Love Hall News Is God's Powerful Editorial Publications, Which Are Received Through Divine Encounters: This Is A Great Place Simply For The Answers & Solutions To Life's Greatest Un-answered Questions & Problems Which Are Received Through Divine Encounters.

The Lord Almighty sends abundance of Grace through these writings as He told me to write down His Mysteries and Secrets on this website.

There may be challenges, but the Lord has equally sent meaningful ways and steps to overcome

Our modern challenges.

Even issues of the Covid, cannot overcome the solutions which God has brought to us all, as a world. Read to understand what the Lord Almighty is saying as He has currently put it upon His chest, to educate us over the Mysteries and Secrets of life, while as well giving ways and means we can currently adopt to heal our world and our lives today! They are His ways to heal us from the economic issues of darkness.

This is the place for positive news, and it comes from Jesus Christ alone, the Saviour!

Love You & Bless You.

More About Love Hall News:

Lovehall is God’s Editorial Publications That Comes/Streams From Heaven. How Did It Start? In the year 2016, the Lord in the
form of the Holy Spirit appeared to Prince Akogo as a pillar of a cloud. It was a mysterious event that opened doors for Prince for God to expose Himself to Him, in that physical but supernatural way!
A golden book was handed to him on that fateful supernatural encounter, in which the Lord had communicated to
him that, it contained, ”The Mysteries and the Secrets of God,” those elements that
have been hidden from the foundations of the world, have not known!

Interestingly, the Lord told Prince: ”I’ll show you great and mighty things you do not know of,’ and later also communicated to
him that, he should build up a website by which He the Lord will communicate to the world, and as well educate the world
through that digital platform; therefore, the posts here are not from Prince, but they’re the Lord’s Holy Bosom.
Today, the truth we’re searching for, that brings meaning to our lives, are finally here. Please remember, the Lord
by the prophets said, ”In the last day knowledge shall be increased,” and this is what the Spirit of the Lord has starting doing