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(The Place For God’s Care & Love Services)

Who We Are: Our Mission, Goals & Objectives From God


The Love Hall Movement (WHICH IS THE BODY THAT OPERATES THIS WEBSITE) is a Worldwide Family or Fellowship of Believers who’re called by the Lord to give full and complete help to all His people all over the world.

We’re a team of believers, prayer addicts, counselors, life coaches and a people or a body of men and women who own their own businesses and are willing to help others to have greater opportunities in these trying times of the world. Due to this, there are various ways we help people with.

Strictly, we’re a non-denominational group and don’t operate under any church.

We surely believe and operate directly under ”what the scriptures say we should purposefully do” for our friends, family, neighbours, bodies, organizations, our nations and obviously this entire world.

As a result of this, the 2 very important scriptures that back our mission, includes;


“Come now, let us reason together,’’ says the LORD

Isaiah 1:18


How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil for God was with Him.

Acts 1:8 NKJV


So then, while the first scripture admonishes us to come to the forecourts of God to reason together with Him in regard to our life’s matters, the second now admonishes us to go out there as ‘‘Sons of God,’’ whose core functions are mainly to walk in love as Jesus and His Master and Father (that is, God) frequently did, to also come to heal and put smiles on everyone’s face, who is being oppressed by the devil and was equally battling with any of the life’s challenges we face in this life.

It is in this, that as sons of God, we are have also been called us to God’s nature and to go about, to freely and obediently demonstrate our love to anyone who today needs help, be it in body, soul or in spirit, or even in all the 3 sectors of his life.

As sons, we believe that God is first with us and is the leading us to bring great or powerful good tidings and healing to His people or to people all over the world, in likewise manner as He, Jesus and the Apostles did for all humanity, during those ages of old.

We know that these are the heavenly things Heaven has heart for, and we’ve laid down our cares and our lives to support and to bring healing to all those who are in any form of the devil’s direct or indirect oppressions.

We understand that if all do this, then we shall be called the true or obedient sons of God. Yes, there is a good cause in doing good to all mankind.

You are free to join and to become a part of us, as well as qualify to pass through our consistent prayer, counselling, life-coaching, free training and all support systems, in which there’ll not be any consultation, processing or registration fees whatsoever to be paid to anyone in this group, except if the need be. Every child of God can join.

In short, The Love Hall Community is a philanthropic mission and all our love and care services for you in these end times are majorly for free.

In view of the responsibilities given to us from those 2 scriptures above, the following are the things The Love Hall Movement Members will do for you (people) and the world (you all) on a daily basis and forevermore:



Once you pass through our system, we pray with you and for you each and every day of our lives, since prayer is an integral part of our life’s development.

In fact, our goal is to pray for all people forever, as men needs prayers every day for their walk, in life. We will not only pray for, but we are going to pray with you also. In this, the Love Hall Movement Fellowship has organized prayer meetings in prayer retreat places or rooms, called ‘‘Fire Rooms,’’ which is a term given to us, according to God’s own instruction, with an intention of bringing the heat of prayer up to Him, in the Throne-room of Grace.

The body involves a team of full prayer addicts, who first dedicate their whole life, time and energy to meet occasionally, and to pray for themselves, for every believer and for unbelievers as well. Therefore, it’s a non-denominational Christian move, body or organization in which all and sundry can participate.

Our purpose is to pray for and with all human beings around the world, in whatever issues they face or they do have in life.

Therefore, we pray for and with every individual freely without any fee, because this is how (one way) we can show to you we love you and desire to show our immense help to you and to your entire family.

This philanthropic group strongly believes that, men always ought to pray and not faint, since prayer is an integral part of their lives.

Also, we believe that the things that will change the world is not first money; rather, it will be things that will show ‘love and care services’ to people in need, which will eventually cause people to know God (their Father), for in this alone did God command us all to boast on-not on riches, money nor fame.

‘‘But let him who boasts boast in this, that he understands and knows Me…’’

Jeremiah 9:24


Therefore, under such important programs, we try to know and ‘‘reason up together with God Almighty,’’ based upon the privileges that have been given to us, as children of God. Hence, He says to Isaiah;


“Come now, let us reason together,’’ says the LORD

Isaiah 1:18


Therefore, our prayer and fellowship meetings involve discussing the Word of God and receiving the ‘true’ word of God from carefully selected or chosen men and women of God, whom God shall appoint to lead the flock from time to time. Under such beautiful program sessions, we will also discuss the issues of the current human world, issues of the body of Christ (The Current Church), while fully and faithfully interceding for them, with a pure touch of His love.

In this, we equally try to pray for all of God’s goods plans and purposes to come to pass or to be seen in their lives (for both the small and big), praying that God’s works will be done perfectly so well in their lives, and to cause them to improve.

During our prayer meetings, you will obviously see that the Love Fellowship Community Members will be seen praying with just God’s Word, for we understand that prayer must base on God’s Word, and not man’s ways of understanding. For we believe that, in this will the prayers be heard, if they’re in God’s Word and fully in God’s Will, so we don’t pray over you amiss.

In all, this distinguished organization puts onto herself as a duty to help you (everyone) to also and to quickly ignite your prayer life as you join our free weekly prayer meetings, in which sometimes you may also receive the prophetic word (The Lord’s Free Prophecies), free helpful counselling, books, articles or other materials, to build your faith or relationship strongly with God and to get yourself closer to the Love of Your Life, Which Is Our Eternal Father!

So, are you cold in your prayer life, as well?

Freely join the Love Movement (Fellowship) to become extremely hot today, and on fire for God. Understand that, leaving yourself to become old is really a very great danger around these dark times or around these times of future uncertainties.

In addition, anyone who’s also far away can join wherever he or she is in the world, because we believe that prayer actually has no barrier; and this they can do, by calling by joining us on our weekly Zoom Conferences, and also by calling us on of our prayer lines, to first pray with us, and then to receive prayers and important prophecies, if the Lord wishes. So then, we’re all able to reach you wherever you find yourself. We can reach you and you must reach us, because you have to be on fire for God wherever you go.

So, today, tell a friend to tell his friend about the free Christian movement; and he should also tell his friend who’s in need of direct prayer or support of any kind, and let us see how our army of counselors, ”prayer addicts,” and life coaches and most importantly ‘The Sons of God’s Love,’ can help them grow their faith in God, and to receive important provisions to their needs.

Since man is always supposed to pray and not faint, we know that, all these plays great and important roles in the development of each of the sectors of human life.

So, are you giving up? Do not give up, until you call us, today.

Call us every day, to receive needful supports in every area of your life and to become happy with the Lord who has sent you the help.

(In addition, understand that, during our prayers, our prayer addicts may also ask you of your Day of Birth, whether it’s on Tuesday, on Monday, or on Friday or on any other Day, whatsoever-Child of God.) Child of God, there are absolutely no strings attached to this.

Our prayer addicts who are in God’s ‘Fire Rooms’ (Prayer Rooms), will just like to pray for you on, your Birthdays, just for His Grace to locate you today, wherever you go.

Yes, this is what we’ll cheerfully do for you, each and every week till death do us all part, or till we meet in the Fore Courts of Heaven.

As many people or members will be born in your day and also in your month, we’ll also add the entire day or monthly list together, and shower heavenly prayers (blessings) over you all, until you all receive or will achieve your desired results. (Understand here that, all these prayers are free, and by Grace and Faith, will achieve great results.)

Therefore, occasionally we’ll invite all of you to freely come together to pray for your lives, regarding your family, children, marriage, businesses, job or on any other issue concerning your life. Yeah-It’ll be a powerful thing when all of you born on such same day agree in such prayers.

So, are you feeling or tired?

So, do not give up yet.

We trust that you will receive these free prayers on your behalf forever or everyday of your life, and on any current or pressing issues of your life, be it in marriage, on business, your financial goals, your job, travelling cases, prayers for your family, over your health, your children and over all social and economic issues.

Our prayers in our ‘Prayer or Fire Rooms,’ also goes for all governments, and all organizations, including all nations as well.

So, we all fire free helpful or needful prayers for all.

‘‘Prayers, are our food, job & occupation,’’ says these prayer addicts.

Please, call on any hour.

‘Note: You have to keep calling if you notice the lines are jammed.”

Send us a message by WhatsApp, text, by a voice note or message, even by our emails, on all of our social media pages, or and on the chat systems of our websites, if you don’t reach us through any of our lines.

Nonetheless, you can personally visit us on any of our working days for discussions and for prayers, as well.

Note that, these prayers coming from each of our prayer addicts and prophets are for free, to the entire world. Therefore, apart from frequent teachings, we will equally do all these things according to the Lord’s directives (will) to help you.



Well, through love, and as we could see, the Lord’s Apostles did not only go out there to give out only prayer supports or to give healing prayers. They did not only meet for prayer for themselves, for the church, nor for the world.

They also knew, that the times were hard, and also, as fully directed by the Lord, they shared material provisions (or goods) to each of their brothers or to each member of that prestigious organization, till every member was fully filled with joy, irrespective of whether they were far or near. (They became brothers and shared in that Great Communion of Christ.)

Likewise, the Love Hall movement goes ahead to share their ‘provisions or belongings’ with you. These gifts are done for cherished or attendees or members after every occasional (weekly) hours of prayer.

Of course, it was spoken from the Lord’s Heart to the leaders of the movement, for love must be coupled with giving-hence this is the sure reason why we’re called, (Love Hall).

So, in this, we go all out to share our material provisions with this assembly (and with all others), such as providing us with a Food Bank (Of course, Good Food indeed), Jobs, giving out quality dresses, water or bore-hole projects, monies, each one benefitting in and from our businesses, giving out our time to fully serve, and fully, our lives; we are here to give out beds, buckets, mats, mattresses, even lands, houses, and everything as well, if the Lord God wills.

By this venture, we equally sharing our ‘bread and water’ with you, or with the community, apart from showering the body with much prayers which are capable of reshaping their lives.  This supper, is the Lord’s arranged supper not for only the weak, but also for the strong ones in the body. We strictly make sure that, the free ‘suppers’ do not only go to the weak, but also to all the strong in the Lord.

Besides, somethings like prayers, ideas, care, a family, contracts and contacts, including some material provisions, business promotion and love are also needed by the strong too, in these times of hardship!

So, why not gather under God’s stretched canopy of abundant ‘suppers’ for His unleashed blessings.



The body is full of professional trainers, life-coaches and counselors. The team of professional life coaches, counselors and several business consultants from various churches, will continue to freely counsel you on the prompt, as soon as you call any of our help lines, and are willing to assist and do that in any of the following areas;

  1. Wanting to grow spiritually or to know God better.
  2. Dreams, vision interpretations or any other type of spiritual issue.
  3. Any type of addiction.
  4. On issues of family development.
  5. In shock or in a state of confusion.
  6. Business consulting (It is free.)
  7. Having marriage, family or relationship issues.
  8. Skills training, talent and on career development.
  9. On health consulting.
  10. Lifestyle development.
  11. Leadership training.
  12. Stress management.
  13. Building consulting.
  14. Parenting or parental issues.
  15. Feeling bored, needing encouragement or needing someone to over issues.
  16. Wanting laughter or confused and wanting ideas.


(Know that, in all of these other services, which may also happen through our online and offline portals, we take no charge for them (except for premium offers which may apply because these may be beyond our help efforts.) All other things else are free.

In all of this, ‘‘The Fire Room’’ prayer addicts will be backing you in prayers, once all the counselling or coaching begin with you. Prayer is enough to solve all things. (Moreover, as our Lord Almighty leads, prophecies from the men and women of God could flow your direction. For example; in the area of your career or let us say, in your sad situation. Please, understand that the Lord Almighty is working with us all, and to help us all and sundry overcome his or her problems.

In educational materials:

Please understand that, education, immensely benefits everyone; other than that, the Lord would not have said that, ‘‘For Lack Of Knowledge, My People Perish.’’

In view of this, and as part of our free-activities to you, our elite prayer, life coaches, counselling board and the entire Love Hall Community will deem so important to give to you very helpful learning materials which are certainly in the areas of your expertise or pending problems, which is also apart from our consistent seminars and counseling efforts to sharpen you; these may come in the form of e-books, printed books (paperbacks), audios, videos, articles, webpages as well weblinks, to equally help you find all that solution you need, so that you can grow in His grace.

This means, as we help you in both material or in the spiritual space, we’ll also like to help all and sundry in the soulish or in the intellectual space, too.

The Love Hall community would also like you to grow with us together and strongly in the intellectual space, which is all for free; now, as we all know, it is highly possible that, some of the issues our life prayer addicts, coaches, counsellors or helpers may find about you may not be spiritual, but just quickly need upgrade of your knowledge base.

Today, must equally know that, ”man is made up of His Soul, His Body and His Spirit.’’ Therefore, these all need to be conditioned well or fed properly for better a better performance or functioning. Therefore, your problems may either be physical, psychological (soulish) or spiritual-or mix up of the 3, fields.

These are what we are targeting, and where our teams are working on.

Now, if body, say, health issues, we may offer you prayers, as well as medical attention or supports, to overcome all this. If say psychological or issues of the soul or mind, then our ready counselors are going to help you all through it, including administering prayers to seek God’s grace. Therefore, supports to the soul (or mind) may include giving you helpful materials to read as well; this is because, for we immensely believe, (and just as scriptures has said), that many times, the core reasons why we are all stuck in life, is because of what we are ignorant of or even about the framework of our minds.

Hence, this is why we will help you with helpful reading materials in the form of audios, e-books, print books, videos, web pages, consistent conferences, seminars, as well as weblinks which the body knows we can trust with certain ideas, which we perfectly know, can help you grow in knowledge faster, to overcome the problems and challenges. Understand that, education immensely develops, and you can’t improve without it even after a lot of prayers are being oiled upon you.

This is all why the Bible suggests that we renew our minds, because it’s important to transform our minds and incline ourselves to success.

Then if say, spiritual, (like say, your interest or desire to know God better), we may also back your growth with educational materials, which could be in the form videos, audios, weblinks or books, will spiritually counsel you through, and will finally crown it by asking the Lord’s grace upon you, through prayers. Now, as you can see, we’re there to support all in all, not leaving any of the stones un-turned, in your cherished lives. This order was made by God.



Understand-our services to all individuals starts by first taking you through ‘‘A SCREENING PROCESS or PROGRAM,’’ by which you’d be required to fill a form so we can have a blue-print of your biography and understand your problem (s), after which we operate.

(Then after this level, our members will talk to you like a family, but cordially and professionally well; mostly, if possible, in an informal manner.)

First, the Love Hall Community (of the sons and daughters of God), which is sponsored by God Himself, would immediately want you to know you are a child of God and part of us, and that means, we aren’t going to give up on you even if everybody does.

Well, understand that, this is the only way we can know more about you as you give us that information and we as well engage with you as all as one of our family members.

Now, just as it is often expected from anywhere else in the counseling body, this process or form simply includes;

  1. You first making us know your name, age, location, country, talents, what you currently do or your position in life and also, your issues are. As we said, this is to help the staff know your biography.

It also includes asking a few questions to know;

  1. Your job skills. (We’ll also freely teach people who do not think they have any working skills or job-skills in life. It is also for free.)
  2. Lastly, we (our various important departments), would also like to understand your aspirations, goals and objectives in life, and how you had purposely wanted to make it in life.



Now, understand that, by providing us with your personal details, prophets, prayer addicts, counsellors, trainers, and our diverse support teams, know who they are working or dealing with, just so that it will be easy for them to give you their direct supports.

For example;

  • Will help the entire body relate with you as a family.
  • This will help us to call your true names during all intercessory prayers
  • Will help us know the direct material supports you need.
  • Will help our counselors and coaches know and understand areas they too need to work on when they check the form, in the free process.
  • It will further help these professionals to know which materials, such as books, audios, weblinks or webpages, which will be necessary for you during the counselling sessions, when you should indicate to them which areas your problems fall.
  • Then as well, for us to know your qualifications, so we know where to link you in life in case one of our many job or business contacts nationwide or worldwide who are within this global fellowship, should offer free job vacancies fitting your areas of expertise.

(And so, these job vacancies come from the members of this prestigious community. So, some of the vacancies are offered by people who passed through this system and became successful in their respective fields of endeavor, and today, also feel indebted to give back to help other members, which will help the team become, a network of supports or givers. We certainly believe that life grows or improves by networking and by increasing contacts.)


  • This prestigious community gets to discover your talents: now, by equally telling us about your talents in the screening form, the members get to know which of the golden talents God had importantly deposited in you; this is so that we can help you with it, so it does not get buried, in anywise.

Now, dear one, this is because, sometimes your qualifications in school may be different from your in-born talents. The team as well makes sure that all members who pass through the system are able to identify their own, and to create something eventually out of their talents.

” The Group Believes That A Talent Can Make You All The Money You Want In This Life.’’ Yes, we’ll show you steps to create your own products with your talents.

However, if you don’t know yours, our life-coaches, will help you with enough counselling sessions, to help you also know yours, just as they know their own and have obviously started working on it.

In that process, The Sons of God may also offer you great and free articles, helpful books, website pages or links, audios or teaching videos (if the need be), through which you will be able to discover yours and begin from there, for your talent is that which gives you the breath of life to live by, in this world.

”Discovering Your Talent Will Help You Also, To Discover The Bright Side Of Your Life!’’

So then, in this process, we may equally collect your numbers and emails, (which is by your concernt), to forward or send to you these free helpful materials.

In the course, we’ll will equally help you with talent promotion: In how we do it, there are many online and offline ways in which you can promote your talents; We’ll also assist you with books to show you how to promote your talents. We’ll then advertise you to both the online community and to the public through our reigns, for free.


  • The community has business supporting companies, who build ‘‘business booths’’ or ‘‘container shops,’’ at relatively cheaper prices to support all and sundry who want to start their shops; or to own their own shops. Our movement, have subsidized the cost! So, do you want to own your shop? Get involved: Now, give us the Call!

(Meanwhile, we will market or promote your own ‘‘container’’ or ‘‘booth’’ businesses or products, once that is done through our ground programs and several of our online marketing portals, for free).

  • Purposely, your contacts, talents, your acquired skills and qualifications will help us create an instant ‘service job” for you all for free in our online market places or service directories, in which members within the Love Hall community and outside the community (the world), will both watch and scout for our skilled personnel, qualified artisans or service professionals to render businesses or services unto them or for them, so that you could start working and start making money. (Over here, the prayer addicts, within our ‘‘Fire-Rooms,’’ will pray to ensure that you get these job slots.
  • Apart from this, this Love Hall community will equally market or promote your services (C.V) and products to all its enlisted members nationwide and even globally, by sending them our emails which contains a breakdown of your profile and business and services charges, if you decide to participate into this program.

By this way, we are marketing you and creating a business for you even if you sit at home, or wherever you find yourself in the world. (And like we said, if even think you don’t have any skills at all, the trainers and teachers at our conferences will freely train you, after which we’ll enlist you in our service directories, where we, as we said, freely promote you, amidst many prayers that God grant you your wishes.

  1. Honestly, these are some of the ways we promote and market entire businesses and organizations as well, who passes through this ‘‘Love Networking System’’ the Lord gave us. Apart from this, there are many other physical platforms (for example: like some shops belonging to members), who will take and market your services and products through their nationwide or global outlets, with some feasible agreements being made. The Idea and Marketing Board of the Love Hall Group of Companies, have planned to do this for you if all terms and conditions are favoured. (This body also has online services and products shops, to sell your products and services for you right away, which goes with marketing and promotional benefits).
  • Further, your business locations and home locations will also help our leaders or our members to occasionally pay you visits some days in life, to know how you are faring or doing. We want to be sure you are improving or progressing under such prayers and intense help. We want to know whether our prayers are working. From the time you pass through the system, we’ll forever see you as a family, and associate with you for all your important ‘love and care’ needs.


  • Finally, even if you have no ideas to make it in life, it doesn’t          challenge The Love Hall Community.

We believe that by prayer, and by the effective and great works of our ”Idea Board,’ which is an integral part of this ministry, we’ll help right away with cutting edge-strategies, the skills and ideas or right ways you need for you to start realizing your dreams and making a headway through this important network.

We want to offer limitless or endless opportunities to help you, apart from prayer or material assistance, because we believe that everything is not about such important resources alone.



When it comes to our group, we go beyond supporting individuals needing help. Our movement supports businesses and organizations needing help, too.

For businesses which you may think may need help, this Love Hall Movement, would like to help you with the following ways;


  • Know that prayer is important for businesses. So, the Love Hall Community will be offering free consistent prayers (24 hours) for your businesses, once you agree for us to pray for you; and it’s entirely for free.
  • Moreover, you will consistently and equally receive free coaching session on phone or by mail or by any means necessary or available if the need be, or if your business requests for those materials-which is all for free. In this venture, we equally support you with books, free videos and audio materials, webpages, weblinks to help you improve with your business strategy, while prayer is ongoing to help you come out of your specified problem areas.

Though we cannot guarantee sales, we offer you with best fitting strategies, ideas, contacts, best connections, articles, great platforms and also, quick opportunities you can trust. Yes, in addition, all our community of members will get to know what you do, and will offer services or products from you, from time to time.

  • We’ll also support already established businesses or crawling businesses in our world today freely, with marketing and promotional goals if they should lack in sales, or not making enough money by providing them a feasible marketplace-all for free.
  • We’ll surely advertise their businesses (services and products), and will surely network them with business contacts too, which we know can help them grow or they can mutually benefit from undertaking business with them.

Know again that, The Love Hall Fellowship Marketing Board, will go ahead and instantly promote their services and products to all its members both nationwide and worldwide, for both promotional benefits and for their business brand awareness.

We may advertise both your services and products to the Love Hall community of many members who’re registering worldwide with us right away, and even to most of them who are supporting or getting help from us in many areas, so that just in case they may want or my need something, they may get it from you. So, we equally have platforms, to help you advertise your businesses immediately, and will surely send contacts of people to you, if someone needs your service or products nationwide or in the worldwide community of believers and of God’s helpers.

  • We also offer a conducive business marketing environment, where people, individuals and businesses within the group can get their everyday needs at relatively cheaper prices than what’s on the main markets. (Life’s hard, so the group tries to cut down prices)

After all, we understand that, one of the reasons why the economy is suffering or bad today, is because people are not able to pay for high prices of all their goods and services. So, we often may negotiate for a price beat-down in the group in this wise, (but nowhere outside this group), for we don’t just want everyone to be able to grow in his or her talents, but to be able to afford his life or everyday needs, but to potentially increase business sales. This is what God wants! Obviously, these are all actions to gradually make life in this community easier, and right from the word go.

  • Finally, there’ll be free Trade-shows (fairs) and Bazaars, which will be organized to support business promotion and growth among signed-up members.



Not only did Christ send the Apostles to people, but He sent them to the nations of the world in which they made impacts, impacts which have affected governments and nations down the line. Our help services transcend to governments or nations which needs them; for example, in the areas of developmental projects, great employee supports, prayers, ideas and other areas.

(Understand that, all these are geared towards lifting humans from their current crisis to ‘raise them to a higher level of their lives.)



  • We’re non-partisan. We do not work for any statesman, politician or political party; we’re ordinary citizens who decide to work for God’s interests to happen. That’s why we seek God’s face, who’s is our ultimate life-changer or builder.
  • We work as a non-profit organization, though of course, our individuals have their own businesses they run.
  • We’re not a physical church but God’s non-denominational movement; we’re a non-denomination prayer group so all can decide to join. However, it’s not by force or compulsory. You can decide not to participate in our help-system or discontinue at any given stage or time of choice.

Yes, you are not also supposed to stop your Church because of the prayer meetings and help we give you in your entire life.

  • We’re not a bank; and we don’t offer you money. (Members in the group may have their financial businesses to support inside members, or give financial loans or discounts to members, but we’re not a bank).

Of course, we have interest in starting a crowdfunding project or site, to support our members whom we may help in that wise if the need be after prayer and counselling services, but until then, we don’t offer money or of such sort.

We don’t offer money, but we have a system that’ll help you find your well-being and find money. We’re looking at your long-standing goal and your future, and not just a single financial assistance-in which we see that you will obviously become needy or broke again, and then start suffering again. Besides, we don’t have all the money to give to everyone going through this system. We offer chances, our great ideas and opportunities, which are already making people get out of their long-standing issues.

So, this is why we counsel you for long standing goals, and may fetch you instant and future assistants, per what the counselling results will be, with people, platforms, meetings, talks, seminars, even prophecies concerning your life, webinars, books, audios, service marketplaces, marketplaces, business ideas, our trainings, life-coaching, opportunities, contacts, counselling, prayers, webpages, weblinks, encouragements, essential programs, bootcamps, visits and more, at your request. In these ones, you and your family, will enjoy everlasting, or for a long time, if everything becomes successful.

  • We’re not a biased team: So, we look at everybody’s interests critically-to offer prayers, jobs, counselling, free visits, some material provisions plus all other effective materials which we think might best help you per your individuality.
  • Certainly, we’re not a scam; We’re No Where Near That Word Scam, An Occult Group, Some Sort Of Secret Society, or Extortioners; We’re just free Christian helpers, who’re God-And- Jesus Addicts, who wants to support all God is directing to us.

”The Love Hall Movement” Group from the heart is a Philanthropic Group; so we’re There To Help Anyone Inside Or Outside The Body.

  • We’re currently not funded by any board or organization, except from the funds of philanthropic members (the cherished sons and daughters of God) who think they can do something to help the suffering or the dying human race, which is a part of God’s Current Goal, And To Make Society Today A Better Place.

However, ”Our Movement” is always opened to your free funds, free sponsors and donations. (All those who support will get certain benefits from us (from this group.)

However, we give a lot and do a lot from ourselves for free, but it’s possible that we may lead you to buy a premium package, if it’s impossible for us to bear that cost. Know, or understand we’re actually sacrificing a lot of premium items or resources already for free for your everyday development, but will have a limit.

Just maybe, we may negotiate the price for you, if the business is within our system or between our members, so that you can afford, quickly.

After all, we understand that, one of the reasons why the economy is suffering today, is because people are not able to pay for high prices of goods and services. So, we often may negotiate for a price beat-down in the group in this wise, (but nowhere outside this group) if the need be, for we don’t just want everyone to be able to grow in his or her talents, but to be able to afford his life needs, get fully counselled, become educated, become fully developed in skill, receive enough and consist prayers and to increase in every way. Obviously, these are all actions to gradually make each one’s life easier.



Meanwhile, whether you’d like to join us or not, Try to see whether you can benefit from any of our self-help platforms:’’ Subscribe, to get updates. With this, you may want to ghost yourself, and may never need to talk to/with anybody; However, You Can Help Yourself, Freely!

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  1. You could call/WhatsApp for free instant prayers/counselling from time to time, by using the lines: +233 248 67 3691 / 0554 343 851
  2. Now, this is one of the best places to be, to get great self-help: read Mysteries, Encounters, Testimonies, Current Prophecies, Get Secrets, Stories Of All Kinds, Tips, Ideas & Strategies to start resolving your current problems from the scratch; ‘‘It’s called, Read and Watch To Resolve Your Current Day-to-Day Problems.’’ Trust Me, it’s our dedicated website. You’ll love it; It is lovehallnews.com . Click on it, now.
  3. From time to time, call for free positive books, coming with best fitting strategies to resolve problems to read! (We’ve got them all): For this free package, use the same numbers above.
  4. Occasionally visit free.lovehallnews.com for free items being donated globally by our members: Contact us, to receive.
  5. Equally visit, our YouTube Channel (The Love Hall YouTube Channel) to resolver your personal problems; It’s called ‘‘Watch & resolve your own social-economic problems from home.’’
  6. You could fully join our Zoom Prophetic, Teaching & Training Meetings, every Tuesdays and Thursdays, @7:00 pm-8:00pm, G.M.T right were you are, all for free. (A wide range of activities takes place there, including prayers, prophecies, business trainings, idea sharing, encouragements, marriage seminars and talent development programs, are shared there. It’s all for free. Call +233 248 67 36 91, to always get your login details and passkeys.
  7. Why not join our ‘’free suppers (free food)’’ and sometimes, for free material provision shared mostly during our ‘‘Grand Worship Seminars,’’ mostly held by Love Hall every last Saturday of every beautiful month. Call our help lines to fully register.
  8. Buy and Sell your products & services, at the cheapest market places across board- LoveHallstores for products and LoveHallservices for services. You equally register and sell there as well. Some ‘‘TOCs,’’ do applies. Now, the benefits there is to get products and services at (one-stop place), which are mainly cheaper than what’s in the current time, which are coming from the Love Hall members. Call to get self-help!
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Meet business men and women across board, sharing who’re sharing their products, services, ideas, business contacts with you, and to do business with you, in this economic time.

10. Now, this is the biggest one; this is where you can meet us all! All of you should join us in our ‘’Grand Worship Experience,’’ which is a fellowship conducted every last Saturday of every month.

Trust me-there are going to be pastors, worship leaders, counsellors, business coaches, musicians, some statesmen and women, the news media, seasoned instrumentalists, prayer addicts (prayer warriors), musicians, engineers, doctors, church workers, students, health workers and -many other civil servants across the large Christian community from the local and international worlds, to lay down our seeds before God the Lord!

Find more about this and many more on our dedicated website: www.LoveHallnews.com.

Absolutely no tickets.

Even freer with a free WIFI connection, with a free photography segment, a free Interview segment, coming with a free business networking segment, what else do you want than this!

Come and be part of the Family!!!

You may never know…

Call +233 248 67 36 91 to find out more. Very limited reservations: so, call to get your seat reservation before every final Sat.

Every seat reservation come with free food packages plus many side benefits, from time to time.

So, now, you know why it is called the ‘‘Grand Worship Experience,’’ hosted The Love Hall Movement Family!

Come now, Come all! We Love You.


By P.A.K; Joy, Rest, Peace & Lots Of Love.

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