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How God Designed & Created The Realm Of The Spirit (Second Heavens)

The Realm Of The Gods


How God Designed & Created The Realm Of The Spirit (Second Heavens)


Peace from God and great love from the Throne-room of His Grace.

The Lord has spoken to me to enlighten us about the realm of the Spirit.

Now, from what I personally saw by open visions and also from teachings from the Lord’s book, there are two realms in the Realm of the Spirit-most of us know that by now.

There is a Spirit realm of darkness and there is a Spirit realm of Light.
(You can find out why there is Spirit Realm of Darkness in the post I wrote entitled, ” The Origin of Hell: Scientific reasons why Hell exists as a place of spiritual death and darkness,’ by clicking here. Now, the Lord had revealed to me that, between Heaven and Earth, is a Vacuum which is called, ”The Great Divide.” (He later made me see an open vision to see how the place looks like).


Realm of Great Divide


(This Realm of Great Divide was a Dark, opened vacuum: that was what I saw).

Moreover, between the Earth and Hell, there is also darkness and death.

Hence, our earth lies between God’s abode of Heaven and the Devil’s abode of Hell where Spiritual darkness is from, as well as its counterpart of spiritual death energies, which are able to annihilate positive energies of the human soul.

This means that you go to hell if you have spiritual darkness as the energies of your soul, since your soul can be made up of such energies-through negative deeds.

Unknown to us, the tabernacle of God (that is, the Tabernacle of Moses), gives us the whole geographical plan from God’s home of Heaven (His Heavenly Light where His Temple is), to Hell, which is the abode of eternal darkness-a place found below the nothingness-realm of our universe.

See explanations of this below:


The Tabernacle Pattern in Picture


The three divided realms: Heaven (fine conditions), Hell (worse conditions) and then the third place is Earth (which is balanced condition of the two, due to our joys and sorrows).

As you see, it is just the same as the 3-dimensions of the Tabernacle.


The Pattern of the Realm of the Spirit


So, you can see that the Lord is above the Earth (that is, the Universe), looking down upon us all: Our earth is in the middle-section, and hell with its fires are below the earth-yet, in the realm of the Spirit. However, even before hell comes, we see the water bodies below our earth, which are all part of our cosmos.

However, the number 12 in the Inner Court (where the Earth is), indicates how the earth-realm is filled with our kingdoms. For example; the kingdom of man, plants, animals, water resource, etc. So,, this is where we are. 

In other words, the earth which we stand on is actually found between the two opposing or opposite realms; yet, God rules above them all!

This immediately indicates that God had used the tabernacle pattern, which we also see that it is the Tabernacle of His Glory (or that unveils the pattern of His Glory) to design the 3 positions of the realms-which are from heaven to down to hell. 

He did this according to His own glory so that He can rule over Heaven, Hell and Earth, with everything that exists within and between them. 

It reveals to us how God is the Owner of everything, which He did by this intelligent design. So, they did not come by Chance, as some men assume. In short, in the spirit-realm is the Heavenly realm as well as the Hellish realm. However, in-between those two directly opposite realms, is the Earth-realm, where we are.

Moreover, it is where the Great divide is; it is as though the Earth is what serves right there as the Great Divide, between those 2 opposing realms. Hence, we also know that because of the situations at hand, we have to choose to belong to one of those 2 opposing realms, either Heaven (+) above, or Hell below (-).

To God, it’s a choice we all humans have to make, due to the Adamic sin. Yes-at the end, one of such places will become our ‘eternal’ destination.

However, God who created man, wouldn’t want man to chose Hell. He wants to dwell with man in His Heavens, where all the conditions are perfect!

Inevitably, or whether we like it or not, one of such places will become our eternal destination, after we go through the processes of God’s judgment. Thus, we have to put that into thorough consideration, because this earth a temporary abode and we will not live here forever!

However, I would admonish you to choose Heaven-which is better. We were told by God that, going to Heaven comes by accepting Jesus  Christ as your Lord and Personal Saviour, since they are the owners of the Universe. Once you do that, you’re to live according to His Will and practice everything that God tells you to make Him become sure that you believe; it’s just not enough to confess and to mention His name, but you must do His will, for Him to believe and trust in you!

Thus, if you’re of God or you belong to Christ, your soul which is of a gaseous nature (or like a spiritual nature), goes to where God lives, or it travels to where God is, which is above!

On the contrary, if you are not of God, that is, not born again, your soul will go down. It will travel down through the tunnel of the emptiness of nothingness.  It s a hollow vacuum of darkness of death which leads a man’s soul to the abode of Hell, where Satan and His cohorts are located.

Hell was the place they were sent to when God had brought them down from Heaven which was as a result of their disobedience. Similarly, according to God, when men disobey Him, they will also find their way there. Therefore, we must realize that, the Realm of the Spirit is a fact; it exists. It’s more alive than we may think.

Our God and Creator is above in that realm.

As a Master, He always looks down at us; He knows those who are His and those who have soon forgotten about His deeds and His will.

So then, as presidents are seen to be on top of their nations so this God of love, is seen on top of His creations. For this reason, this Master is called, the Universal Ruler or the Sovereign Ruler by all.  In the same way, as manufacturers have patented rights over their creations so God has patented rights over everything on earth, including us. 

Due to that, He has set a Day to judge men and all of His creations, to determine their total performances after death and to determine their eternal placement, whether they’ll spend it in Heaven or will spend it with the Snake, called the Devil! 

However, today, we know that Heaven, the Earth and Hell are all located in a great  Spiritual Vacuum. However, unknown to us, this spiritual vacuum is in a 3-dimensional pattern, formed or made according to God’s 3-dimensional Glory, which were further represented by the 3-dimensional Tabernacle given to Moses.

To God be the Glory. He is the God who is answerable to no man because of His patented rights over all His creations.


Prince Akogo


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