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What Does God Consider As ‘‘Righteousness”?

What Does God Consider As ‘‘Righteousness”?

Righteousness, according to the Spirit of God, means ‘being’ correct or right with either what you say or do, at every point in time. Now, that right way of doing or saying things, can only be justified as right or correct, if only God says it is so; so no man here is perfect. This means that, righteousness (being right with something) doesn’t only speak of a morally way of living, as most of us often think. (I was shocked when the Holy Spirit explained this feat to me).

According to Him, it cuts across whatever you do or dispose your life into doing, in your entire socio-economic life affairs which every man engages his life in. Now, with this in mind, it shows

  1. How you wash; whether it is the right way or not
  2. The best way to build an institution
  3. The best way to sing
  4. The right way to sit
  5. The right way to read
  6. The right way to walk
  7. The right way to lead people
  8. The best way to execute justice
  9. The right way to paint a house
  10. The right way to ride
  11. The right or the correct way to bath
  12. The best way to obtain knowledge
  13. The correct way to dress
  14. The correct way to eat
  15. The right way to make wealth
  16. The better way to entertain yourselves, or to play
  17. The proper way to measure something
  18. The right or the correct way to calculate time
  19. The right way to trade, advertise you products, market and to do business
  20. How you get into a relationship and what you do in it
  21. How you cook; is that the right method or the correct way of doing it?
  22. How you put up or construct a building; as far as God knows, there’s a right way.
  23. How you answer people
  24. The right way to learn or study


This means, there is a correct way of doing things, while are there are erroneous or an incorrect way of doing each of those things in every single area of our lives.  These are part of the teachings and trainings our parents and teachers in school try to pass down to us or to show us.


(Basically, whatever you do in your social and economic life, there is actually a right way of executing to do them and there is a bad or an incorrect way. (God did not leave those other areas for us men to figure the correct ways out as we mostly do think or perhaps, have been taught. This is why we think ‘righteousness,’ by God’s definition, is mostly focused on moral conducts. Meanwhile, it is possible to get your moral conduct right, but have an incorrect system of leading, eating, dressing and doing business; this can surely go a long way to affect your entire social and economic life, including our moral conducts).

Currently, by our own acquired human principles, we’re to ‘solve’ our entire social and economic problems in our own way, while leaving the ‘character-side’ of our lives, to be corrected through Religion or by God, as explained to me by His Spirit. However, most of the time, our own methods, ideas and strategies are imperfect, a reason why we’ve never come to an end, of solving all our problems.

Since the beginning, we keep seeing them. God has the best ways in every field, and all those perfect methods are called ‘Righteousness,’’ that is ‘‘getting it right.’’ We can say that ‘‘righteousness,’’ is probably a colloquial word for our present understanding of saying ‘‘something is right.’’

Well, there’s a righteous way of doing things, irrespective of the area it is, both or small, and those ways will be paramount in solving our human problems. Often times, as our societies keep on moving forward, we often try to pass down our legacies of good training, strategies or principles to the youthful generations so that they can dispense off their lives in the ‘right ways,’ so as to save their lives, money, time and energies. Therefore, when we all do our things right, regardless of which industry, or area of our lives, then it can be said that we’ve done it ‘righteously, or rightly.’’

So, with regards to the word ‘righteousness’’ morality is an aspect of it, since it’s just one simple but important area, together with all the other important areas of our lives God has given us. Live your life right, by finding ‘all’ the right ways of doing things.


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