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Where Are We Going From Here?

Where Are We Going From Here?

Where are we going from here?

With all seriousness-where are we going from here?

Recently, I asked the Lord this particular question knowing very well He would answer me. (Some time ago, the Lord had told me that He would give me the answer any question that I ask Him). So I took the opportunity to ask Him this question bordering all minds.

“You are going to Heaven,” the Lord answered abruptly to my question.

However, in as much as this answer was so easy to realize (as a Christian), I didn’t why it escaped me. However, it was not bad for me to hear it from the Lord.

Now, the God of the Bible who had created the Earth in Genesis is telling us all that, right from here, we should all get ready to go to Heaven.

Now, the song writer wrote, ” Swing lo, Sweet Chariot. Coming forth to carry me Home,’’ where Home is simply Heaven.
Now, though scientists have tried, they cannot fathom the beginning and the end of this universe. Hence, they cannot fathom where men leave and go after here.

This is why you will often see these questions flooded in Google search box; “Where are we going from here? Where are we going after here? What happens after being here? What happens after life?

However, God, who’s the Source (Father) of this Universe, we’re all going to return back to Him-since He’s the point source.

However, let us understand that Heaven (which is the inevitable destination) will definitely mean different things to different people.

The state of life you live here will determine the sort of life you’ll live there.

Now, when a point starts moving in a circle it arrives back to where it started from; this point, which is like a child, arrives back home.

Now, first of all, the title or word “Father” means Source, like say, the Source of which all things began. Therefore, when we’re fully done here, we shall return to the SOURCE (AUTHOR Or The FATHER) by which everything began, as explained with the analogy of the circle.

What Heaven Is Going To Mean To Each One Of Us

Though we are expected back Home, the sort of ‘welcome’ each man will receive, will differ from that of his brother.

Upon our arrival, our deeds shall come before Him. (Nothing can escape the eyes of the Point Source).

That is why we are told that there are books or leaflets by which our records are kept and they are opened on our days of judgment.
When the time is ripe, we will all be lifted back home from here through whichever form God our Creator and Maker may allow it to happen.
Now, as a Father often expects from his sons, will God the Father (This Point Source, Who Gave You Life), be happy with you-with the decisions you had made whiles here, the choices made or with the words you spoke out to others and out to God? How will you be accepted when you should arrive back into that Glorious Auditorium, fixed above us as our The Final House? If we walk in Him, we’ll not fear; hence, a walk-in righteousness, does not bring to us the fear of death.

Another Home Exists For Others

Now, in the very same respect to the concept of the Father and son or servant relationship, there is also another “Father,” who exists, which we know the Lord spoken of, which means, there is also another Auditorium for some other souls of men.


Those who have disobeyed God.

There is a Father, which is another Point Source, who walks in sin. He also has a Home or an Auditorium for men God (the First Father) had rejected. This is a hot realm, called Hell.

He is the Spiritual Father to those who will miss the beautiful Auditorium of the first Father.

So then, if you say the things He says and practices the very the things He does, it is a reflection of being yoked together with Him, and also being a part of this Point Source.

all bad things exist. As the Source of your Character, you’ll run around, and still come back into His Hit Auditorium; you will run around and come back o that Point Source over there.

It’s called Hell.
He falsely teaches, fools and deceives men to come into an agreement with Him, so they can walk as He walks and to have Him as your Point Source (or Father). In the end, their lives were degenerated after they had forsaken their first Father who was formerly everyone’s first Point Source. They had forsaken their first Father (God) in their minds and in their ways, and so they missed that beautiful Home of the first Father.

Victories Over Death

Now, what we do not know is, Death is “victory” to the obedient child of God. But a great loss it is to the stiff-necked or disobedient child of God for nothing good will be said of you, in that day.

Interestingly, death is not a sting any longer if you are an obedient child of God. Never be afraid of Death, if you’re an obedient child of God; it is to spring up into much rejoicing. Yes-death is not a loss if you have this understanding and you know this rule because your soul will be accepted in to that perfect auditorium of God, with much blessings.

Yet, the drunkards, the smokers, and the immoral, who do not obey God’s voice will be much afraid of death; they will have their souls feeling unhappy and they will see death as a sting.

Beloved, as a result of Heaven, Death is no more a sting. Death is not a sting because Christ has given us a place powerful than the grave, than the sickbed or the mortuary.
Access it well. Joyful and peaceful songs should be played at the burial of a faithful man. Rather, he’s in victory.

Hence, we are to access our lives and know where we are going, from here.
All those who have departed from us still exist, just that they are in a different form. They are in a different nature.
All those who departed from us are in great enjoyment or are with an unhappy face. Absolutely, nothing about this earthly life, can be compared to what these saints are celebrating and enjoying there.
Later, the Lord said a lot to me:

“Let us change the way we conduct our funeral celebrations on earth. It is a celebration of life; not of sorrows. It’s a celebration of life.
What we have in that heavenly room is a celebration of life and of life’s works.
Those you call dead, still walk here.
Those you say they have abandoned their jobs, tools and occupations are there with their tools, building the cities of Heaven.
Also, those you say they have no mouth to eat. Over there, they still got their mouths and they still eat. They are embodied in a fresh skin.
It is life in transition.
Those you call silent in the coffins still talk here. Heaven, is a great Home.’’

In short, Heaven is the Home of the First Father.

It is the success road to an eternal destination, where life is still around. There is no trouble in there.

And This Is Where We Are Going If We Live A Righteous Life. In that beautiful Auditorium you will be fed and filled with an unmeasurable joy of life. Those of men who die and lie for the Lord, knock at its door, and they are praised and worshipped for following the Lord.
Heaven, is not a strange place.

By virtue or understanding of the point source-analogy, we should know that Heaven is not a strange place.
So the, let us all dedicate ourselves into something good to please the Lord so that we will not miss this place of life, a place higher in greatness and in magnificence, than the earth.

We can’t miss Heaven because it is the Point Source.

Thank you.

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Prince Akogo
Prince Akogo
Prince Kafui, is a prophet, who God started revealing this insightful information to since He was called into ministry in the year 2006. We’re Glad You Came.


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