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God Reveals The Most Important Resource To Exist


God Reveals The Most Important Resource To Exist


Now, what is the most important resource in all two realms that exist?
Do you know?
Do you care to know?

Truly, it’s worth finding out.
The Lord (God) revealed to me that the most important resource or thing apart from people, love, God, nature and heaven, is knowledge.

Interestingly, the most important thing which is also sought out by angels and demons in the realm of the Spirit, according to God, is Knowledge.

Angels desire to know the unknown. They sit about God, desiring that God (who is the Source of all information) will teach them or tell them something, something they might not have heard of; yet, some men devalue knowledge, seeking food and water as the best things for their lives. Food, money and marriage are important, but they are not the best things needed by human life. (In short, the best kind of knowledge is what drives a human project, a human life and a human industry, into prosperity). Your Success or Development depends upon it).

As well, Lucifer & His Angels (demons) often search or investigate the realms to know more, and equally read the Bible to try to demystify divine coded information. They are also aware of the fact that God has always hidden His ‘mysteries, revelations or even deeper insights’ concerning life in His Word.

(This is why the Angels also like to sit around Him to listen to Him, to see whether they can be enlightened on something powerful. If we understand the importance or the power of a mystery or the importance of knowledge, we will know that these entities have taken the best decisions of their lives). So then, God doesn’t reveal everything onto man and so there an unfathomable number of mysteries or secrets God has hidden from us or has actually hidden in all the realms which we don’t know anything about. Yet, when those mysteries or information are decoded, they will bring greater development in the lives of men and of all societies.

In fact, Satan will be able to undertake his cunning operations better and easier against men and the kingdom of God if He understands some of these living secrets.

Even on earth, our quest for knowledge or to know the unknown through researches, discoveries and through exploration activities has in no doubt changed man’s ways and state of life into a finer one. Indeed, the benefits of knowledge cannot be overemphasized, which is why schools everywhere are trying to open the minds of men of everyone. In short, knowledge-the proper kind of knowledge, can make your whole or entire life free and whole.

In fact, knowledge can deliver you from the curse. It is the weapon that delivers men from abject poverty. We all came without any pre-recorded information buried within the corners of our souls. And so we were all destined to come in here to learn, or to acquire information. This is the only method by which our lives will change, even if we should have material things as water, food and clothing. In fact, the information which we finally become abreast with will determine the quality choices we make, even in the event of acquiring these goods of the land.

This is why God is hereby saying that knowledge stands out tall than anything, than any economic or even material resource or property. In short, non of them will ever stand out to become the most important entity in life.

So then the secret is out of the back; the horse’s back is broken; knowledge is the principal thing. It is the best and most crucial element of life or thus stands out as the most important element of the unseen realm or material universe. We are talking of that which is the perfect satisfier of the longing soul.

In short, the most important element of life, apart from those obvious things that stand better of than it, is nothing but knowledge.


Thanks you.


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