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We As A World Must Understand God’s Concept of Love, In God’s Universal System



We As A World Must Understand God’s Concept of Love, In God’s Universal System

God is the One we stemmed out from. Oh yeah, we’re One body(It doesn’t matter who you’re, and I don’t really care about that); You’re in God and we are all as one. So, we’re to show ‘’brotherly kindness’’ with one another.

Ah yes, we must have a sense of belonging. This Is The Universal Concept! (Yes, we’re all in God and we all must have A UNIVERSAL CONCEPT to cause all of us to share in what we have.

O brothers, we’re in Christ and we are in God. No Divisions; Put your Minds Together!
So (all brothers), we’re not different from each other. (Oh, not even different from those who’ve made it to heaven, or those who’ve made it to Hell).

We’re just one Family; One Family, One Life, One Love, and One Blood! it’s just so sad that, those who’ve gone to hell have missed the way). More so, it’s just so sad, that some are on the streets, penniless, or broke.

We’re just One Family. (Yes, moreover, we’re a Kingdom and also a sure family, that does not divide against themselves). So understand the reason why, God gave us the10 commandments; five for how we relate with other people-and five for how we relate with Him God, since in the beginning of all (every) creation, we were all with God, together as One. God, even our God made us all us One.

Surely, in love we came to the earth and we shall all be In Him as One.
(This is how we’re to be known).

To God Be The Glory; This Is The Concept of ‘’One Family And One Body,’’ In The Universal System.


Prince Akogo.

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