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Wisdom & Money: Which One Is The Most Principal?


Wisdom & Money: Which One Is The Most Principal?


Lots of Love;

‘‘Wisdom is the principal Thing.’’

This is really a bit of a digest to what Solomon said;

First and foremost; what is wisdom?

Wisdom was first used in creating all things, including ‘‘Money.’’ Money, just helps to push resources around. When you have wisdom, you are likely to have all things, including money, sound mind or good health, because wisdom will show you how.

However, having money, doesn’t guarantee you having sound health or good health, though it can improve it.

This is because, there are many people who’re rich (financially), but do not have sound health. In fact, they’re faced with some of the most chronic and deadliest diseases man can ever think of.

However-having wisdom is good-but its not enough-it is the application of wisdom (after knowing), is the best part of ‘‘Wisdom,’’ because that’s where you get the most result or the most benefits from. Predominantly, if you do have money but you do not have the ‘‘wisdom’’ to manage or control it, you’ll are still capable of losing it. This explains why ‘‘Wisdom’’ controls money and it’s much greater or principal than money. That is why, if a boy or girl, a man or woman, is from a rich home, he or she still needs to be well educated-educated in proper handling of resources, including financial resources. Therefore, what ‘‘wisdom’’ gives is ‘‘excellence,’’ and ‘‘excellence’’ is what gives the ‘‘quality’’ life.

You can still have money and not have ‘‘excellence’’ due to your ignorance of so many things; so, you’ll just be throwing your money around on chance, which can lead to wastage or the acquisition of inappropriate products. (In the end, such inappropriate products bought out of ignorance can pose a health-threat to your ‘‘quality’’ life.)

This is where wisdom comes in.

Therefore, though money helps (a lot), it is never the first slot to give us ‘’excellence,’’ and thus, to better develop our lives.

‘‘Wisdom, should be more sought out for, because it can make life easier-much easier than money. Money and Excellence can both be obtained out of Wisdom.’’

However, to have enough wisdom, but do not have enough money to push your ideas out or to push it around, can also be heart-wrenching; for there are lots of people with (very) great ideas, to help resolve problems, but (they) do not have the finances, to carry them around or to promote them for the masses to benefit from their positive ideas. Yes, so though (Wisdom), is greater in the set of comparation, don’t leave the least behind.

This means, both wisdom and money need each other, though wisdom is bigger; it is not right hate one and chose the other.

It will be better to choose all.  This is the reason why the 2 exist in our world; when you end up choosing both, you’ll end up enjoying life, more in ‘‘abundance.’’ They will give you what one can make or give, irrespective of the unproportionate ratios in both comparisons.

Wisdom is a leader and greater among the two, but you will need the lesser to move things as well.

The two ‘‘brothers’’ are inter-dependent on each other, whiles time will tell the importance of each one of them.

Thank you.

Bless you.

Prince Akogo.


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