Him and His cohorts.

What then?

As you look at it, you will see that, it is not in God’s interest to promote weapons or wars. (He is not in favour of them).

This means that, this world, even from the ages, is being seriously deceived, which comes through their desire to increase soldiers and proliferate or to advance their deadly weapons, to scare or put fear or terrorize the timid world.

However, in the presence of fear, there is no love. (Love, is the absence of fear and it is the bond or the perfection of peace).

What is the essence or meaning of all this, when we harden our hearts to use our human resources, money and use all these weapons against ourselves, instead of consciously promoting a world of peace? We desire to selfishly fight each other until bones, breath and blood draws out. With this understanding, it is the Devil who actually wins. This is because it is the Devil who funds their wicked intentions, just because He knows eventually, He will benefit or win from it.

Yet, have we fully asked ourselves that, where do all these leaving souls of men, women and children go, after these wars take them out from among us, when they should use these weapons to kill themselves?

As far as God is concerned breaking the peace-pipe and committing murder, are both sins; so, it is definitely, Hell. So, when they fight in the war, they end up breaching His concept of love for peace and so He does not open up Heaven onto them-which is a place that hosts mostly peaceful people, a people having the same character of their Father in the skies.

In short, this is why God is saying that, war, and for that matter murder, is one particular event that leads a lot of people of the world into Hell, including those recruited to fight in it and their leaders who push them into them for their selfish gains. They are so wicked against their fellow men, who are built in the similitude of God.

The Heavens are for peacemakers who follow the Gospel of Truth, yet, Hell is for those who destroy people’s lives.

According to the lord, the best weapon is sound knowledge, which is understood as sound wisdom, giving peace.

Christ, has done it for us, giving peace to us (the world), in such a way that we have all not seen it. The Gospel has not been a threat against the world. It has been a threat against the devils who cause fights in the world.

Christ, “God’s Wisdom and Gospel,” therefore, is the “world’s” medium of Peace, fighting the Devils intentions of war.

In view of this, because God wants to maintain peace, when two nations or groups of persons or individuals are fighting, God’s original purpose/plan is to maintain “peace,” if possible, penetrate it (the tension; the war, the conflict), with the Peace of the Gospel, to cause all factions to lay down their arms.

But what happens when those two nations or factions refuses to blow the peace-pipe, but to fight?

If they really and really want to fight, according to the Lord, He will surely allow them to fight, through that is not His purpose. However, He would make sure both factions will come up with some very expensive losses.

He will make sure they both lose resources, losing people and very expensive resources. At this moment, He is not going to make sure one person wins it all.

Now, what will be the point of fighting at that very moment, should both parties or factions, be made to lose something, dearly?

It would all wouldn’t make sense.

As far as God is polarized to peace, He wouldn’t back any one.

This is because, if one person wins, he or she will think he or she is favoured the more, by God.

Yes, they may think God is fighting on their side.

In the event, and according to the Lord, even if one particular nation may be considered as a Christian nation, does not the same God want to save sinners or the unbelievers with the same Gospel of Christ or His Peace, to fully depopulate this dangerous place of Hell?

So, the point is; what is the point of even winning physical battles, for the Christian? Do we not remember, that God does not delight in the death of a sinner? As far He is concerned, are not sinners important to Him, as much as the righteous ones? He said He had come for sinners, of which we were all the chief of them. Will not God nor His kingdom incur great losses to the Devil (even to the enemy), should both Christians and all the unbelieving nations perish in the battles?

Left with God alone, there must be peace on both sides. Apostle Paul had coughed and said, that we are supposed to be at peace with all men, and if possible, we should change some of them, as we were also ignorant, and once as them, fighting just as them and with each other, but were later, out of God’s Mercies and Grace, changed with the same the Peace-Pipe Gospel or Heaven’s Gospel of Global Reconciliation.

In short, one would realize that, there isn’t any fruit in fighting. There isn’t any fruit in fighting either righteous nor even the sinner, as far as God the Lord, is concerned.

So then, there is no peace in war; not even in the Ukrainian war, for no matter what, there are human beautiful souls which could have been a second chance, and fully saved through His lovely Gospel of Peace.

This is what God is saying to them, and will always stand by this truth-we were not supposed to see a human being as our target or as our enemy. Neither are we supposed to create, build, nor lift weapons of any sort against any human being, for whatsoever reasons it may be.

There may be disagreements between us; but they are not our original enemies, and in fact, as far as the Master is concerned, He does not consider them as your enemies.

Every great house, shall have problems or issues, but that doesn’t change the fact that they have the same skin colour.

In the end, when both Christians and or sinners fight, both will lose something. What then? In the end, the Devil, who exists, will benefit from all the great losses through the destructions; for we have been warned that, His purpose here is to steal, kill and to destroy the time and resources God had given to mankind.

(Why should God be happy in such an event?)

In short, the Devil is the one telling the nations to build the weapons and stand by wars, whereas God is calling or petitioning everyone out there to hold the Bible to preach the Gospel of Peace, through which love remains, through which we reconcile ourselves back to Him and to each other.

Those Satanic forces are out there promoting tanks, fighting jets, nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, but He is promoting peace and reconciliation through the Gospel of Truth. He is, as far as His nature is also of concern, promoting ‘‘love’’ globally.

This Is What Is Termed As, ‘‘God’s Universal Concept Of Love.’’

God knows that, were there is genuine love, there will be genuine peace whatsoever. In short, where there is love, there is no war.

Fear and insecurity, is what creates wars; fear, is what creates weapons. ‘‘Freedom is not in wars, as freedom is not found in insecurity; neither is freedom found in weapons.’’

We can’t be safe, just because we use weapons.

‘‘This should be a global understanding,’’ per what the Lord told me.

Let us remember-and He says that-if there should be a (third) world war, He is not going to take sides, since taking sides will still bring Him most of those losses, seeing He had so loved the world and had saved it with His Life.

He will permit them to fight amongst themselves till they finish up their flesh or will finish themselves up, just so that, none will see the benefit of the war he thought he will relentlessly, fight! Everybody will incur losses, so that nobody becomes proud by winning over his brother, or over his friend.

Well, that is the best, He could do.

Yet, through this special Gospel of Peace, He will continue to remind us of who our Original Enemy was and is, of whom the carnal weapons of inter-ballistic missiles nor any kind of human or scientifically created weapon has no chance of overcoming, not in this world nor in worlds we are expecting to come.

We must know that, our peace and our ‘‘oneness’’ or our ‘togetherness,’’ per the insight and deep foresights of God, are what evidently disturbs satanic forces, anytime we have them. This is why it was told us that Satan, is behind, moving the world (men) into war. Wars of any nature, are not in the Lord’s interests, It is in Satan’s interest, who according to the Bible, is deceiving men, to get into it. He is the real Enemy!

Now, read what is below:


…Satan shall be loosed out of His prison,

And shall go out to DECEIVE the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth…to gather them together to battle (or wars): the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.

Rev. 7:7-8


The scripture is saying that, the nations may not in their humane volition, love to be in this war; yet, Satan will get out there to deceive them to give this thing called wars a place in their hearts.

We are talking about the earth’s arch enemy we who setting the men of this world up, possibly, beginning this with unstable people of the world and with their leaders in command.

Well, notice that, Satan went ahead to deceive them.

This act of deception means that, He is probably making them do things against their wish, painting it like, they are the ones taking the sword against themselves.

Satan has a style or a way of deceiving men to do His job, and they might not have crossed their minds; because, He will bring all of them into some sort of tangible, clear or special reasons through His heinous acts of deception, so that they should lay a sword against their brother’s throat.

Secondly, we must also come into the realization that, the scriptures indicated that, He is deceiving all the nations together through lies or through His heinous acts of deception. Now, the fact that it stated that He is deceiving all the nations of the world (plural), meaning that He is not in any way, looking for a small conflict or just a civil war.

He Is Looking For A World War.

Oh My God; He is setting the world against itself. He is planning for global massacre or agenda. He is thinking of a world war!

(And when the world-war comes, who will gain, after we have all been fooled or lied to and have all become susceptible to His acts of global or international deception, just as we have been told?)

This Is Exactly What God Is Opening Our ‘‘Global Eyes,’’ To See, And Therefore, Will Through The ‘‘Gospel of Peace’’ Bring Love And Brotherliness To The World, Against The Devil’s Global or His Inter-Continental Plans.


And (the Devil; the Arch-enemy) shall go out to DECEIVE the nation(s) which ARE IN THE FOUR CORNERS OF THE EARTH…to gather them TOGETHER to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea (Expectation of a World War).

Rev. 7:7-8


Satan is happy to smile at the losses, whiles we lose.

Let me tell you- all small or world wars of the past were equally from the root of His misleading.

Therefore, understand what God is saying about wars here-if Satan is the One deceiving all the nations of the world into a battle, then it suggests that those leaders and their soldiers who had all falsely killed or harmed, for whatever so-called ‘‘special military exercises,’’ of any kind they have had, of which they were compelled or forced to carry, cannot ever justify the losses that have been created; for this is because, through that act of deception, they have been unfortunately puppetted by the Arch Enemy, to carry out these outrages or terrible crimes, against their brothers, of the same or of other races. Can there not be a better system or approach to resolve all these misunderstandings, so that all these cherished resources of value, will all remain, since there is already lack? Therefore, losses (of any kind) cannot be expected, around these economic hard times?

After we kill or hurt our enemies, what are the benefits?

I speak to the world at large.

The whole world has lost, for the ripple social and economic effects. Exactly what we said-Satan is happy, and the world has lost, tremendously! Yes-today, the upsurge of fuel prices, had affected us all (the globe).


Did we ever thought that Satan will move His efforts into doing all of this, of setting humanities, against ourselves, and we wouldn’t all today, suffer? Is not what God is saying to us?

What? Did we also ever thought Satan will set the world against itself and He and His forces, would not ever benefit from it-as God, had been advising us?

Let us understand from today, that Guns, Soldiers or Wars, are acts of DECEPIONS-they don’t make ‘‘peace,’’ and we must not harbour any of these flimsy ideas in our minds that they make us or bring us to any were near the world development. (They don’t carry symbols of world Peace). They are tools for self-destructions.

Do we realize what the world will turn into if we convert every soldier into a missionary preacher of ‘‘peace,’’ and each dollar count used for building, purchasing and creating any of these ‘huge’ weapons, into papers of the Bible, which preaches the Gospel of Global Peace & Reconciliation? We will ‘‘churn’’ more peaceful results here or there, than we can ever think possible.

This soothing message deals with the heart; it is ready to create peace, through a global-brotherly love system, lowering the angry hearts of men to be humble, and fostering mutual acceptance.  That is what the world needs to preach.

Peace and Love, are all the best weapons of War, and that is what the Bible was here to instil into humanity and to promote, through the Gospel it had come to all of us with.

Well, what had we all thought the Word of God was in for?

For Peace, indeed.

So, it will be better we make more Bibles that will eventually instil peace than for us to make and invest into weapons of war, like bullets, air-crafts and guns. There is no Combat, Military or Security Intelligence better off than the God’s Gospel of Peace, which instils or brings out reconciliation and so much love. Indeed, this sure Gospel of Peace has the tendency to alleviate social anxiety or all forms of societal states depression, which promotes what Satan wants-wars!

This is what God has been trying to say to us, stating that this is His vision through the Gospel of Peace, and would love to see all men come to benefit from its fruits.


People from many nations will come and say, “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of Jacob’s God. There he will teach us his ways, and we will walk in his paths.” For the LORD’s teaching will go out from Zion; his word will go out from Jerusalem

The LORD will mediate (to create peace) between nations and will settle International disputes. They will hammer their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks (make no do with their weapons). Nation will no longer fight against nation, nor train for war anymore.

Isaiah 2:3-4 NLT


God’s position is to take over; and for us to lay down our sophisticated arms. And when He takes over, He will take over with the Gospel of Peace, blowing the ‘‘peace-pipes’’ together with an understanding world.

Sure enough; He wouldn’t think of being on anybody’s side

And His reasons are clear.

In short, stop all the conflicts, or the war(s), (any type of them) if you really know what is in God’s heart for you.

So, today, the world should know now and understand who their real enemy really is. Rather, they should treat every human fly with kindness, no matter what it will cost.

Today, we must ‘‘stop the Russian and the Ukrainian war; for all are losing, losing precious lives to universe’s Arch-Enemy.’’

Understand that, the Peace of the Gospel will take you to Heaven but the wars and the proliferations of weapons which is against the true knowledge of peace is going to lead the majority to Hell. Let us do the needful from today, showing brotherly kindness to one another, so that we shame the Arch-Enemy hiding who is hiding the doors.

(Now, in one of these days, I will show you (the world), how this Arch-Enemy (the Devil), by face, looks like on my website, www.LoveHallnews.com and on My Youtube Channel, The LoveHall Youtube Channel; this is a mandate from God, just so that, the moving world, will never take the Devil for granted again and so that, we will know by ‘‘face,’’ who is inciting all these demonic world issues or wars-as well, as expose to you the faces of first His topmost generals (the Masterminded Spirits) whom I saw, in my 10 year encounter-visitations or tours to Hell. (Beloved, there is by no way falsehood to what I am about sharing with you.)

Initially, I was prevented by God, and interestingly, by forces, until the appointed time. God our Father has finally given permission and I must do His bid. Yes, He has permitted because the time is right and due to the rate of troubles happening to us in world.

Beloved, I’m talking about the faces, our fastest missiles do not have any effect against.

Be very quick to subscribe to my Youtube Channel, the LoveHall Youtube Channel and also on my dedicated website, the LoveHallnews.com, turning on the notification button.

(Take Note: this is not a click-bait operation; I am serious about what I am saying. There’s no interest in that.)

Nevertheless, if you really want more from what I do, I have already preceded in explaining and sharing some of Great Mysteries, Secrets and Encounters exposed to me already, on my dedicated website, the www.LoveHallnews.com. Go there, to learn about or to discover the secrets of life, if you don’t mind.

What you see there, are all for free.

Thank you and may God of Years and of Days, strengthen your arms, in these trying times.

My God says, ‘‘Say No To Wars: Say No All The Time, To The Devils!!!’’

Lots of Love.

Thank You.


Prince Akogo.


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The Letters to the Churches (PART 2)
(The Words from the Lord).

The Introduction:
Prince Akogo, a servant of the Living Lord
To the Body, of Christ
The Elect:
Greetings to all.

Thanks be to our Lord Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit, who constantly shares with us spiritual blessings in everyplace.
To the Elect Body, which is the Church of God.

The Lord has finally Spoken:

From the 15th of September, 2017, the Lord began to minister to me words, in which He spoke to me to title as ‘LETTERS TO THE CHURCH.’
These were a set Solutions from the Lord to help the Church breathe life back into the things which are dead. Some of these solutions were in a form of instructions, while others were a form of rebukes from Him. However, the purpose is to help the Church get back on its feet. The Letter addresses various bodies of the Church, to tackle certain issues concerning the Church. I have hereby broken them into subcategories, while putting them into points, for all to be able to understand.

These were the 2ND Points raised by the Lord, on the ‘Letters to the Church,’ which are to His Body, The Church.

To The Elect Body, once again, Peace!


*For Parents

According to the Lord, He charges Parents to take care of their wards, for He gave them the children so that they will take care of them.
And this was how He said they should take care of them-in the fear of te Lord.
The Lord said that, God would require the welfare of their children from their hands; that was why He said that;
‘Train up a child in the way he should go, and when He grows, He would not depart from it.’
Then He also said of Abraham, chosing him to become a father over every Jew.

For I have chosen him, so that he will direct his children and his household after him to keep the way of the LORD by doing what is right and just, so that the LORD will bring about for Abraham what he has promised him.” Gen. 18:19 NIV

The above scripture gives us here clear understanding of why God gave Abraham, Isaac, in the first place. The Lord was saying here that, He gives us Children, so that we may direct them in the way of the Lord.

Therefore, they must never abandone their children, to do anything they want, and in any lifestyle they want, because they shall be giving account of their children’s welfare, also in the last day, just as everyone else, who was given a talent by God will be made to give account of whatever He was given, by the Master of the home.

So, God gives children, so that they may be directed, in the way of the Lord, while they themselves, like Abraham, are first to keep the Law. Yes, they are first to keep, the Law.
While you doing what you don’t want your children to do, will they not learn from you?
God will not give you a child, and tomorrow you make the child, an armed robber or a prostitute, against His wish. It will attracts God’s instant judgment.

We remember, that God punished Eli for neglecting his children, for doing just anything they wanted, and it had attracted God’s wrath upon them.
He made the children, to live their own lives, as he watched them do it.
God, then sent fire to destroy the children, and Eli himself was punished in the event, falling behind his back and breaking his neck, before the Presence of the Lord.


*Church Youth:
(The Lord, by wisdom, explained, why He allows little little sufferings to come in the way of the Youth of the Churches).

He said that, they (that is, the youth), must first learn too that there is suffering too, in the Church. If there is no suffering, how do we know you are patient, or you are self-controlled, well mannered, in the midst of trouble, or you are still walking in His love despite everything? The one who loves God is the one who obeys His commandments.
But if you sow in tears, you shall doubtless come back to reap in joy, when the Lord is through with you.

When the Lord is through with us, through our Economic Sufferings, just as He did a bit with the Apostles, there are a lot of great benefits unto us.
Through that, we begin to learn how to
Save (learn how to save). They would not also spend as spendrifts because God hates prodigality.
Work, to feed yourself in a good job, because He has commanded us to work. (If a man does not work, let him not eat)
Also learn to be first content, and as well as appreciate with whatever you have (Paul said; In whatever position it may be, I have learnt how to be abased, and how to abound). Adam was commanded to work, even when God’s grace was upon him. The work he did too had to be fruitful, which brought glory before the Lord.
It would also ignite us to learn a trade, and to educate ourselves, in the trade, and then also use His God-given talents in us, to make fruitfulness, to bring glory to Him. Remember that, our giftings are talents, which God would require, accountability of them, whether we’d used it well or not. So know that whatever you use your gifts, for, and as well the talents you use, to acquire something to eat, is not for you. That is why God, the Maker, expects your first fruits, as well as the Tithes, and Your Offerings, as also a way of showing appreciation, while you are on earth. That is why the Lord has been asking us, ‘Where are my tithes and and the offerings?’, after he has given us all the qualities and talents, to earn money with, and to gain resources of upon the earth. If we don’t pay them today, God would require them from us, during His final judgment.
So that is how God does His things.

Even so, we know that, God has a storehouse in heaven, where He actually saves, for the future
He is married to the Church, so He would save, and not throw the resources away, so He can feed the Church.
Even so the Lord God also learns; He God, who is a father, has educated Himself. Who taught Him knowledge? He has learnt knowledge all by Himself.
He has worked, and has also worked all things for Himself. He has been creative, also by thinking. In the absence of nothing, He God had created the Universe, to fill up the Space.
Hence, His children must learn and be creative.


The Two Types of God’s Children.

The Lord said that, currently and as always, there are two children He has.
There are those who wait patiently, who go through the suffering, and then begin to save, educate themselves, marry to save for the future, pray more to depend on his grace, work hard, become quite imaginative and creative-and they become like Him-in the long process.

These are those who by the parable, in the presence all tribulation and suffering would love to bear fruit, despite the costs. Some of these are the ones who bear fruit, some 60, some 80 and some 100

  1. But there are those who do not learn these values; ‘they feel that I have abandoned them; they do not understand what I am doing.’ And so they begin to cut corners, cheat, lie, defraud like the world, and become unfruitful, though the Word was given to them.
    But these are the ones who, did allow the cares of world, and the deceitfulness of riches choke the Word of God in them, and thereby abandoned the lessons the Lord had wanted, to give them.
    They are those who have abandoned Him, and had forgotten about Him, and would not go an extra mile with Him, for they do not understand Him, and they are offended in Him; so they begin to steal, and they begin to join the world, and in their way of life-Some would, even kill like them and destroy as men do.
    According to Him, such do no more have His glory upon them, and such, has left the Lord’s presence; while professing to still be obedient to Him.
    But they have become unfruitful.
    However the Lord pruneth which ever seed bears fruit, so that it beareth much fruit. But for them who do not bear fruit, what accountability shall they give, for they did not bear fruit? So we must repent and bear fruit, unto righteousness.

Hereby is this parable fulfilled in our age, when many are beginning to cut corners in the church, both men and women, who have abandoned their faith, but some are still standing in strong, bearing fruits, through its a painful process, while waiting in patience, for God’s harvest.
The Lord added and said, that ‘I have no Promised rich-quick schemes in My House. I train my children in the Way they should go.’ This is how the Lord has trained all His children, so that they would be faithful in Him. ‘You should remember the fruits of Long-suffering, and keep at it.’
He said that these were the qualities He invested in the early Church, even though His grace, was upon them.
So then, we must bear good fruit (very good fruit), or this was what may happen to us, according to the Lord’s speaking:

…He also who had received the one talent came forward, saying, ‘Master, I knew you to be a hard man, reaping where you did not sow, and gathering where you scattered no seed, so I was afraid, and I went and hid your talent in the ground.
Here, you have what is yours.’

But his master answered him,
‘You wicked and slothful servant!

You knew that I reap where I have not sown and gather where I scattered no seed?
Then you ought to have invested my money with the bankers, and at my coming I should have received what was my own with interest. So take the talent from him and give it to him who has the ten talents.
For to everyone who has will more be given, and he will have an abundance. But from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away.
And cast the worthless servant into the outer darkness.

In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’

Matt. 25:24-9 ESV

But finally, He said, ‘They like the prodigal Son, when they come to Me, I shall receive them, and will heal their bitterness that was in their hearts, because I the Lord love them, and still loves them to bear fruit.’

We are told by the Apostle Paul that,
the heir, as long as is a child, differeth not from a servant, but is under guardians and tutors, until the time appointed by the Father’
-Until God has considered you are learned and wise, and matured enough, and also through all the standards He has set for you-you’re not qualified for the blessing.
Before the blessing come, you are to come into His education and training, as well as into the creativity of managing all the blessings, before the blessings should come.

Which father, does not train up His Children, before giving them a Resource?

In other words, even though we are children of God, and yet owneth all things, we must be taught and fully trained, so we becometh not bastards-as Paul said.
Even Christ suffered, and was fully trained before giving the glory. He was being trained by God’s Spirit, to grow in wisdom, and stature.
So must all the children be. So, understand the Will of the Lord, and be not offended in the Master.

Final Words:
According to the Lord, this is why, He holds the blessings for a while, and said, finally that,

‘He who has ears, let him hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying’

To the Church scattered abroad,
Peace and Life to You. To Him be Glory, forever.

To the Elect.
Letters to the Church (Part 2)

(For Part 3 of the ‘Letters to the Church,’ please Click Here)

Prince Akogo
(A servant of the Living God).


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