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Are There Dinosaurs? The Lord Answers


‘‘Where do they come from?’’

‘’They Do Not Exist!’’ said the Spirit of Creation to me. This was after I had an encounter and went to Heaven to meet God-regarding the creations. A lot of revelatory facts came out after God had handed me the book, which is filled with the ways or the methods God had used in creating everything, including You and I. (Note: I have since then exposed a lot of them here on my site.)

So, when I was thinking about some of these archeological findings claiming to have discovered the remains of these ‘‘objects,’’ the Holy Spirit interrupted;

‘‘This is not true. I had asked Noah to put a sample of each animal that had existed and were created by Me, into that Ark. What was available, was what you got.’’

‘‘These are assumptions, with wrong carbon-dating systems, which are equally lying to creations, about the times of the existence of perceived creatures, to be some kind of million or billion years of age, whereas such number of years, did not exist PER MY CALENDAR.’’ He added and said that, this misinformed way, is the same way they have all claimed that;

  • The universe came by Big Bang (Chance), and not by God or by God’s Intelligent Design, which I had given to you.
  • Thus, God does not exist-so they live either their free immoral or so called morally dignified lives, without shear obedience.
  • Then again, that Evolution later came to ”create’’ many of these things to deny the story of creation or to indicate that God did not create them.

The Lord explained that, these number of years, even perceived by scientists, that the earth might have existed is nowhere near the case; as well, Dinosaurs and those Aliens (which they say), never existed, let alone to compensate these illusioned creatures with such ages, deceiving the children.

Men are always getting their facts wrong.

Finally, the danger is, when we all do not get our facts rights or believe in something that does not exists, we fall into the ditch, and we make way for demons to enter into us, brainwash us, and then move, and mislead us into those paths! It is possible for demons to transform themselves into those illusioned creatures, and to make men believe, in their existence-after all, it can change men’s perfect belief systems; yes, they look out for such loopholes.

Finally, the Lord added and said;

‘‘Who asked scientists to put names upon the creations?’’

Prince Akogo.


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