God’s Universal Concept Of Love


God’s Universal Concept Of Love


God’s concept or motive for forming the universe is based upon love.

If you will notice, all elements of this great universe and even of the ecosystem (which we will find out later) is based upon a specific or just one specific design, which was to create one harmony among all the elements of this creation, together with the Autor of Creation whose nature is also based upon the same ‘Grand Design’ of life.

Thus, the entire universe, the earth (the globe), and all the elements of the Ecosystem (an ecosystem comprising of the human kingdom, the plant kingdom, the water kingdom, and any other), all appear as one and so are all so related or connected together through that one design of life, while each one is playing an important unique role in support of the development of all the others, and in the process, reflecting the concept of ‘‘love.’’

This indicates that, our oneness or togetherness which helps with our ability to work together, is what will ensure love, peace and total progress in the ecosystem. In other words, peace, which is only developed by love is the most important virtue our world ever needs to have for a perfectly working universe which we all need to have.

This concept means that, we cannot and must not allow anything nor anyone around us to perish or be destroyed if we each need to survive, because it is not a one-man affair. (No man should be an island and there must not be any form of description or segregations, lest we indirectly defeat our own selves, in the process).

So then, this is why the Lord is saying that the universe He had created can better grow or can properly function through love-that is, the mutual bond that must exist between all the elements around us, within the entire scope of the universe.

Equally, this should lead to the respect of each other and the respect of each other’s works, not forgetting the roles our Father (God who is our Source) is also playing in our total existence. So then, while the universe was created by the principles of love, it was fully created to be walked in by a human creation, whose hearts should be full of love to help with the peace and total progress of the ecosystem within this great and beautiful universe. It is based on a mutual acceptance alone, that the general ecosystem will be preserved and the Source, who strategically sees Himself as the God of Love will become happy with all of us: for only then, will we be acting out of understanding we will be full of practical wisdom.

This is not a world for seeking supremacy. This is not a world made for unwholesome competitions or conflicts, as though God had preferred one person better than the other.

Those feeble and evil mindsets are from un-repenting us.

What is ‘‘Survival of the Fittest?’’ Not at all-it was not made for the man who thinks he’s stronger to oppress and rule. If it was what God was seeking for, God or let’s say, the Universe, would have endowed other people more than you. Those you oppress today, would have been empowered naturally better than you. Hence, with our naturally endowed strengths which we accepted through Grace (based on a divine unmerited favour), we come out fully out of our hearts to give or supply the strengths others need and they deem it to supply the strengths we also need, in the areas or sectors they have more through the same divine grace.

This is why in creation, everybody has strengths and weaknesses-so that we can respect, first, who others are by natural endowment, plus what others bring on the table, while they will equally do the same towards us for joy, love and unity to constantly prevail amongst us. It means, those who have, must always be there to support those who don’t have; and in their turn, when they should equally have, they must consider those who don’t have and live by them. Then our world will keep on growing through the mutual and formidable support which entity is looking forward to give.

This is how we respect the universe, we respect and bind with the entities of other kingdoms, and with the principles of the Maker, at large.

When we become divided and self-centered, we live in a devastating mode and the world will become in-secured for all of us who have been made a part of this ecosystem, to join in the support systems.

(So God And The Universe (The Universe), Hates Greedy And Selfish Hearts).

In short, the universe wasn’t made for selfish, headstrong or wicked men; It was dressed for love nurtures; for all Good People.

It was designed for entities that will respect other entities in the ecosystem, complexions that will respect and genuinely love other complexions, tribes that will respect other tribes, societies which will love and respect other societies and kingdoms which will love and respect other non-living or living kingdoms, coming out of our hearts for the mutual benefit of all, needed to make this universe become very happy with itself and progress, for the advancement of all!

In summary, let’s consider how we behave, and talk to others.

God Bless You.

Thank You.

Prince Akogo.

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