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Solving The Road Accidents & Transport Issues Of The World: God Reveals

Solving The Road Accidents & Transport Issues Of The World: God Reveals


(The Effects of breaking the Law of Balance or to go beyond Moderation levels)

The Introductory Message:
God has noticed our suffering in this world and knows about the present economic problems and will like to get us out of it. After 10 years of divine encounters, the Lord began to show me the causes and reasons for the world’s every day growing problems, and then ways in which we can solve them as a world, as nations, and first, as individuals, so that we can get our lives back in the right track.

Hence, this post is among a series of life-saving posts which I was led to write, in solving the world’s pending problem based upon God’s leading or directives. This may not be the beginning of the lists of posts, but you can as well read it, and then search for the others written in the series by me on this platform, to restructure and redesign more areas of your life.

Please, I recommend that you read the 2nd introductory message on which this post hangs, or else you will not understand a thing that is written here.


The 2nd Introductory Message on which this posts hangs:
According to the Lord, one of the rules of life we keep breaking as world is called, the ‘The Rule of Balance.’

This Law or Rule of Balance, is also known as ‘The Rule of Wisdom.’’

We keep breaking this rule of wisdom as a human world and that has been the root cause of our world’s current economic problems-as I was told.

However, though, there are 2 sides to this rule, there is only one I can explain to you right now.

The first rule of the Law of Balance states that;
Anything that is balanced is Perfect, and anything that is not balanced is not Perfect.

Now, according to the Rule of God, the things which are in Perfect Balance are in MODERATION. Thus, they are not done TOO MUCH or TOO LITTLE, neither are they TOO HIGH or TOO LOW.

In other words, they fall within the Moderate level or Middle ranges on the platform, or on the scale.

Hence, they are NOT DONE IN EXTREME measures or levels. So then, they’ll not be at extreme levels, or parameters or ranges.

On the other hand, the things that are Imperfectly Balanced are done BEYOND MODERATION levels.

In other words, they are done ‘TOO MUCH OR TOO LITTLE or TOO HIGH and TOO LOW.

Hence, they are extreme and done beyond Moderation levels, or by their parameters or middle ranges.

According to the Lord, as it stands, this is what the world is doing, and as a result, we have been put beyond balance, causing us to fall and making us destroy the world gradually, in each sector of our lives.

Now, this is where the danger is, and it is the reason why there is continuing growth of social and economic issues inducing too much suffering among the whole human race.

Hence, the continuous breaking of the Law, which is also referred to as the Law, or Knowledge of Balance has been the major reason for the world’s problems till today, be it educational, social, management, political, health, relationship, transportation or financial problems; name them.

According to Him, concerning what He meant by saying that man is imperfect in most of his ways, He meant that most of the time man loves to do things out of the reach of balance, or out of the reach of moderation levels, which is beyond that Perfection Level as far as this Law or Knowledge of Balance is of concern.

Yet, everything beyond the Rule of Perfect Balance is surely never going to make us perfect and will surely induce problems.

Now, how do we know this? For instance, having too much salt or sugars in your body will be of a detriment to you. On the other hand, doctors say that when there are too little salt or too little sugars inside your body, it is equally not good. Therefore, to have all of them in moderation levels, it will be best for your growth or health.

While the Lord spoke out these things, I was amazed to hear the words of wisdom that were coming out of His mouth.

So, in this case, when it comes to our infrastructures or we relate this to our infrastructures, let us digest to see what happens when things are done imperfectly or two high/much or too little/low by the world, in that sector.

However, note; in each of the problems, God had also given suggested solutions to resolve them so make sure you find them, and to follow them for the sake of your own perfect security, in the dangerous times we live in.


The Effects of breaking the Law of Balance or to go beyond Moderation levels

(Driving Too Fast Or Too Slow)

Driving too Fast

It is well known by us that driving too fast is the potential cause of accidents. Time will not permit us to talk about how many lives and properties accidents alone have claimed, as a result of driving carelessly, which of cause comes from a driver’s attitude of driving too fast.

When one should drive too fast, it will be difficult for him to manoeuvre a safe turn in case he is going to crush into something. It will be too late for him to do that.

All over the world, more than a million people in a year die out of road accidents alone, yet drivers keep doing the same thing.

In the year 2013 alone, close to about 1.25 million people died out of road accidents alone, according statistics from WHO. However, those numbers have far outgrown now, making every one sick or worried. Now, that is too much for the world to handle.

All drivers are supposed to know that as far as the laws of balance are concerned, when we drive too fast, by rule, we are off-balance, and can throw ourselves off the road. The reason why we drive too fast is because of our selfishness-the selfishness to overtake and be ahead, or to first get to a destination on the time than others plying the same road.

Apart from private car owners, we see this sort of selfishness among commercial drivers, who in their interest to make a lot of money within the shortest possible time, go on several rounds on the streets, and therefore drive too fast. To them, they can achieve that goal, if can beat time before night falls, hence the need to step on the gas pedal at the expense of everyone’s life. This selfish goal is what often leads to the thousands of accidents on our streets everywhere.

In the end, these accidents as a result of over-speeding, have brought several heart-wrenching deaths, as well as the loss of valuable properties to the nation.  Indeed, accidents through over-speeding, are one of the key ways every nation, loses most of her important human resources.

All these accidents have also brought emotional, psychological and financial problems to all the relatives of the victims involved in them.

So, you see, it is important for us as a nation, or as a world at large to understand and to adhere to these Laws of Balance, if we want to curb the issue, which the Lord is teaching us, according to the His wisdom, which explains that anything which is also considered too fast or too slow, can be considered out of balance-and therefore, they problems-such as these accidents, experienced us.

As far as speed goes beyond the moderation range, they can bring concrete damages, or bring problems. These are some of the reasons why man, continues to have accidents, which leads to these grave socio-economic problems.

In fact, to God, to drive too fast beyond the limit, can be considered as a sign of pride or arrogance. Now, this is what God thinks: don’t be a fool to think that just because He’s close to you, He’s definitely going to come to your rescue or save you, for trying to have a sudden rush of adrenaline, by enjoying your speed.

Hence, if you’re quite observant, you’ll realize that, often times, the number of people God might save in an accident, may be quite few, when compared to those who may go through it and die. (In short, as everything Heaven has said, there are consequences for action). In short, when men do know that, they are doing the wrong thing, they’re still expecting God to save them, in case of danger. Those are the men He considers as fools, knowing what is right for them, but failing to acknowledge it.

So then, if we’re going to put the Law of Balance (which is the Law for Wisdom) into practice, then we’re going to save our lives and many of our properties for quite a long time. Then the Lord will save us in case of a pending danger, since the case of the danger might not be intentional or deliberate: In short, we need to be in charge of a lot of the things, by ourselves-which we can do that through the balanced-Law.

In essence, all things we use and do, must be also well kept, in moderation, so that we men can be in control of them, and not any of them in control of us.

So then, to keep your automobiles in a safety-mode, for whatever form they are, they must not be relatively driven too fast and too slow, to keep all motorists in perfect balance, to drastically minimize any kind of loss.

This is what rightly reflects God’s wisdom, which equally prompts Him to save you-just in case of any small danger appearing.  The Lord said that, ‘Life’s successes, are dependent on a full cooperation with God, but not a full dependence on God,’ since we were all modelled as free moral agents, and to operate life ourselves, within a specified limit.

Now, He also by this Law, shows us how we can play our part, and to bring this form of development, which is by using the Law of Balance to achieve many of the life successes within that expressive limit.


What Of Driving Too Slow?

On the other hand, as far as the law of balance is still concerned, driving too slowly, is also a problem or a detriment to us in several ways. Both extremes, are not so good, to be frank. When you should drive too slow, like a snail, you may take a long time or may never reach your destination, in time. In fact, it will be better for you to not drive at all.

For instance, imagine someone going for a business meeting, while driving too slow like a snail. How will he be able to get to the meeting on time? Indeed, he may be late for that meeting, and if there may be an appointment, or a contract, he may perhaps lose it.

So, God is also teaching us that, driving too slow may also be a detriment onto us; it may also cost us resources, in any many ways. In short, there’s going to be a lot of time, money and energy wasted.

Okay, so we get it; this are some of the reasons why some people may consider to drive too fast, in order not to waste any of these valuable resources; however, that should not influence you to jump into the other extreme end, that is, to drive too fast, which we all know what can happen to people who do that.

In short, your act of driving too fast will not lead you entirely out of the problem-zone. Surely, it’ll be better, if you should get to the meeting late, with your soul, body and spirit intact, than to expect yourself to be buried under heaped metals, with all teeth and limbs off.

Besides, the next time, you should possibly get to the meeting early, by waking up considerably early, to hit the road with a considerable ‘moderate speed range,’ or with what can be called, ‘not a too fast or a too slow’ pace, while enjoying the easily manoeuvrable easily peaceful drive.


The Solution:

So, at best, it is better to not to drive too fast or too slowly, at almost all times, though your destination may be that far.

According to God, if possible, the average car should be built by engineers (by their respective manufacturers), to have a newly controlled speed which is only between the moderate speed range, so that no matter how hard drivers step on the pedal, the speed limits will still be found in the realized safety and moderate ranges, as far as this Law of Balance, is of concern.

In this case, the speed would be wisely controlled, and balanced, no matter what, which means, drivers will end up saving their respected lives, properties and that of others, whether they intend to be selfish or not. Yes, He’d suggested that a controlled speed, should be used in all vehicles. Yes, after all, vehicles are just for transportation purposes; why the need for too much speed? In this case, it will also mean that our drivers will be in much control of their own vehicles, than to be controlled by their cars when on top speed; in the end, they can easily apply the brakes or manoeuvre their cars into a safety zone, when they’re in control of their cars, due to a controlled speed, should there be an oncoming vehicle or a pending danger.

We also know that most cars skid or summersault, when brakes are applied during a top speed. However, in a moderate speed range for all cars, this won’t allow the cars to summersault or to make it skid, saving possible, all lives and properties.

The problem here is, if we are to leave the average driver to decide when to drive carefully, you will never get the problem resolved; as far as God knows, men will always be selfish and stubborn, sometimes. This is why motor or vehicular accidents never get resolved, with their rates increasing day by day, even though we’re making considerable awareness every year.

Again, to the Lord, importantly, this was why even though he’d created horses to carry humans on chariots, he still gave those vehicles called animals that form of intelligence, so that at any rate of speed, they can be in control of themselves, to advice themselves quickly, and stop by themselves, in case of any pending danger, when on them.

Know that, horses often drive people through a moderate speed range, unless otherwise told by their riders to do so differently. However, they will also intelligently halt in their tracks, when they notice any pending danger even if you don’t even tell them, therefore, having the conscience to know when to stop, so they can save their own lives.

Thus, the average rider doesn’t often have problems when riding on a horse, even if he’s unaware of the danger. However, most cars we use are not like that. They don’t have that form of mechanical intelligence like a horse, to do so. On top of their speed, they won’t stop or manoeuvre by themselves, and they could skid even if you try to manoeuvre it into a safety lane, or should you hit those brakes, instantly.

In fact, the brakes could fail!

In fact, these are all part of the reasons why you should keep the car in a moderate speed range.

Well, nonetheless, even if you should ride that intelligent animal called a horse, it is still advisable you ride in that safety moderate range, so that you’ll be in control.

Let it be the same as you do for a car. The manufactures should therefore control the speed limits from their manufacturing stages, instead of leaving the average driver to decide on that. This is not going to help. Everything beyond here, whether it is natural or artificial, it is going to be detrimental to our lives-as we have always seen, in this world.

Regarding our streets, the Lord explained that, most of these vehicles are not good for us.

It is high time we use non-carbon emission vehicles, for obvious reasons.

According to Him, the world has come far in terms of its technology, to introduce into this world, non-carbon emission vehicles, in order to preserve the ecosystem.

These old technologies (through carbon emissions), are destroying the health trees, the ozone layer, precious animals, and the very life we have as humans, at a fast pace!

Every man suffers from it.

We know that these CFC gases going into our lungs, and deep into our bloodstreams, are posing hazards to us. They reduce the oxygen levels (or contents) within our lungs and bloodstreams, which can pose a potential danger, such as shortening of our lives.

All these are destroying, the true definition of Transportation-a definition which shouldn’t involve risks. Well consider-how can travelling from place to place be so dangerous, to the very reason why we exist?

All water bodies, plants, the ozone atmosphere above us and animals, are losing their strength or weakening through these negative gas exposures.

We’re losing the clean energy we need, and as well, everyone seems to be asleep; the air in our environment, are more than polluted, being contributed by the nice cars we drive.

Therefore, these daily emission of dangerous fumes and gases, are contributing to the life reducing, agents in the environment. They destroy everything in our environment, increasing the threat of what we all don’t want-Global Warming.

We cannot say we want to resolve the crises of GLOBAL warming, when we keep on emitting these CFCs into our global system. Think about it-if we don’t change this method now, it will be quite difficult reversing it in the future.

Therefore, the change of these carbon emission cars now with an eco-friendly technology, will help in preventing these dangerous future impacts on our globe, and all the living and also non-organisms which are living in it. We cannot be carried away by the aesthetic values these sorts of cars provide our souls, but then forget to do the right thing, or to even act now.

From the beginning, there was one responsibility that was given to man-to replenish the earth.


God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth…

Gen. 1:28 (KJB).


At least, that’s what the Universe expects from us.

These environmental problems we’re causing this earth, does not look like we’re keeping our promises, as the good stewards of the earth. Moreover, I think sometimes, men wait till when the problems are too dire and many to be solved, before they wake up, even when we know what to do.

I therefore think this message is a wake-up call to every man here, to the very reasons why we came here as human custodians of the earth. (These, and many other ways we’re destroying this eco-system, should be stopped, family.)

There have to be changes now, or as soon as possible, and that shows that we love the ecosystem-or we indeed love nature, and are replenishing her lost energy and strength.

Now, finally, according to the Lord, our streets (roads) should be tarred with Concrete instead of Bitumen, and they should have enough trees and grass planted by them.

He had explained that Bitumen, which is a dark-black substance is not the best material for the construction of roads, because it attracts so much heat from the hot and burning sun and that makes or raises the Ground Temperature around us, to become too hot.

When this happens, when we do expect the temperatures at night to be cool or cold enough from the breeze from all water bodies around, instead we’ll rather feel a sensation of heat around us or in the environment, making our rooms hotter. In short, the normal expected room temperatures of our rooms are being changed, while bitumen, which do lines up in the front or back of our homes, are a contributing factor to this challenge.

Concrete, on the other hand, loses heat easily, and even with more trees and grasses are planted around them, keeps the environment cooler, thus, not affecting the normal room temperatures, for our human survival. Thus, concrete supports the biological health of man.

This is why God supports it, if we intend to make our environment safe for our health: we should tar our roads and streets with concrete then.

God bless you all.

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