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Why We Do Worship & Praise God Every Day Of Our Lives


Why We Do Worship & Praise God Every Day Of Our Lives

 Well, we worship and praise God because He created us, fed us and made us live.

Where were we when we hadn’t yet existed? It makes every sense, that the moment we have the ‘‘proof’’ and the ‘‘conviction’’ in ourselves, that God (Jesus Christ) created the universe, or the worlds, we as mortal humans crafted by the skillfulness of His palms, then it’s absolutely right that we consistently ‘‘thank and worship’’ Him.

Well, this is why we ‘Christians’ go to church, to worship and praise God every day. The analogy is simple; you say ‘‘thank you’’ to your parents who created (gave birth to you), and as well, provide every single thing you need.

We do worship, lie prostrate to honour and serve the political fathers who go the length to provide your daily social and economic needs. You praise and worship your husbands who do take care of you, by going the extra mile, singing praises most of the day. Yet, we have a God, who created and placed all these things together; shall we not in similar vein, do same for Him?

To be honest, if God doesn’t provide for the entire world, your generals, your mothers, guardians and your Lords, can never provide for you.

So, God deserves it. In fact, He deserves it more than them, because all has received through His provisions. Without Him, the world has nothing, and will have nothing even in this very moment. Praise and worship God for He is Good and Extremely Kind.

We go to Churches and stand in the Compounds of our Homes to worship God, because He deserves it. He Fully Loves You.

‘‘We Thank You, Lord.’’


He has shown His love towards us, truthfully.

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