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How God had Designed and Created the Universe 

How God had Designed and Created the Universe


I received this Revelation after I went to Heaven and met God, who gave me Golden Book and said that, it contained ”The Mysteries and Secrets of God,” after which the Lord requested that I write them and publish them on this site. You’re about to read the Mystery of Creation, Part One. This, according to God, is for the Church and for the World’s acknowledgement, as Mysteries need to revealed in the last days. This first post on the Mystery of Creation, is about how God had designed and created our Universe. Thanks for reading.

(The Mystery Of Creation)


‘Is there God?’
‘Who is God? What is God? Does He Exist? Who or what formed life? Was it formed by Chance or by God?’
‘So where are we from? And where are we going from here?’

These are the questions asked by people from all walks of life including religious leaders, scientists, philosophers and the average citizen as well. We’ve taken notice of the natural intelligent elements around us, that is, the beauty of the vast universe: and have wondered whether this world belongs to an intelligent creator or the creations came out of some other mysterious sources.

But why do we find it important to ask ourselves these questions? As several people say, we ask because of the nature of life events ongoing around us, which often turns from good to bad, and once a while turns from bad to good.

So, in an attempt to answer these questions, several of the world’s greatest thinkers tried to propound thoughtful theories about life’s origin, of how it came about in the first place. One amongst those popular theories was the Theory of Big Bang.

Nevertheless, the world has got her largest population believing in the existence of God, who to them, is the designer of the universe and life. We believe God simply lives beyond this universe.
Yet, religious bodies, if not all, have had their share of doubts sometimes regarding God’s existence.All believe in some form of relationship with a spiritual Power beyond the universe. Yet, for how this spiritual authority came into existence in the first place, they’ve never ceased to wonder!
Many times, a lot more of these people fear they might be walking in deception, while the rest of the others may be serving the true God or doing the right things.

So the entire human race is divided under billions of opinions of men concerning life’s origin-either by one of these two-God or Chance. For whether we like it or not, this is the primary issue which shape our lives on Earth, which we seem not to know which of these possibilities formed, designed and created her (The Universe).

Moreover, several religious people sometimes fear they might be worshiping false gods or spirits who may not be original owners of life, yet seeking viciously to destroy her inhabitants.
Almost all religions believe in the sure existence of ‘satanic spirits and mighty demonic hosts out there against us, in the much unknown spirit world which is just in an inaudible and thin dimension from what we see around us.

In fact the evidence of these hosts have been felt and witnessed by humans of almost all kinds of religions across the length and breadth of the world.
Through the arts and sciences of deception, they’ve gotten the ‘magnetic’ hold on many ‘lives’ walking upon the surface of this earth, with their frantic purpose of perfectly destroying well-cherished destinies of God’s people.

Where should the real ‘secret party place’ to seek upmost refuge be? Should it be under the canopy of the ‘Almighty One’ who sincerely created all things as believed by the many religions?
Hence, we sincerely understand that after a long historical background of people just having ‘faith’ in the existence of God, though they’ve never seen Him, and though this may probably have positive results, it seems that the wandering world will believe nothing except be proven and scoped with science before the science-based or most religious person will follow.

So as our modern day is concerned, our world is filled with people carrying open doubts who are publicly beginning to shoulder the divine things of life to their back side, saying that those who believe in the existence of God are ‘fooling’ themselves. For we believe that science can prove everything. Shouldn’t Science be capable of proving these unknown feats as well?
‘If Science cannot prove God’s existence, then God doesn’t exist,’ they say. Hence, to them, whatever cannot be proven should not be believed upon. Thus, this is the reason for scientists giving a waymore to ‘Chance’ nowadays.

Yet, science on the other hand, according to many sources have failed many, leading them to weak assumptions, to schools of thoughts of how the universe came to be in first place, was designed, and was brought to effect by a so called ‘Chance’?.

Therefore there are millions having not their minds set up, harboring secret doubts in their hearts, who may have believed in either God or Chance, and so have joined many groupings and organizations, hence the results of so many religious and non-religious groupings who are just working their way out to be a part of whatever they might dim fit as the right path to follow.

They throw their ‘valued’ lives to anything or to everything, to any kind of hope they find. Should thus, be how life be lived? Is that all that our universe can serve us with upon our arrival here?
Won’t we all be capable of knowing the original owners of life once and for all to stop the un-encouraging differences which do not help us in any way? That is why the above questions have sprouted debates more than a number you can imagine. Till date, we seem not to find the answers, and looks like all hope has been lost to find them despite many attempts made by all and sundry.

Now, in view of this, in the year 2006, something strategic happened in my life. Yes, and I began to have visitations from God.One night, while I was praying, I literally saw the Lord’s Spirit coming down upon the earth, and then He came to settle upon me.
Then I heard Him say clearly after sometime, ‘I will show you great and mighty things you do not know of.’
In another encounter, I was taken to Heaven (a place beyond the universe) to meet God.
God, who was then sitting upon a giant throne surrounded by a crowd of ministering spirits, stretched out His hand. Then He handed to me a ‘Gold Plated Book.’

There, I was also made to understand that this pure golden book contained the ‘hidden things’ of God.
In a space of 10 years, God was cordially sending His Holy Spirit to show me things you and I do not know concerning life, and the universe, and of how it was first designed, and the meaning God decided to give to her before we all came to live in it. So then I saw that God, for years had been listening to these questions asked by all and sundry and has chosen to answer at this time.

In order not to bother you so much about my encounters with divinity, I will rather choose to speak more on some of these divine encounters I had with God in other editions of this post.
However, for now, we should all be seeing how our universe was designed, constructed by God, was brought to effect by Him, and the meaning God was trying to give her before time begun.

This good post of divine revelations is to show that God (as in general) is not dead. He exists and created the universe with His plan, the plan He founded before the universe’s foundations.
Thus, out of the extremely great resources of His hidden secrets, have I written this post for the world’s acknowledgment that He exists, and the benefits of the world knowing He exists.
He’s is not dead, but is alive. The world must know and love God for that matter.


Man’s  Failing Grand Designs

IN 1859, Charles Darwin, the English Naturalist, gave his hypotheses in a publication he titled Origin of Species.  He stated that our universe might have originated out of a Big Bang effect.

According to this theory there was an expansion in the whole universe which led to it being formed in this cyclic way with several heavenly bodies around the sun. He added that another subsequent factor, Evolution, was the primary cause behind all of these other natural things we see.

However, Popular Scientists are aware that there are certain missing factors in the Big Bang and Evolutionary theories.

It is the reason why Space Agencies are still in search of these missing factors which would give full flesh and stake to the Big Bang Theory. At the same time other Popular Scientists are also in search of the one and in all ‘Grand Unifying Theory’ better off than Darwin’s prevailing theory of Big Bang.

To them, the new ‘Grand Design’ or this ‘Grand Unifying Theory’ must have all the missing factors. And it is of great belief that, the discovery of the Grand Design will bring to light all the riches hidden in our universe and beyond her.

They believe that through this Design or Theory we can understand the origin of the universe, humans, and also possibly understand where we will be going from here: as it stands, we don’t know. It shall bring the solutions to bear, to give answers to all questions asked by all religious people, scientists, philosophers, as well as the average man in the universe.

Yet again, this is so shocking that this Grand Design is being manifested to us by God. And the Grand Design indicates to us who designed and created the universe.

Indeed, my strong affirmation is based upon the following scripture that was given to me by God, when He was about to show to me how He had designed and created the entire universe.

This scripture was Psalm 19:4:

Their line has gone out through all the earth and their words to the end of the world. In them He (GOD) has set a TABERNACLE for the SUN.


Now, wait. Did you notice what it said at the end? It says that He, referring to ’’ God, had  SET A TABERNACLE FOR THE SUN!’ A wide interpretation of ‘’…a tabernacle for the Sun’’ means that the Sun dwells in a design which is exactly like a Tabernacle, yet we know it as cyclic or spherical in design.

Moreover, many years before God even spoke about this claim, He had previously given a model of a Tabernacle to Moses.  That was when a chord struck in me. There, I also came to realize that the universe might have the same design of a tabernacle God had given to a man.

What is a Model?

But, what is a model anyway? A model, according to definition, is either:

  1. A three-dimensional representation of a person or thing or of a proposed structure, typically on a smaller scale than the original.
  2. A system or thing used as an example to follow or imitate, or
  3. A representation of a system that allows for investigation of the properties of the system and in some cases, prediction of future outcomes.

These are definitions from the Longmann English Dictionary. Hence, the tabernacle of God was a smaller made type or the smaller version of the whole systematic structure of our universe.

We can also say that it is the same ‘Grand Design’ God had used to design the universe before creating here. That was why He used the word ‘‘pattern,’’ meaning, ‘‘design’’ or ‘‘model’’ in this same scripture.

… “Be sure that you make everything according to the pattern (The Model) I have shown you here on the mountain.”

Ex. 8:5 NLT

In fact, when God had spoken with Moses He earnestly warned him:

 … “Be sure that you make everything according to the pattern (i.e. The Model) I have shown you here on the mountain.”

Ex. 8:5 NLT

This means that, of a truth, there is a model for the Sun’s universe, and that secret model or the Grand Design God used was the tabernacle model He gave to Moses!

It may sound stupid; but when the God’s Spirit had said to me that I should convert the much rectangular tabernacle into a spherical design, it was the perfect match I had ever seen in my life!

That means that the life we have was never by Chance. It was created by God! It was designed and it was crafted with an intelligent purpose!

You may not be a believer in God, but wait to see how the tabernacle’s design matches with the universe’s known design.

Indeed there is no doubt that the universe being seen by all human Space Agencies has an unknown and most perfect design of the tabernacle! What else could have been so accurate as this?

This is nowhere near any school of thought or an assumption. It is a statement of fact, hidden from our eyes, from the foundations of the world! I also believe we have come to the end of the search of life’s origin, who created it or where it all started, where, and where it is going from around here!

Below is the graphical image of God’s tabernacle.

The Tabernacle


The Details of the Model

 When explaining the details of the tabernacle, The Lord’s Spirit helped me to realize that the tabernacle had 3 courts, thus was also 3 dimensional. The tabernacle had an Outer Courtyard, The Inner Court and a Most Holy Place.


The Outer Courtyard


This was the largest court of the Lord’s tabernacle.


Inside Outer Court: Indicated by Arrow


Before a person will enter the Outer Courtyard, there was a Gate in front which one must pass through before getting into the large outer courtyard.


Outer Court Gate


Moreover, the whole courtyard was covered with white linen cloth, fastened to several poles and pegs. In the compound of the Outer Courtyard were two vessels.  The first one after the Tabernacle Gate was the Brazen Altar of Burnt Sacrifice.


 Altar of Burnt Sacrifice


It was a brass metallic rectangular box with wire mesh inside it. Under the mesh were coals of fire.

At the four corners of this Altar were four extensions called Horns. It was on this Brazen Altar of Burnt Sacrifice that sacrifices like lambs, bullocks and grains of cereals were burnt. Also, the blood of sacrifices was also poured upon it and also in a brazen pan by its side.

The second vessel, right after the Brazen Altar of Sacrifice was the Brazen Laver. The Brazen Laver was a large brazen bowl filled with water to its brim.


Brazen Laver of Water


The priests of the court often washed their hands in this brass pan before entering into the Temple to render services to the Lord God.



The Inner Court

But the first room of the Temple was called the Inner Court or Holy Place. This Inner Court too has a Door in front, which enclosed it. So then, before one enters this room, he had to pass through the Door to get into it.


Inner Court Door


Inside Inner Court


Now, inside the Inner Court we can see a Gold Plated Table on the right side. This table was called The Table of Showbread and on it were 12 flat loaves of bread.


Table of Showbread on the right: Six flat loaves on each side of this Table


These 6 loaves on each side totaled up to 12. On the left side of the Table of Showbread was what was called The Golden Menorah. 

According to description, the Golden Menorah was also a vessel of Six (6) golden lamp stands, with seven (7) candle sticks upon it. And the 7 candlesticks were lit frequently with coals of fire to provide light for the entire room of the Inner Court, often called the Holy Place as well.



Candlesticks being lit by a Priest


As fuel for the candlesticks, the priests used Olive Oil.  Then again, the Golden Menorah also had engravings of flowers and fruit buds on the stems of each of these 7 candlesticks.


The Altar of Incense

At the far end of the Inner Court, close to the veil shielding the Most Holy Place was The Golden Altar of Incense.


Incense Table: by the veil of Most Holy Place


On this piece of gold plated furniture, incense was burnt. When the incense was burnt, the incense smoke or gas filled the whole Inner Court.


Incense being burnt by Priest


But there were certain ingredients that were used for the incenses. These included Gum, Resin, Onycha, and Galbanum. Now, this floor space in between the Golden Menorah vessel and these other two sets of furniture of the Holy Place was called the Threshing Floor. 

Then as one looks into the Holy Place, one can see that the veil shielding the entrance of the Most Holy Place had artistic designs of Cherubs.


Cherubs on Veil: Designs of Eyes Close by


Around these cherubs, you see other designs as well. These designs around the cherubs reflect the eyes on the bodies of cherubs. Cherubs, on the other hand, are celestial beings who have eyes all over them. They live with God in the world we can’t see.

There were also colourful Curtains on the left and of the right hand side walls of the Holy Place: and even in the second and last room called the Most Holy Place are also curtains. But, according to the measurements, the length of this Holy Place was 20 cubits, with breadth too being 20 cubits.


The Most Holy Place

Finally, the last room of this Temple was the Most Holy Place. Though this room was the smallest and last room, it was the most important place of the tabernacle. This was because when Moses had finished constructing the entire tabernacle, it was reported that the people saw God heading down from the skies as fire, and without any particular form, into the Most Holy Place.

Ark of Covenant visited by God’s Glory of Fire


Anytime He went into the Most Holy Place in the appearance of fire He sat upon The Golden Ark of Covenant.

There was no light in the Most Holy Place, but His nature being light and fire produced light for the Most Holy Place. On the gold plated Ark of Covenant Box, were also gold images of cherubs, each one on the side, with their glorious wings spread out to cover God’s face.


God as Light over the Ark of Covenant:
face covered by designed wings of the Cherubs

The Items inside God’s Ark of the Covenant: Yet inside the Ark or the Chest Box on which this fire celestial being sat were other items, which Moses was commanded to set in there.

These included the 2 Tablets of Stone on which the popular 10 commandments were written, the Golden Pot of manna (The golden pot which contained the bread God gave to the children of Israel), the book of the Law, and Aaron’s rod (a rod with shoots of fresh green leaves).


Ark of the Covenant with Vessels inside   


Once a year, the High Priest went into this sacred room, called the Most Holy Place to offer sacrifices. He also burnt incense to fill the Most Holy Place: he never went in there when God arrived there.

By measurement, this Most Holy Place had its length to be 10 cubits, and a breadth too to be 10 cubits. Lastly, while the large Outer Courtyard had no covering, the Temple of two rooms, of an Inner Court and a Most Holy Place had roofing made with Badger Skins.

Outer Courtyard Uncovered: Dark Badger Skin over the 2 rooms


The tabernacle itself, its vessels, furniture and all other items are symbolic and also have direct interpretations as well. So for us to understand how the UNIVERSE was crafted by this design or model, we have to actually and perfectly understand their literal and symbolic meanings.



The Scientific Description of the Universe

HOWEVER, before we can see how God had used the tabernacle to design and to create the entire universe of the universe, we have to remind ourselves of all that modern science has told us concerning the universe too. At least this is what the average man knows.

The Universe!

According to scientists the universe is a cyclic or spherical design. At least the evidence of this is well proven beyond the works of just one Space agency and all of them have correctly used powerful modern day technologies to capture what they discovered about the universe.

Notable amongst such Space Agencies include NASA, being one of the premiere Space Agencies of the world, belonging to the United States of America. But according to the design, in the center-most part of the cyclic universe is the fireball Sun. it is known to be a large ball of fire which is made up of burning gases.

Hence, it is the combination of several energies together which are burning as fuel. Round about the Sun, comes the planets revolving it: each travelling in its orbiting path.

Therefore, Space Agencies basically give record of a Solar System in which our Sun (SOLAR) is in the center of the universe, while other objects are revolving around it.



Array of the whole Universe



The Solar system


These Planets are known to be giant unique ‘lands.’ The graphical image above reveals how these lands revolve around the Sun as they are governed by the Sun in the whole system. It was discovered that while they revolve around the Sun, each has an axis on which it spins in circles before going round the Sun. The Planets, which are like circular lands or circular cities, have moons.

The sole responsibility of these moons is to be lit by the light energies from the Sun. The moons in turn transmit their received light energies to their planets (lands) for them to have light too.



Jupiter and its Moons


Moons can be lit because they are luminous objects. Moons have distinct features. A moon in the outermost part of the universe has volcanic fires located on it (See picture below). Also, on almost all moons craters are being discovered.



Moon with Fire of a Volcano


Moons with their Craters


Then also from this earth, we are capable of seeing Stars. Though they are realized to be huge gaseous lights they are seen by us from the Earth Planet as small lights scattered in the dark matter of space.



A giant Star


Moreover, the whole Space is made up of gases especially over atmospheres of cosmic objects such as planets, moons of the planets and Stars.


Gas in Space



Three Divisions inside the Universe

Finally, after many years of astronomical research, scientists discovered that there are 3 divisions made in the universe, made by some 3 belts in between the planets going round their overall god-the Sun.

Among them, the smallest and closest belt to our Sun is called the Asteroid Belt. It is the region made up of asteroids or simply space boulders or Space rocks. This is followed by the Kuiper Belt, being the second biggest of the 3.

The last and biggest of them all is the Oort Cloud, which is located in the outermost part of the Universe. In the picture below you can see both the Asteroid and Kuiper cyclic belts located in-between the planets going round about our Sun. Their names have between written in yellow.



Kuiper and Asteroid:  Both in yellow writing


The Kuiper Belt is a disc-shaped region of icy objects found beyond the orbit of Neptune several miles away from the Sun. And Pluto and Eris are the best known planets of these icy worlds.

All 3 belts can be seen at the outermost part of the universe in a graphical picture shown below together with the last and third belt. And the third belt is named as the Oort Cloud.


All 3 belts with Sun in the Center of the Universe


However, the more distant Oort Cloud is the belt fully filled with water. However, the water is in the form of Ice.



Oort Cloud: where it reigns as Water


Over the years, scientists thought that both the Kuiper Belt and even more distant Oort Cloud might have been the home of comets that orbit our sun.

We can see that these 3 belts divide the universe into 3 spherical courts, a universe in which the Sun is in its center, while all planets rotate and revolve in-between the 3 belts.

Hence, we have a 3-part cyclic universe, as a result of the 3 divisions created by the 3 separate spherical divides.

Finally, away from the 3-dimensional universe, is evidently the realm of dark energies called Dark Matter. Done with the fundamental knowledge acquired by us humans, concerning the universe let’s move on to see and understand how God, had used His Glory, which is reflected in the Model called the Tabernacle to design and to create Our Universe. 


How God designed and created Our Universe

THE Spirit explained to me that in order to get the design of our universe out of this tabernacle, I would have to convert the tabernacle into a cyclic design. He said, ‘‘Convert the tabernacle into a spherical design,’’ And when I did it, this was what I found.



The Conversion into the Spherical Design


Full Colour: the Spherical Design


The two graphical images show the results of my conversion, on the much rectangular looking tabernacle of Moses, into a new Cyclic Tabernacle. Already, some features started to turn up.

When I made comparison I realized that as the universe has 3 spherical divisions God’s tabernacle shows 3 spherical divisions as well when converted.

However, these 3 divisions are realized here as a result of these; the Gate of the Outer Court, Door of the Inner Court and Veil shielding the Most Holy Place of God’s Tabernacle which divided God’s tabernacle into 3 major divisions.

Yet, in the universe these 3 divisions are realized as a result of these; the Asteroid Belt, The Kuiper belt and Oort Cloud well realized by world Scientists.



Asteroid and Kuiper Belt with Oort Cloud


Outer Court Gate, Inner Court Door and the Veil of Most Holy Place


As the cyclic tabernacle had 3 spherical courts in between the Gate, the Door and the Veil, where the vessels and furniture sets were located, so the universe also has 3 spherical courts in between her Asteroid belt, her Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud, which was also where the planets were located! I thought this was very amazing and excellent!

Their Sizes

Apart from that, the Outer Court of God’s spherical tabernacle was the biggest, corresponding to the Outer Court of the universe’s spherical design, which was also the biggest.

As well, the Inner Court which was also the next biggest of the tabernacle was of the same size of the middle portion of the spherical universe.

Finally, the smallest part of the tabernacle of Moses, which was where God came to sit, called the Most Holy Place also corresponded to the smallest part of the universe, being the center, where the Sun locates itself.


An Outer Court, Inner Court and the Most Holy Place of our Universe

This is to indicate that the universe first and foremost, is a 3 dimensional spherical tabernacle.

Thus our universe has an Outer Court, an Inner Court, having a Most Holy Place similar to God’s model, which is His tabernacle that reveals His Glory. From here, we should begin to see why God told King David that the universe has similar designs as the tabernacle of His Glory.


… In them He (GOD) has set a TABERNACLE FOR THE SUN, which is like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber…

Psalm 19: 4


So the Sun, being in the center-most part of the Universe, actually dwells in a 3 dimensional spherical tabernacle very much unknown to us.

Moreover, because a tabernacle is the place or a structure constructed for the purposes of worshiping or serving a god, and for this case God, it suggests that the Sun was also created with similar intentions of its ruling its own tabernacle (universe) as a god, in order to be depended on by the rest of the cosmic objects orbiting it.

Thus, the Sun is a god, and it is a god of a spherical tabernacle called the universe. It rules the entire SPACE. Hence, the Universe is a Cyclic or Spherical Tabernacle! Hope you understand.


Vessels and Furniture sets of the Tabernacle

Moreover, we also know that in the tabernacle God commanded the Jews to build, there were some vessels, and furniture sets arranged in an orderly manner, in each of these 3 parts or courts of the tabernacle.

Having known that both the Universe and God’s tabernacle are similar according to their corresponding sizes and shapes, which are both 3 dimensional designs, we have to find the symbolic or literal interpretations of those vessels and furniture sets, and what they symbolized, as far as the Universe’s tabernacle, governed by our Sun is concerned.

Hence, we have to know which of the vessels and furniture sets of God’s tabernacle was to represent the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, Jupiter’s red Spot, and all other cosmic objects, just as we discovered for the Gate, Door and Veils of the Asteroid, Kuiper and Oort belts, a while ago. God added that in order to know this we can redraw the cyclic tabernacle.

Then we should locate the positions the vessels and furniture sets in the new spherical tabernacle. This would help us know which Space objects they were created to represent.


Space objects being symbolized in the Tabernacle

 FIRST, to place the Ark of Covenant I redrew the spherical tabernacle and located its position in the Most Holy Place of God’s new spherical Tabernacle.



Vessel Location at the Center


Then I also placed the other vessels and furniture sets of God’s old tabernacle into His newly converted tabernacle in their respective places.


 Vessel Location: Table of Showbread, 7 Candlesticks and the Incense Table


Vessel Location: Outer Court Vessels-The Brazen Laver and the Altar of Fire


So, with the above works, we will surely be able to identify what they represent in the Universe we live in.


The New Spherical Most Holy Place

The Most Holy Place, being the Center of God’s tabernacle was also where God came to sit upon the Ark. As His appearance was fire, He represented the Sun whose appearance is also fire, and both were fire beings in the Most Holy Places of their spherical tabernacles.

God’s appearance or nature has similar characteristics of the Sun’s nature. No wonder when humans are referring to God, by some kind of ‘natural’ intuition or clairvoyance, they use the Sun to refer or to represent God or the other way round, yet they have never seen God.

Some know because while the Bible teaches that God is both a light and a fire being, Science also teaches us about the Sun, which is also by nature light and fire.


Sun’s Nature as God’s Nature


Not only that. Both are in the center-most parts or the Most Holy Places of their respective tabernacles.



Fire Presence of the Sun at the Center-most



Fire Presence of God: at the Center-most


Actually, in the whole universe, God’s nature is represented by the Sun in Space. We can say that God also symbolizes the Sun in His tabernacle He had built with the Israelite.

God is known to dwell in unapproachable light and the Sun too is known to be an unapproachable light. No one can actually approach God or the Sun because of their intense energies.


Who alone is immortal and who lives in UNAPPROACHABLE LIGHT, whom no one has seen or can see. To him be honor and might forever. Amen.

1 Tim 6:16 NIV

You (God) are dressed in a robe of light. You stretch out the starry curtain of the heavens (The universe).

Psalm 104:2 NLT

Hence, this explains why in Malachi 4:2, He uses the term The Sun of Righteousness to also refer to His glory.


‘But for you who fear my name, THE SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS will rise with healing in his wings. And you will go free, leaping with joy like calves let out to pasture



The Symbolic or literal meanings of the Items in the Most Holy Place

Furthermore, God however uses the items in the Golden Ark of Covenant (the Chest box) on which He sat to show the nature and functions of the Sun in all of Space. These are what they were to symbolize:


The Ark of the Covenant: This Ark of Covenant symbolizes the centermost part where the Sun sits in the Most Holy Place of its Universe, since God’s Golden Ark was a seat He sat on.  And, also the golden colour was a reflection of the golden colour of the Sun in Space.


 The Incense (gases) which filled the Most Holy Place after the burning of Incense. This gas was basically to refer to the gaseous nature of the Sun, since the incense produced smoke, and smoke is a kind of Gas.

Hence, it is well known amongst us, that the Sun is a mixture of gases. It is known to radiate heat, vapour and light) in the core part of the Universe, which is its Most Holy Place.


 The Two Tablets of Stone which the 10 Commandments were inscribed upon: In Symbology, as a law or commandment represent Power or Force, and for that matter Energy as well, it is to reflect the power, force or energy nature of the Sun. Some of the basic known energies derived from the Sun include Thermal Energy, Radiation (electromagnetic and electromotive) and Light Energy.


 The Book of the Law: This representation of the law is the same as the one above. No wonder, our Sun is the law giver, that is, (The power and energy giver), therefore the god of all the heavenly bodies.


Pot of Manna: Manna indicates food, because it was the food God fed His people with in the wilderness. Now, the human world is able to obtain some kind of food from the Sun which is in the form of Vitamins or Nutrients.

As also scientists have found, Vitamin D is acquired from this Sun. The Sun also gives nutrients to these planets surrounding it.  Moreover, we are also aware that the Sun helps in the development of food through a process, which has been known as Photosynthesis.


 Aaron’s rod that budded: The green sprouted leaves on Aaron’s rod, represents life given by the Sun. Green, as often indicated represents ‘life.’

It is known that the Sun’s energies in many ways assist in the development of biological life matter here on the Earth. This is why we know that the Sun helps flowering plants to make food for humans and animals through the process of Photosynthesis.

Moreover, without the Sun, all humans and most animals would live in very cold temperatures at all times. This is because there would no heat, and thus we will all die out of very cold temperatures! The Earth will not be alive. Yes, we will all die! So, the Sun supports the life in us, giving life all day long.

The Inner Court of the Sun’s Holy Tabernacle

Yet, in the Inner Court we saw 3 furniture sets. They were the Golden Table of Showbread, the Golden Menorah and the Golden Altar of Incense. And also, remember that there were also artistic designs of cherubs on the veil and curtains seen in the same Inner Court.


The Holy Court


Their literal or Symbolic representations

The Table of Showbread: This Table of Showbread was the table with exactly 12 loaves of bread upon it, six on one side, and six on the other side.

Here, the number 12 in Numerology (The Study of Numbers) stands for the following; Systems, kingdom, bodies, lands, region, sectors,   administrations, governments, organs and organisms. It also means satisfaction.

What are these lands, Systems or Kingdoms being referred here in the whole of Space? They are lands called the Planets which revolve all-round the Sun.

Are these not the Planets (e.g. the Planet Earth) that these kingdoms; the Plants, Animal, Water and Human kingdoms are found?

Hence they are also referred to as lands, or the systems or bodies (heavenly bodies) on which all other kingdoms have been located.

Though it is only the Earth Planet that we see all these kingdoms, yet some lands or Planets also have water, mineral elements, fire and other natural resources such as gases or fuels upon their surfaces or inside their crusts, which form systems.



All Planets and Systems governed by the Sun


These planets are known to be systems, lands or kingdoms because they are ruled by the Sun, who is a god over its spherical tabernacle. This was like how God also rules from His tabernacle in Heaven. Moreover, if these are kingdoms in the universe, then the Sun is the king or Monarch over the universal kingdom (i.e. all Planets and all other heavenly objects).

Hence, the meaning God gave to the universe is like a god (the Sun) which governs over its surrounded (kingdoms), called Planets by humans.

Now, as these planets first move in their axis before moving around the Sun, it gives the impression that they are first, ‘Self-governing kingdoms or systems,’ before being ruled by their overall Sun-god.

Like in a kingdom where the king is responsible for taking care of his people, they will not have life or light if not for their king, which is called the Sun; they are taken care off by their ruler (the Sun) in the universal kingdom, to provide them with light and with life also.

Hence, in as much as the whole universe is truly a spherical tabernacle, it is also a giant kingdom in which the Sun is a ruler (a god) and king over the entire kingdom. This was what was realized by Scientists; so they called it Solar or the The Sun’s System.

Therefore, the uniqueness of each kingdom (each of the Planets) is based on factors such as size, shape (e.g. Saturn’s unique rings), colours, type of available resources on it, the number of moons each has, together with their orbiting positions, and other distinct factors.

Hence, each of them has to move on its axis (rotation) and to move in its own orbiting path (revolution) around their god or ruler (the Sun). Moreover, each of them is inclined in a way that it may be capable of receiving the Sun’s energies of light of life. For that matter, each nations or each Planet is unique in itself.

Hence, without the Sun’s light of life these ‘governed kingdoms,’ which together form the universal System are doomed for failure, for there would be darkness in their realms and there would be death in all of them as well.

Therefore, they were designed to have a relationship with their god (the Sun) so they could be satisfied by it (12 also meaning satisfaction), with life and light. This is the life, indicated by the sprouted green leaves of Aaron’s rod in the Ark of Covenant. The Light was represented by God’s fire nature.

The Golden Menorah: The Golden Menorah was on the left side of the Golden Table of Showbread. The priests of the courts were instructed to light these 7 Golden Candlesticks with coals of fire to provide light for the Inner Court.

So, if these candlesticks were not lit up, no light would be seen in the Inner Court of the tabernacle, which was also where other furniture sets were also located.


As Sun lights up Moon, so Priests lights up candlesticks


These 7 Golden Candlesticks over here refer to the Moons of the Planets. As a priest inside the Inner Court lit up the candlesticks, this was to connote how the Moons of the Planets or Systems (represented with the candlesticks) are lit by the ‘coals of fire’ or the light energies from the Sun, to provide life and light for those kingdoms or Planets.

But over here, the number of loaves, 12, has been used to represent the Planets called Systems, Kingdoms or lands in God’s tabernacle, which are to be lit up by candlesticks (Moons).

This was why both the Golden Table of Showbread and the Golden Menorah (7 Candlesticks upon 6 Lampstands) were placed close to each other in God’s Tabernacle to show that the Moons (lit candlesticks) are close to their respective Planets (12 loaves).

Moreover, the Olive Oil used as fuel for the candlesticks was to represent the presence of fuel in these regions of our Solar System, consisting mainly of planets, moons and their stars.  Helium and Methane, being fuels or inflammable gases, were discovered on the atmosphere of Planets (e.g. Neptune).

A Planet close to the Sun like Earth also has a mixture of gases over its atmosphere. Some of these gases in our atmosphere aid in burning, like Oxygen. Moreover, the Planet Earth also has a lot of fuel reservoirs under its Earth crust and below her water bodies.


 The Inner Court Measurements: Now, the number 40 represents deserts, rocky ground, wilderness, bare ground, trial, probation etc. That was why Space scientists have also noticed rocky surfaces and craters upon the surfaces of some Planets, especially, most inner planets or kingdoms.

Notable among these planets or kingdoms include Mars, Earth and Venus. And Moons of the inner regions also have rocky surfaces like desert landforms, together with craters.


Moons with Desert Landforms and Craters


The Inner region also includes the Asteroid belt, which is also primarily made up of Space boulders or Space rocks.


Burning of Incenses on the Altar of Incense:

As incense was burnt upon the Golden Altar close to the Veil, the incense smoke or gas traveled and filled the whole Inner Court. This smoke sometimes went beyond the Inner Court into the Most Holy Place of God’s tabernacle. Yet, even in the Most Holy Place, Incense too was burnt and was used by the high priest.


The Holy Court is filled with Smoke


The Smoke here symbolizes Gases over the atmospheres of Planets or Kingdoms (rep. by 12 loaves), on all their Moons (rep. by Candlesticks), over the 3 divides (Asteroid, Kuiper and Oort Clouds), around the Stars, and on all other cosmic objects of Space.

So, for an example, our Planet Earth (a kingdom or land) has gases (incense gas) over its atmosphere, and also has gases over its moon (its candlestick). In the same way, all other Planets (lands or Kingdoms) have diverse gases over their atmospheres as well.


Some type of gases in Space


We saw that some of these gases are inflammable gases (Helium with Methane: rep. by olive oil). Thus, because the outer court too was filled with gas or smoke any time the priests burnt sacrifices upon the Brazen Altar of Sacrifice, it means all parts of the 3-dimensional universe is made up gases.


 The Flying Wings of Cherubs: This indicates that there are flying objects in Space. They move or fly across the whole length and breadth of the universe. These flying objects include Comets. We see them fly from one end of Heaven to another to another and then they vanish.


 The Eyes on the Cherubs: On the other hand, the Eyes seen close by the Artistic Design of Cherubs, was placed there to symbolize the Stars, as Stars are like bright opened eyes in their individual sockets,  seen at night, billion miles away in the observable universe.

Moreover, the whole idea of eyes by an Artistic Design of Cherubs was to indicate the basic function of Stars, which is to create Artistic Designs.

These Artistic designs created by these Stars, are what we have known as the Horoscopes. Horoscopes are signs and symbols studied by Astrologers. However, the wings of the Cherubs are to symbolize that there are flying objects in the entire universe. These flying objects are what have been called Comets by us.


The Threshing Floor: Moreover, the Threshing Floor was the space in between the inner court vessels and furniture sets. However, in Agricultural Science a threshing floor is the floor where good (+) harvested crops are separated from the bad ones (-).

Hence, this is to suggest that there are opposite charges in the realm. They form the electrical, electromagnetic and electromotive power or energies discovered in the realm.

To give other examples, while we have Centrifugal force, we also have Centripetal force too which are known to be opposite forces to each other in this heavenly realm.

While the Centrifugal force causes celestial bodies to move towards the Sun (+), Centripetal force on the other hand, causes objects to move away from the Sun (-). So while one tries to be positive (+), the other tries to be negative (-).

There is light energy (+) which is also different and directly opposite to the dark energies (-) in the furthest regions of the vast universe. Hence, the universe is basically a making of fine matter (+) and gross matter (-) combined.

Therefore, we have a universe full of positive energies and negative energies to create the kind of perfect balance she needs. This is because perfection, according to God, is a perfect balance of opposite charges, if ‘Light and life’ must be produced. 

The Colourful Curtains of the Inner Court: God said in His Word that the stretching of the expanse of the universe was like a curtain. So the Colourful Curtains were also to reveal the diverse colours of cosmic objects forming the whole universe altogether.

That means each Planet, Moon, Star, the Sun, Asteroids, Ice all have their distinct colours and glory, which are brought together to form a very colourful Solar System like a Curtain. When David was prophesying of this effect, he said.

‘‘…You (God) stretch out the starry (glittery) curtain of the heavens (universe).’’

Psalm 104:2 NLT



Universe’s Curtain



The Dark Stretched Badger Skin Covering:

Now, the Dark Temple Roofing which was made up of Badger Skins was to symbolize the dark energy matter of the furthest regions of Space.


Arrow shows Dark Badger Skin Covering



  The Dark Energy Matter of Space


It is evident that most Stars (the many Eyes of the Cherubs) are located close to the dark energy matter. And it is also known that the dark matter is a world of dark energies.

Hence, in the universe we have the Sun (God’s fire nature) sitting in the center (Its Most Holy Place) and it rules the Planets (kingdoms or lands represented by the number 12). 

Furthermore, the Planets have Moons (lit candlesticks) with their Stars (Eyes by the Artistic designs of Cherubs) to show heavenly signs and symbols, close to the Dark energy roofing matter in the universe (The Dark Badger Skin Roofing).



A Graphical picture of the entire Universe



The Outer Court of the Sun’s Tabernacle-last Spherical Court

Moreover, we also saw that the furthest part of the spherical universe which represents the outermost part of God’s 3-dimensional universe has water moving in a cyclic belt called the Oort Cloud. This water here was symbolized with the Water in the Brazen Laver of the Outer Court.


Brazen Laver of Outer Court in display on the right



Outer Court Brazen Laver filled with Water: The Universe’s (Oort Cloud) also filled with Water


So primarily, these two great vessels (Brazen Laver and Brazen Altar) reveal main cosmic objects discovered in the outermost parts of the spherical universe.

While the spherical shape of the Brazen Laver was basically to refer to the spherical shape of the universe, the 4 horns of the Brazen Altar of Sacrifice were to show that there are Energies, Power or Forces in all 4 spherical parts of the entire universe.

The energies (the horns) in Space include Gravitational, Electromotive, Electromagnetic, Potential Kinetic, Cold, Thermal and Dark Energies.

We also know that kinetic energy was created to aid the movements of Planets, their Moons, their Stars and other celestial bodies of the universe.

Therefore, it is suggests that, the outermost design of the universe is what gives the true design of the universe. For that matter, the Lord used a spherical object to show how the outermost portion of the universe looks like in shape. And to symbolize the availability of water (in the form of Ice) located in the Outermost part of the universe, He used water.



Journeys of ICED Water


Also, the Planets which located near and around here have water upon their surfaces or inside their realm, too. These include Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune.

Pluto and Eris are all found here, and they both have availability of water upon their surfaces or atmospheres. In addition, most moons in the outermost parts of the universe also have water and ice upon their surfaces. They are the candlesticks with water upon their surfaces.


Presence of Iron, and the ‘Brass’ Emblem: In the outermost part of the universe, scientists also discovered that a moon there has and Iron-Nickel Ore.

They’ve called it the Europa moon. But in the tabernacle, God uses Brass metals to also symbolize the presence of Iron in the outermost regions.

Iron is a raw material for making Brass. And brass, also symbolizes ‘death’ or ‘to perish.’ God had given knowledge here that the outermost part of the universe does not support life that much. Hence, you can die or perish when you go there. Hence, this is not a habitable Zone.

Rather, He had indicated that places close to the Sun are habitable zones (indicated by the green shoots of leaves, to mean life), in the Most Holy Place of the Sun’s tabernacle.

The more you are closer to the Sun, the more you will have the Sun’s light of life, and so you can live, and vice versa (This was exactly what Scientists identified!). Now, that was why God also positioned our Earth Planet close to the Sun (at a habitable zone) so we can have abundance of life and light energies from the Sun-the god of the whole kingdom.


Jupiter’s ‘Red Spot’ Mystery: Jupiter is known to have a ‘Perfect Red Spot’ on its surface. Now it is very important to know that the blood sacrifice that was used in the tabernacle, for the purposes of wiping away Israel’s sins, was indicated in this material heaven. That’s also amazing.

We know that the universe was crafted by God even before God formed Adam, Eve (the first human couples), Noah and Methuselah- the oldest natural man to ever live according to Biblical history. That means that the blood has also been symbolized in Space before God created all things.


The Altar of His blood on Jupiter’s Planet or Kingdom


Fire and Smoke placed on the Altar: God also shows that there is the presence of fire, fuels or inflammable Gases in the furthest region of the universe too.

These effects, He had also symbolized them in the outer court of His tabernacle, with the burning fire upon the Altar and with the smoke rising up from the burning firewood (the fuel). Space scientists discovered volcanic fires on a moon in the outermost part of the universe.


Volcanic fires being symbolized by these flames


In fact, they discovered about 70 spots of volcanic fires upon the moon alone. And finally, Jupiter and Saturn have become what Space Scientists have described as ‘Gas Giant’ Planets.’ The reason is because they both have much gas, which are fuels in their atmospheres.

It is known that hydrogen and helium gases are over their regional atmospheres. And the Planet Neptune also has lots of inflammable gases over her atmosphere.

Hydrogen and helium, with traces of Methane gas, and Ammonia have been discovered in her regional atmosphere. She is also an outermost Planet, on which these inflammable gases can be found.


Some type of gases in Space


As these gases are inflammable gases or are fuels, so God uses both firewood and huge smoke production (the travel of smoke into the sky) to indicate how heavenly bodies located in the outermost parts of the universe have gases, fuels and fire upon their surfaces, or in their atmospheres.

So, we can say that the universe is the Sun’s cyclic tabernacle which God created for it, and He has placed us here to serve and to worship to worship Him here. The universe was a model which God put full flesh on it. And was a model reflecting the Glory of the Lord, because the Glory of God, is revealed in the Tabernacle.


The heavens(which is the colloquial word for the Universe) proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship.

Psalm 19:1 NLT.


The priests who served in God’s Temple were commanded to worship God and to serve Him, day in and day out. I think by now we should know what the universe was actually designed and created to be used for (The Purpose for which it was given to us).

(Have we been using it for that purpose?). But for so long, God hid these things from the eyes of the entire human race, that the universe which we often try to understand its basic concept, was a model from His Glory.

It is God’s privilege to conceal things and the king’s privilege to discover them.
Prov. 25:2 NLT


We have only used names to describe its concepts in the way we understand it, but over here God shows us the true meaning He had given to her from the foundations of her powerful making.

To Him be Glory.

With lots of love from the Lord.




Prince Akogo


(Called, by the Anointing of the Holy Ghost)

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