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The Meaning Of The Title “Man”


 The Meaning Of The Title “Man”


What is the meaning of the word or title “man”?

There is a difference between a ‘‘Man’’ and a ‘‘Male.’’

When the Lord’s Spirit was explaining more to me, He made me realize that, when we say something is called a ‘‘Man,’’ we do not mean ‘a male’, as a class which is different from a female, as far as gender is of concern.

However, in higher spiritual language or what we call an esoteric language, the word or title ‘MAN,’ means ‘‘A Three-Dimensional Being, Entity or Thing; ’hence, a man does not mean, a male, like a figure different from a female, as we usually say here on earth. Hence, in that case, a woman is also a Man, for she is also a three-dimensional being.

She is a three-dimensional being, given an assignment by God to fulfil. How is she three dimensional? She has a body, a soul and a spirit, just as much as her male counterpart.

For this reason, she also has the name ‘Man’, at the end of her calling; that is why we call her a ‘Wo-MAN. She is a MAN, that is, a three dimensional being, with a WOMB, who had come from God her father, called to be productive like Him! Her womb for that matter, has been shortened for ‘Wo-’

Females have all the types of organs men do have, though they may vary in ways or forms; yet the only different organ which women have which males do not have, is the ‘Womb,’ and of course, it is for carrying children (while her children by nature, are also three dimensional in being, like God).

We are actually men, that is, three dimensional beings, but the differences in us are male and female characteristics. Hence, Male and Female are diverse characteristics of the Manly nature.

Yes, they do! And so she is a three-dimensional being; she is the Man with a Womb. This is actually what she stands for which Adam named right.


Thus, anything which is 3-dimensional is a ‘MAN,’ including anything that you find around you; but they may have different characteristics on them.


Lots of Love; Thank You.

Prince Akogo

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