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How To Love Yourself Dearly


How To Love Yourself Dearly

There are many cute ways to give yourself a treat or to love yourself, and today, I’m going to show you 3 of such ways:

A) Think Good About Yourself:
Okay-how would you love yourself if you don’t start thinking good about yourself?
So, brother, it actually starts from the mind. You must understand that what you imagine with your mind is what you’ll do.

So, first, remove the depressive thoughts out of your mind today. Start thinking about how fortunate you are-how good you are and how special you are; it all starts from the heart, and from the mind. Truly, find the reasons why you need to be grateful and be happy. Become appreciative about every part of your being. Yes-count your blessings; begin to name them one after the other.

You will become happy by that.

B) Then, Speak Good About Yourself:
You know you cannot just end it from there.

Voice out your new belief-system.
Now, when you speak of it (as a new way of confession), it becomes the perfect reality to you-entering down into your subconscious mind (memory).

That is a fundamental use of the tongue.
There is that transformational power vested in your reddish tongue: it is the power of saying what you believe in and making the ‘universe’ agree with what you say.

So, you either build yourself by what you say, or will condemn your life by what you say to yourself, every day.

This is a spiritual Law, and it works. Keep saying it, in the new way you have found, in the presence of your enemies or friends. Don’t stop talking about it. Stick to it.

It becomes your new faith, even when odds come against you. You believe it as the new position of your life and so you must not stop thinking or talking in line with this way, or position, of your life. Just say only ‘‘good’’ stuff about yourself from today.


C) Let It Be Practical: Go Give Yourself A New Different Treat:
Now, go get yourself a nice little treat every now and then, in conformity with your new realized self. Don’t you deserve it? Yes, you do.

You deserve that your life will be given a nice little treat every now and then, since you have a new ‘look.’ In this way, you’ve started making things more practical! Have a relaxing moment all the time, thinking and speaking about the positive things that build life, as well as, engaging in them.
So, you are supposed to spend some good money and good resources on yourself, to enjoy that new you.
Take yourself out, to give yourself that nice little treat to please your soul! After this, you will feel very extremely ‘positive’ or good about yourself. Try to do this, even when there is no one with you.

Thank you.

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