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A Quick Tip-Healthy Foods!

 Indeed-trust me, roasted foods are more important than fried foods. Hence, eat roasted food versions of all the fried foods, to boost your immune system instantly. Try eating roasted fish, cocoyam, meat and plantain; It's good for your

Quick Tip On Advising Someone!

If you're to advice someone, put it in a suggestion-so he can chose to do it or not. Otherwise, if you force him to go and do it as you say, and it doesn't do on well, or he incurs a problem, he'll tell you that you caused him to go and do

A Quick Tip For Gospel Musicians!

If you're a gospel musician, always have a book (or a jotter) with a pen with you. In fact, I've realized that, God gives inspirations and songs when you least expect it. Otherwise, keep your phone always on, to be able to record the

A Quick Tip Towards Your Friends!

 If you want your friends to know you care about them, every week, call them once to find out how they're doing. Doing this every week, builds a fellowship with them. Yes, calling them once every week, will not cost you, nor change

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