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Ryme Lessons

Lesson 103

Do not join them in sinning, for the man who dreams of causing treason, draws out the hard reasons, for going to stay behind the long bars of prison, until he sinks down for an unwanted season! Prince Akogo.

Rhyme Lessons 112

If a man meddles in the affairs that does not belong to him, he goes to cuddle with the problems which can be big as a cattle, leaving him a hassle he cannot deal with nor even handle! Prince Akogo.

Rhyme Lessons 110

Seeing several church members, with all genders in a church, you entered, does not mean God's truthful Spirit dwells there. Be careful, lest you serve in a place where Satan and his servants are centered! Prince Akogo.

Rhyme Lessons 114

Our purposes are like good badges on our hearts, which we men carry always about, and it’s that which God, has given it to each of us so that we can make a good-living out of that! By Prince Akogo!

Rhyme Lessons 105

I can also tell, that protecting your health, is part of keeping your wealth. And so Africans expecting money, but still polluting their air, dams and natural turfs, will still lead to an economic damage and hell! Prince Akogo.

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