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What Is Called ‘‘Sin” By God?


What Is Called ”Sin” By God?


Sin is described to me by the Holy Spirit as ‘‘error’’ or ‘‘imperfections.’’

It is a destructive ‘behaviour’ that destroys a situation or a process.

In short, there’s a perfect way to do things and there is an imperfect way to do things.

When something is done improperly, it brings about a lot of problems, which is a destructive way.

Take it like this: the way to light up a fire, is not to use your hand; it is by using a match stick. The way to do the laundry, is not to use your leg; it is by using your hands.

Anything God, as the Creator, had suggested to man not to do, is the erroneous or wrong or imperfect way. Yet, even though it’s very simple to understand this, we have found ourselves in an erroneous world, in which most men try to dispute of that fact, teaching and practicing ways which God had stated factually as bad, as wrong or as imperfect.

For instance, God taught and said that that stealing is a way of error, or the imperfect way to acquire material substance or wealth, some humans didn’t take Him seriously.

However, as those men are in the practice, over time, the consequences attached of taking something that doesn’t belong to you, showed up. It is the same as cheating on your partner (your wife or husband), worshipping of idols, lying, fornication, lesbianism or homosexuality, stealing, together with the countless others the Lord God has warned us about.

All those imperfect ways, or ways of errors to enjoy life’s resources, will at a point be corrected by God.

He’s obliged to correct all those ways of error, to ensure perfection, in order to save humans from fatal destruction of social and economic lifestyles. In fact, all that God is about with His Perfect Ways/Methods, is all about life preservation in our social and economic life circles. Yet, when God does that, some men think He’s ‘‘mad.’’ Hence, ‘‘fools,’’ are those who go ahead to choose those imperfect ways, popularly called, Sin, for social and economic destruction. All those imperfect ways or methods, are the ways for self-destruction. God Loves Us, that’s why He decides to deliver us from SIN, which is the erroneous way of living life socially and economically in a human world: One sin, can destroy much good, as the Bible says.

Live away from Sin.

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