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LoveHall Is The Place For Answers & Solutions To The World’s Confusion, Given To Us By God, Through Salient Prophetic Messages. It’s A World Joy, Peace & Hope, Needed For The Average Human Soul.
Now You Can Live Your Life With God, To The Fullest, Through Nothing But By The Truth, Only.

(Thank You Beloved, For Always Joining Us.)

Now, beloved, here is an important learning platform brought on by God to teach or educate the world, and to inform them into the best ways of life, which are by prophetic messages that come from God.

How and why we started it:

In the year 2016, the Lord in the form of the Holy Spirit appeared to Prince Akogo as a pillar of a cloud. It was a mysterious event that opened doors for Prince for God to expose Himself to Him in that physical but supernatural way.

A golden book was handed to him on that fateful supernatural encounter in which the Lord had communicated to him that, it contained, ”The Mysteries and the Secrets of God,” those elements that have been hidden from the foundations of the world till now.

Interestingly, the Lord told Prince: ”I’ll show you great and mighty things you do not know of,’ and later also communicated to him that, he should build a platform by which He the Lord will communicate to the world and as well educate the world through that platform. So then, the posts here are not from Prince, but they’re from the Lord’s Holy Bosom.

Today, the truth we have been searching for that brings meaning into our lives are finally here. Please remember, the Lord by the prophets said, ”In the last days, knowledge shall be increased,” and this is what the Spirit of the Lord has been doing.

”Lots Of Love.”