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The Possibility Of Eternal Life & Eternal Damnation

The Possibility Of Eternal Life & Eternal Damnation 


Many people think that for God to say that He’ll grant us eternal life or that men will live forever after this world, whether in glory or in shame, it’s a myth and that how can that be true?            

However, Eternal Life or Everlasting Life can be explained.                   

The Spirit said that, scientists have come to realize that our human spirits do contain electro-magnetic energies; that means our souls basically contain some form of energies (life or death energies!)                        

In fact, it’s realized that the magnetic nature of our souls and spirit is the result for both our attraction to things and also our repulsion to things-and that finally influences the nature of our desires.               

Similarly, as you can see, magnets do behave in an attraction and repulsive mode or manner.                          

Thus, our souls and spirits have energies or are energies.                

Moreover, there’s a property of energy which we can take notice of, and that is, energies can never be created nor destroyed.     

So then, if energies cannot die (or cannot be destroyed), then eternal life is possible to the soul, because the soul which is has energy, or is an energy-property, cannot die!                       

Therefore, if you should die and your spirit lives your body, just for the fact that your soul has energy or is an energy being, it’ll surely go and live on beyond this world (realm), and it’ll be in that ‘eternal energy’ nature or form.               

Therefore, this is the form by which all the people who’ve left earth, will find themselves! By their energy nature, which is by reason of their soul, they’ll still live!          

Now, sometimes, because of their invisible natures, we see them as ghosts, just for the fact that they will still live; But the only difference here is that, they no longer occupy an earthly house (body!        

Therefore, this is the form by which all the people who’ve left earth, will find themselves! Yes, by this energy nature, they’ll still live! Men are vibrating energies in a mud of clay.                                 

Whoever dies, will still live on because his soul, which is an energy, cannot be destroyed! Therefore, Jesus was right for saying that,  there’s such a thing as *everlasting* life right after a man’s physical death.                            

That means, undoubtedly, even in those olden days He was actually teaching us science, which Scientists have found, in regard to souls! (Well, no wonder His words shall never fall to the ground!).                           

So then what?                

If He says God can grant eternal life then it’s true, as a result of these scientific findings regarding our soul!


 The Possibility of Eternal Death ( Damnation ) An Eternal Life In Glory                      

But, where does your *eternal* soul or spirit goes to live, once it leaves the earth?                        

Now, this is where the Bible has been informing us about on! It has told us that there’s something more your forever-living soul will go and meet out there, as it leaves earth, or goes!                                     

Now, note that Jesus then tells us, that there are two realms our eternal souls will go and find there and they’ll be the consequences of the  actions!                              

Yes, of one destination He called Heaven; and the other destination, He called ‘Hell!’  Realize that, the minute we’re again told that those 2 realms are eternal, then it means they’re also made up of energies, just as our souls find themselves! Thus, our souls will be sucked into one of those 2 eternal conditions, either Heaven or Hell! For once they’re energies, then they have the electro-magnetic force or power just as our souls, to suck us into their kingdoms!                                       

However, what are the meanings of those 2 destinations?                              

 Now, in esoteric language, the term ‘Hell’ means ‘bad, painful or hellish conditions,” while the other ”Heaven,” means ”soothing or good conditions.” If in case you did not know, these are the meanings of those two words!  Thus, our souls may experience ”Heaven” or ”Hell” conditions! Further too, it’ll be eternal, since our souls and those realms are known to be energies and therefore are also eternal, like us!                                 

Therefore, it’ll be an eternal damnation experience or an eternal glorious experience! In which ever way it’ll be it’ll be forever and ever right after death!                                    

 Hence, understand that Heaven and Hell     can be explained scientifically; and it’s still making Jesus  right! Thus, know and understand that,    everything Jesus has said can be proven                    scientifically-even by the characteristics of the energies we find down in our bodi


Choosing The Right Destination Can Be Explained By Energy :                             

Furthermore, among the notable principles (laws) of energy, we’ve noticed that ‘‘Every Action Will Come With An Equal And Opposite Reaction!’’ Thus it shows that, in whatever you sow, you’ll reap something in return, whether you choose to like it or not!        

 Here, this also goes with the Laws of Cause and Effects, that anything you do in time will cause for you too an ‘eternal’ effect, since your life does not die! While explaining these things about energy, understand that these things are possible!             

 Thus, as your eternal soul piles down good characters and habits, you’re supposed to reap a peaceful and perfect effect, from your actions! (And by the laws of the energies that are in you, the opposite too will be true!).                                                

Will you then say Jesus was wrong, for saying that sinners will go to Hell, and righteous people will go to Heaven?                               

Again, this fantastic and intelligent Jesus, is right!                                 

Thus, as long as every action will come up with its opposite effect, you judge yourself and position yourself in one of those realms, by your own actions! Sure-Inputs, will bring out some Outputs!                                  

Thus, your physical actions, will pile for you, an eternal reaction, in that immaterial, and everlasting universe!  Therefore, we’ll only reap there what we want to had sown, down here!               

In short, your placement in the eternal realms of the spirit, will be  determined by all your actions or inputs here! So then, once a man   dies, there’s supposed to be judgment, by the explanations and the understandings we have from the Laws of   Energies!                                   

The Bible was on that too!


….It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the Judgment…

Heb. 9:27 Kjv.


We may chose to be smart, crazy, fantastic, and great, but we  must make sure we don’t end up in Hell-because the end of a     thing is better than its beginning! It’s not how you start on earth, but it’s about how you’ll end!                                                        

Honestly, the Life we live is not a game we play; there’ll be consequences for foolish and rightful actions and it could be eternal!

Since we’re scientific people, we must understand that, these things are always about the functionalities of energies and you cannot change or override it; and just as energies cannot be destroyed you cannot destroy the facts here!       

Simply, Eternal Damnation and Eternal Fruitfulness are possibilities that truly exists, beyond the Bliblical voice!             

Heaven is possible; Hell, is possible! You can choose which one you want to serve! If you love yourself, you’ll chose the better! All the great men of past and present eras who’re gone, have their soul facing one of these based on their characters or behaviours!                                

And it was as though Shakespeare knew    this and wrote that the ” *The Evil me do lives after them !”                    

 The Works Of Evangelists                               

Now, understand why if one person is saved in the kingdom of men, it’s a big deal in the kingdom of God, because God truly loves man so much!       

What has He done?           

Upon all our busy schedules, He’s sent Evangelists down to  us and I’m one of them!                                               

This is why God has sent Evangelists (and they’re men who love you), men who carry His word in their mouth, moving helter-skelter or in and around the earth, preaching to you about;

Repentance of the world from evil, bad or negative works, which can lead them to eternal damnation.

Or helping us to chose a better placement, in the eternal realms, through good or righteous living after they kick the bucket!   And of course, these things, they do for free!                                                        

What it means is that, they’re telling ignorant men to select a better option in the eternal realms, by doing the right thing despite all their busy schedules! (Why hate them?).

O, just in line with what Jesus emphatically said, they go around and voice it in love, that ” For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul?”                           

    ”Or what will a man give as an exchange for his soul? ” Jesus Said.

Matt 16: 26 BLB.                  

 Hey brother, what will be your end, after all your toil on earth? (There’s still going to be a specific destination anyway; thought about it?)

Understand that, the main bother about us evangelists, is how these aftermath consequences, will surely be eternal since our souls must live on.

Hey, don’t be caught up in all the money laundering, the revelries, the womanizing, drunkenness and the acts such as these and lose your soul! You may get an *effect* of Hell!

Well, don’t boast about that sin! Boast after you’ve entered into the right realm called Heaven!                                   

Well, how can an eternal place called  (Hell), be like that for men?                                        

Understand, we   cannot change it, for if energy cannot be destroyed then we  can’t change it!

We’ll not say it again, but if you love your soul, you’ll chose a better place! Do not gain the whole world, just to forfeit that one thing!                                

Live a good life by helping people and that should fully guarantee a good access into God’s Kingdom, and it’ll happen immediately after you also pass on!

Beloved, let’s take off the cloak of unrighteousness so we can become free in all those realms from today! Heaven and Hell-those spiritual realms exist, for someone’s unending soul today!                                                           

God loves you; Let Hell not be yours! Escape  this everlasting damnation, by the truth!                                                          

Prince Akogo.

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