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Is The Concept Of Re-Incarnation True?


Is The Concept Of Re-Incarnation True?


God Says No.

Even though it’s possible for someone to be born to have exact same characteristics or features of an ancestor or a dead relative, the concept of reincarnation does not exist. It’s not true: This is because, first and foremost, by the study of genetic science, each man coming upon the earth, is unique.

Already, it is a basic understanding through Fingerprint Technology, that there are no 2 individuals with the same fingerprints. (Meaning, each one is different.)

Secondly, on the spiritual or on the Biblical level, it’s appointed for man to die once (not twice or 3 times), after which there will be judgment.


…It is apportioned to men to die once, and after this, judgment…

Heb. 9:29 BLB

Everyone is judged after they leave the earth and they are given their eternal wages or destination.

You don’t die and come back again. The only person who can do that is God, but usually, not through a re-born.

In Lazarus’ case, he rose few moments after death. Usually, it is a second chance that happens almost immediately, through God’s mercy. However, as to whether or she will die, come back to be reborn through a womb, it’s not scientifically or biblically correct.

Every one has one life, and everyone is unique. With respect to that, all new born babies are biologically and genetically unique.

Once a man dies, he goes and never comes back, because he’s done with his work, for new humans to come and to live their own.


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