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Rhyme Lessons 105

I can also tell, that protecting your health, is part of keeping your wealth. And so Africans expecting money, but still polluting their

Rhyme Lessons 108

Pride is the silent ride, that brings down a soul to die, when he avoids the careful guide, in it's long-time of rise, under this earth's

Rhyme Lessons 107

Time waits for no man, who makes no mark, to get to no land, and waste his whole life, in the midst of so much! Prince Akogo.

Rhyme Lessons 104

Diligently saving money in your bank accounts, will surely support your life to abound with good cash amounts, till you earn much in a

Rhyme Lessons 109

Your way of thinking develops your way of living and your way of singing is determined by your way of feeling! Prince Akogo.