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Solving Depression & Social Anxiety Of The World: God Reveals

(Solving The Major & Minor Issues Of The World (Part 15))

Solving Depression And Social Anxiety Issues Of The World

(Solving The Major & Minor Issues Of The World (# C))


Lots Of Pure Love:

So many people become stressed up, by the time they indulge in or experience several issues in their relationships.

When people become stressed up in a particular kind of relationship, often times, they either seek for advice or break up from that relationship or will dissociate themselves from it.

So, at this point, should you be walking with the wrong man or woman, it can cause you a lot of problems. So, it pays to be with the right person.

Stress, can equally be caused by your friends and family members, apart from a partner. Meanwhile, according to the Lord, the greatest causes of emotional stress in our world today, are coming from what we both hear and see with our eyes.

Those things we behold and hear go down into our souls, often times to cause potential problems. (So then, in Christianity, God disallows us from watching and hearing just anything we feel like we want to hear or see). There are often somethings which can cause NEGATIVE ENERGIES when they go down into our SOULS, to cause potential damages. As a result of this world not being able to fully control what we hear or see with our eyes, thus not fully giving proper censorship to what is always said or viewed, the world has become a lot gloomy, with the majority of people feeling anxious, emotionally stressed and completely emotionally depressed.

On the other hand, POSITIVE ENERGIES, will likely come to us by we all hearing and seeing or viewing the right things. In short, by saying positive energies, we mean that we don’t bring out there into the public or into the society, anything that will cause

• Hurt (Hurtful Feelings).
• Fear
• Anger
• Sadness
• Anxiety and
• Depression
which surprisingly, are what most modern journalism is all about. By what they have understood as ‘bad news travelling faster than good news,’ most journalists have put themselves in the heinous position of writing and publicizing bad news most of the time.

Through the popularization and the promotion of bad news by most of them (and of course, not all of them), which is something they do for selfish economic gains, NEGATIVE ENERGIES, have today filled souls of people and has made them lose the positive joy of life.

As this practice has been going on for years without being properly controlled, the world’s societies are not the way they’re supposed to be. Overtime, people are becoming worried, anxious, losing touch of nature, depressed, and worried.

In short, if we want the world to be better, then we have to switch from those form of news, contents or information that creates negative energies, into those that create positive energies, to induce positive effects upon the souls of men, and in the end, making the world become a happy place for all of us to live.

The Lord is calling us to stop sacrificing our peace of mind, for wrongful gains, because they’ll have serious effects upon our economies and upon our global society as a whole; the mere fact society become more curious to bad or to negative news, doesn’t mean they become better in heart, right after reading, listening and watching them.

Also, seeing that most people’s negative behaviours, bad composures and sometimes, chronic diseases and deaths are also associated to emotional stress, anxiety and depression, this cannot go on-the Lord warns, less we lost more people in the coming days.
Lastly, the other causes of anxieties, depression or stress (though we cannot talk much about them here), are largely caused by

a) The current economic issues, and

b) Life or lifestyle issues.

(However, in my previous articles and some more to come, the Lord has provided answers to these two societal anxiety-causing problems). Well, you can follow my page to get answers on that.

Understand that, stress is able to arise from a bad or poor lifestyle. Simply, if we all do live in the right way, we’re liable to become better people in life.

Yet, if we do not live in the right way, we fall into an avalanche of problems which can lead to an anxious, depressive and a stressful life. There is a winning way to live; meanwhile, there are some ways to fail in life. In all, let us deal with the main causes of social anxiety, depression and fear in all our societies, for our today’s world to be free. Besides, there is no time to do that, except now.

Thank you.


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