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About Us

Lots Of Love;

In the year 2006, the Lord revealed Himself to Prince as a Pillar Of Cloud, in the middle of the night. It was a physical experience, but not one which was a vision.
Then He said to him;

‘‘I Will Show You Great & Mighty Things You Do Not Know Of.’’ In that very encounter a ‘Golden Book’ was given to him in which the Lord said it contained ‘’The Mysteries & The Secrets About This Universe.’’
After this encounter, the Lord told him to write down whatever is being unveiled to him through this book by His Spirit. This is the reason for this website and many of the books Prince had written, exposing Powerful Answers And Solutions to the world.
In short, is God’s educative platform, or an online publication requested by the Lord to reveal the deep things of God. It’s the Lord speaking through Him, giving him words that will bring hope and life to this end-time world.
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