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How I Had Received The Seven Spirits Of God In Heaven: Spiritual Encounters


How I Had Received The Seven Spirits Of God In Heaven: Spiriual Encounters


This post here is my second divine or supernatural encounter, after I had been to Heaven. After just a few days after the maiden encounter; that fateful day, I went on an errand for my mum. On my way, a mighty rushing wind came from nowhere and blew over me; its force hit me so hard, I almost fell. I noticed that this rushing mighty force had jumped upon me 7 times.

As these series of God’s energies were sinking down into, I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit saying to me.

It said with a loud voice:

‘‘These are the 7 Spirits of God: The Spirit of Wisdom, Spirit of Knowledge, Spirit of Counsel, Spirit of Understanding, Spirit of Might, Spirit of the Fear of the Lord and the Spirit of the Lord.’’

That moment, I received the Seven Spirits of God, to begin these faithful assignments.

It had been a long time (somewhere in 2006), but I still remember over and over again. Since then, infillings of these 7 Spirits of God continuously come upon me, and I have seen their outstanding operations in my life. They are the ones leading me into these great feats. May the Lord’s name be praised for giving me His Spirit, to that measure!


Prince Akogo.


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