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About Prince Akogo

Lovehall is a global education technology company. Our mission is to give personal education support enabled by technology to everyone. We aim to help people tailor their experience to their needs and desires by helping them to be creative & productive with sets of ideas we post regularly on our website and with other tools.


Prince Akogo ” the founder” was born and bred in West Africa, Accra Ghana; He currently lives at West Legon, a well known province in the capital city of the beautiful country. He studied Network Engineering with Blue Crest College to be an I.T Engineer, thus through it, he had formed his I.T organization called The Lovehall Multimedia, to provide various professional I.T solutions for the Ghanaian community, Africa and the world at large!

However, Prince had his first calling before completing college, and this was when he was in his final year in Achimota School. At that early age, he surprisingly had his first encounter-visit to Heaven, to meet God and the Lord Jesus Christ, and to know that which God had planned for him, right after completing in 2007. Amazingly, several of these mind blowing encounters continued after school, by which the Lord had shown him, He’ll shown him Great and Mighty things He did not know of, nor hath heard of! Around that time, the Lord called him into 3 offices, a Teacher, a Prophet and a Healing Evangelist, to begin with! These spiritual callings and visits opened several doors onto him, as God decided to reveal many deep secrets and truths from an untouchable golden book, which was placed down in his hands in heaven to these secrets from-an ancient book taken out of God’s soul, containing the hidden feats of life which include the meaning of life, the origin of the name ‘Jesus,’ the Origin of God, why we’re here, where we’re going from here and the likes-which for the ages, can’t be decoded, by men of the earth! It appears that God alone has answers to the issue and had chosen to do some of that through Prince, so that He might also enlighten us, or the world, through him! As a life-long mandate, Prince has since then written several books and equally shot many tutorial videos to explain some of these feats to men around his circles-and already, the many have been blown by it. Furthermore, Prince heads a philanthropic organization in Ghana called the The Lovehall Movement, an international organization with the vision of helping men, women, society and the entire race of men at large-a mandate in the form of a movement, from the authority of God and the Lord Jesus Christ, for the last day, to help whiles His truth is being shared! This move goes about touching humans with direct assistance, so that Christ’s unending love will be felt through men. You can connect with the Prophet, the Teacher, the Life Coach, as well as the Healing Evangelist, as He enlightens you with the facts from God’s untouchable secretive Book, on his mainstream social media platforms, on Youtube, the Lovehall Youtube Channel and also on his own educative website, www.lovehallnews.com. It’s now time for the world, receive divinity’s new wine which has been fully poured forth, for that which that has been hidden about life and it’s uncertainties, has now been made known unto humanity, and we’re to catch the glimpse of it to be a part of it, and just as he was told by the Lord, the world’s future and life’s sustenance, will depend on this!