God’s True Cardinal Points


God’s True Cardinal Points

As a prophet and teacher called by the Lord or by the Heavens, I was mandated by the Heavens to bring out certain truths, or certain mysteries of the Lord; one of such secrets is to expose to us the true cardinal points of the Earth; for as it stands, what we (as a world) considers as the North (Northern Hemisphere), the South (Southern Hemisphere), the Western and the Eastern Hemispheres by Geographers of the world, are not accurate or are not true as far as the Author or the Creator is concerned. This was the clear reason why God decided to show me the ‘true’ cardinal points or the accurate positions, the cardinal points need to have, or to be given.

Now, for an average geological map, this is what we have been told about the North, South, East and Western positions or cardinals of the Earth, even according to the below design.


 Cardinal Of The Earth

In the same way, the cardinals for the horizontal pattern of the Earth (The Earth’s Geographical Economic Structure), is often depicted as this:

However, to God, the North, South, East and Western positions or indications of the above Geological and Geographical Earth-patterns, are intricately not correct. In order words, for both of them, these are not where the North, South, East and Western locations need to be assigned or arranged to.

To be able to know this, we have to be able to know or identify the cardinal positions around the Tabernacle (The Tabernacle of God), which Moses was asked to build, and which was used in building or constructing the Earth-both in it’s vertical (Geological) and horizontal (Geographical) models or patterns. (Now, this is because they do not follow nor align with the exact cardinal locations God had given to the Tabernacles, which God used in creating Earth; this makes what we think in our viewpoint, wrong.

So then, in what ways were the Cardinal Points aligned in God’s Tabernacle Model?



The Tabernacle-The Lord’s Tabernacle


Now, by design, the tabernacle also had positions; North, South, East and West positions.

We can see that in the below pasted picture:


Cardinal Locations Of God’s First Tabernacle


However, there were two tabernacles God had developed, even with the hands of Israel. Even with the Solomonic Temple (apart from the Mosaic Temple, which is the Temple above), the cardinal positions were of the same angle.

For instance; that one too had Eastern locations facing the Gate, and the Western locations (cardinals) towards the Most Holy Place section of God’s constructed Tabernacle. (It is expressed in the picture below):


The Cardinal Points Of The Solomonic Temple-Positions Just As Moses’


So, as you can see these positions (cardinal positions), around each of God’s Holy Tabernacles, are the same; they were maintained at the same places of the Design of the tabernacle, even though they were created at different times of human history.


Using The Cardinals Around God’s Structures To Identify Proper Locations

This means that, (if we have realized), that God’s Tabernacle was the design protype by which the Earth’s Geological or geographical locations are, then for the Geological Structure or the alignment of the Earth, the Western part will be the most important part or section-which is the top of the Globe.

Now, the first way is for us to understand that each of the Tabernacles have the patterns of a Triangle; they were created to be like a triangle. This is because, for each of them (both Moses’ and Solomon’s), the Outer Court was created to be the largest part of those respective tabernacles, followed by their respective Inner Courts. Now, equally, for both of them, the Most Holy Places, being the most resourceful and important parts of these respective tabernacles, were the smallest rooms of all, making each one kind of sit upon the other, when arranged in a vertical order.

So then, we will be having something like this (even for both of them):

So, actually, both structures of the tabernacles are like mountains-like Mount Zion (with God sitting on the topmost side (the peak)-The Western Side).



So then, when we relate these triangular structures in relation with the vertical and horizontal dimensions, of the Globe it was used to make, we will begin to see where the True North and Southern Positions are-as far as our God of Creation is of concern. Now, let’s begin to look at these, beginning with the Geological alignment of the Earth.


The Geological Earth-The Vertical Pattern Of The Earth

Now, according to the Lord, this earth is like a Temple or a House we have been brought to live in-and this is just because God knew that He had created the Earth according to the pattern of His Tabernacle, as far as the Mysteries of Creation are of concern; the 2 scriptures below, unveils this.

It is He(God) that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers, who stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in…

Isaiah 40:22 KJ21


For this is what the LORD says- He who created the heavens (the Universe), He is God; He who fashioned and made the earth, He founded it; He did not create it to be empty, but formed it to be inhabited- He says: “I am the LORD, and there is no other.

Isaiah 45:18 NIV



By this revelation, we can divide this Earth (Globe), into these 3 unequal parts, according to the pattern of the Tabernacle. Now, this can tell us the locations of the Outer Court, the Inner Court, and the Most Holy Place of the Earth (The Globe.)

Now, notice, that those unequal parts of the Earth (Globe), makes the Earth actually look like a Mountain-yes, a mountain, of which God sits upon its circles, just as revealed in the preceding scripture.

It is He (God) that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers, who stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in…

Isaiah 40:22 KJ21


Yeah, God will sit on top of it, because He sees it as a Mountain.

So, we could have something like this, if it is converted into a mountain or a triangle:


We could see that, with this illustration, the Cardinal Points have changed, different from what we know it to be.

These cardinal points have changed, based on the fact that, we are using the cardinal or compass arrangements (around His Tabernacle), to show this-which we know is the tabernacle-prototype He used in creating the Earth as a tent or a house, per the scripture above.

Therefore, if the West of the Tabernacle was around where God sat-the section considered as the smallest part of the Tabernacle, then the West of the Earth (the Globe), is the topmost part of this earth, where the skies are, which is where God says He sits. Rather, according to God the East is the base, while the North and South sections, are around the left and right sections of the Earth:


So, as we can see, God’s compass arrangement, is a little bit different from ours.


The Geographical Earth-The horizontal Pattern Of The Earth:

Now, when it comes to the Geographical Pattern of the Earth, it is a little bit easy to identify these cardinal positions.

This is because, when you look at any geographical ‘economic’ map, you will easily see that the earth looks much like a mountain, or simply, a triangle, with it equally having a larger base, (considered as the Outer Court), which is followed by the next or second largest section of our Earth (the Inner Court of our Earth). Lastly, the Most Holy Place is relatively the smallest part and the most important, by virtue of the fact that, it is the most resourceful regions or places of this Earth’s landforms.



So then, the cardinal locations will change, if we are using compass locations of God’s Tabernacle-model.

We will have something like this:


This is quite different from what we know, but that is what God thinks.

Areas around Southern part of South America (Brazil), Africa and Australia, are going to be the West, since they are also the smallest, as well as the most resourceful parts of the earth.

Europe and North America, being direct opposite the West, or to these countries, will serve as the East, as far as God’s arrangement of cardinal points according to His model of a tabernacle, are of concern.

The North (N) and South (S) of this earth-mount, will Asia and around the South America countries, respectively.

They form the right and left alignments or positions of this geographical earth, which is as a triangle or a Great Mountain like the Globe, which God would also like to sit and brood over  its Peak-and certainly, at its West.


Why We Need To Know This

Well, we might probably misunderstand the ‘geo-positions’ of Biblical locations, mentioned in the Bible.

For instance, should the Bible should call a place North and South, it may not be what we are thinking.

This is possible to pose a lot of problems when giving out prophecies-especially, while using our man-made cardinal points or compasses to direct locations.

For instance, who do we often think the North and South Kings are, when Daniel was prophesying about the King of the South having contentions with the King of the North?

We may misinterpret what or where those two Kings are coming from if we should use man-made compasses. The North (N) could differ per God’s view, and thereby, we end up misleading the people, directing prophecies to wrong people and places, which probably, God had said nothing about.

So, this is one sure reason why God has to momentarily define these things to us. Likewise, globally-speaking, it is going to direct our lives near to perfection a bit, if we should know how God had positioned or directed everything to be.

To God be the Glory:


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