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Why You Must Have Faith In God


Why You Must Have Faith In God


Because He created you!

If you’re here for the first time, there are several posts here that proves

  1. The existence of God
  2. And how He had created the universe, which includes you.


You might want to have a look at them, by clicking here.

Faith is believing in the existence of God, believing in everything He says because He exists, and making that Word influence you, which should become a central part of your life. In this case, you believe in His involvement in the creation of everything around you.

So, faith is the ‘trust’ you have through knowledge. Therefore, even though you haven’t literally seen His form, you believe that teachings about Him, are true, and teachings against Him, are false.

You uphold the ‘truth,’ which are the correct teachings about Him, and you will like Him to lead your life. So that means, you’re going to believe in His messengers sent to you, who teaches His word, as coming from Him.

Honestly, when you believe in Him while yet to meet Him in person, and while believing in His principles, it’s a strong kind of faith.

Now, like I said, the reason why you have to have faith in God, is because He created the whole universe, and everything in her, and I’m going to help you to know about that through the various teachings provided on this website to give you that insight or understanding.

Honestly, they are based upon the scriptures, which are considered God’s Word.

You could begin with a few of the links below

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