This Could Be One Reason Why God May Be Angry With Us


Today, if we have found out (by investigation), that God (of course, the Christian God), has a concrete hand in the development and the formation of this developed universe, then it stands for humanity to agree or reason with God why names of foreign gods been given by men (by us) to the objects (all the elements), created by Him?

‘‘This is like theft,’’ the Holy Spirit said to me.

Well, you understand that, this can be provocative. Well, in times of ignorance, God has overlooked, but now commands all men to repent (Acts 17:30.)

Well, what names are we talking about here?

  1. Each of these names given to all of these heavenly objects called planets (Except Earth, Almost All These Planets Have Been Named After Roman And Greek Gods Or Goddesses; e.g., Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, Venus & Mercury.)
  2. Including, the Days of the Week; (Monday, Tues.,-Sunday; for instance, Tuesday being named after Ares, which is a god of the Greeks.)
  3. Names given to each of the Months of the Years. (January-December; for instance, May, named after the goddess Maia, January named after Janus, the Roman God of Beginnings and Transitions, and March was named after Mars, the Roman god of war; and so on and so forth!)
  4. This also includes the names of the Horoscopes; (Considered To Be Named After The 12 Olympian God’s or Goddesses Of Greek Mythology; e.g,. Demeter, The Earth Goddess, Zeus, A Greek God of Gods, and so on and so forth; Some Equally Believed The Babylonian Mythologies Also Had A Had In This.)

(Find more from how God Had Designed & Created The Universe, from here.)


(Do We Christians Use These Names & More If They Will Dishonour God’s Names In Anyway? By Far, It Is Spiritually Wrong To Either Mention The Name Of Other Gods In Your Mouth Or To Use It In A Way To Justify The Creations.)

Now, please, let us all understand here that, till date, God (The Almighty God), is the One feeding us and it a show of dishonur to honour other gods.

Now, having patent right over everything, do we not deem it a full course and responsibility to give Him the respect due to Him?

Did we lose our sense of dignity? In the times of ignorance, God had overlooked, but now commands all of His men to repent.


The times of ignorance, therefore God overlooked; but now he commandeth men that they should all everywhere repent:

Acts 17:30 ASV.


I am not just saying this because, I want men to praise God for everything, but God is the One who wants the Glory (the recognition) in everything and for everything He had created. Now, let us check out the scriptures of His words that says this;


This is what God the Lord says—
The Creator of the heavens (this is called the Universe-indicating He created the Universe), who stretches them out,
    who spreads out the earth with all that springs from it,
    who gives breath to its people,
    and life to those who walk on it:

    And to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness.

“I am the Lord; that is my name!
    I will Not Yield (Give) My Glory to another
    or my praise to idols (to a foreign god.)


Isaiah 42:5 and 8 NIV.


Now, what God is warning us of and telling us above here is that, He wouldn’t design the Solar System (which is the Heavens He’s talking about), and another god’s name should be used for glorifying its elements thereof as we have all done today!

Hence, He told us what His name was, and this or that was what we should have used. It’s a Mighty Offence, against God the Creator.

Men through ignorance, have made a lot of rush-mistakes and have angered God to His heart, most especially, idol worshippers, philosophers and even some scientists.


“A son honours his Father, and a servant his Master. But if I am a Father (the Man by whom we all originated from), where is My Honour? And if I am a Master, where is your fear of Me?” says the LORD of Hosts to you…who DESPISE My name. “But you ask, ‘How have we despised Your name?’

Mal. 1:6 BSB.


It indicates that, by not giving Him the recognition the respect or the glory due Him-in all these things we know He has created-we have despised His Lordship and Sovereign Name. You see, once you give more respect or glory to those gods, you’ve thrown a kind of challenge back to God.

From where we stand (in God’s True Light), a graven image or an idol (mostly worshipped by the Romans, the Grecians and the Babylonians (whose names today have been used over these created elements), as far as God is concerned (since He is the Only God), have been‘‘carved’’ or men’s ‘‘created’’ objects, hundred-percent possessed by DEMONS.

Therefore, these nations were serving demons; spiritually speaking, therefore, these are the indirect or the direct names of  ‘‘Object-Possessing’’ Demons, being used to glorify our ecosystem and the universe in general-and in the end, a much recognition or the all-glorification of Satan-who is the Father of all Possessing Spirits of Demons-whereas the Creator’s Full Name is not mentioned in anywhere else.

Is this not an evil way in anyhow you look at it? Oh God Have Mercy Over Your Own Creations. Did God therefore, complain for nothing?


“A son honours his Father, and a servant his Master. But if I am a Father (from whom we all actually originated), where is My Honour? And if I am a Master, where is your fear of Me?” says the LORD of Hosts to you…who despise My Name. “But you ask, ‘How have we despised Your name?’

Mal. 1:6 BSB.


(It’ll even be UNTHINKABLE for us to treat God like this, even after He also gone all the way to die for us.)

As we’re entering into a new season (prophetic era), granted to us successfully by God, God wants all men, including Christians to repent, from this sin.



And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth…men…to repent:


Acts 17:30 KJB.


Well, for He has said;


But as truly as I live, ALL The Earth (not just some things) shall be filled with the Glory of the LORD (by God’s recognition; not by some demons.)


Num. 14: 21 KJB.


As you can see, idol worshippers are going to get on God’s nerves over His facilities or over His properties; it has come to the time those changes need to be made. Such idol worshipping names, we put them in books and create cartoons out of them for the populace to believe in.

We need the changes now; it has come to the time for us here to do so!

So, as far as God is concerned, we duly lift or praise demonic names, and invite them in our lives, and we have totally forgotten that He’s the Creator of all the times, months, seasons and the years; Aside that, He is the God of all our lives!

Zeus is not the one feeding us; neither does Martis; nor Thor?

Indeed, and as a matter of fact, do we really know who they are or who they are taking the praise for? So, we have not just offended ‘‘The Almighty’’ in our ways, but also in our ‘‘words’’ for centuries or so.

Let us not also forget, that Demons are always on the rampage on the earth, when their names are called.

Do we now see that, God is demanding for the credit? So then, let us consider our ways, because God is not playing with us over His sole right over these things. Let us be careful, lest secularity and too much unwholesome study destroy us and to make us disregard God’s name

Because, such a price, we’re going to pay for.


Prince Akogo


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