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How God Created the Spirit Realm

The realm of the Gods


How God Created the Spirit Realm


Peace from God and great love from the Throne-room of His Grace.

The Lord has spoken to me to enlighten us about the realm of the Spirit.

Now, from what I personally saw by open visions and also from teachings from the Lord’s book, there are two realms in the Realm of the Spirit-most of us know that by now:
There is a Spirit realm of darkness and there is a Spirit realm of Light.
(You can find how there is a Spirit of Darkness in the post I wrote called ”The Origin of Hell: Scientific reasons why Hell exists as a Place of Spiritual Death and Darkness,” by clicking here!

Now, the Lord had revealed to me that between Heaven and Heaven and Earth there is a Vacuum which is called ‘The Great Divide. (Then, He had given me an open vision to show me the place. Below is what I saw!

The Realm of Great Divide

(The Realm of Great Divide was a Dark opened vacuum: That’s what I saw!)

Also, between the Earth and Hell, there is also darkness and death. Hence, our earth lies between God’s abode of Heaven and the Devil’s abode of Hell where Spiritual darkness is from, as well as its counterpart of spiritual death energies, which are able to annihilate positive energies of the human soul. This means that, you go to hell if should you have spiritual darkness as the energies of your soul, since your soul can be made up of such energies.

Unknown us, the tabernacle of God (that is, the Tabernacle of Moses) gives us the whole geographical plan from God’s home of Heaven (His Heavenly Light where His Temple is), to Hell, which is the abode of eternal darkness, a place found below the nothingness-realm of our universe.

See explanations of this below:


The Tabernacle Pattern in Picture

The three divided realms; Heaven (fine conditions), Hell (worse conditions)

and Earth (semi-nice conditions, because of our troubles and joys)

See that it’s just the same as the tabernacle? 


The Pattern of the Realm of the Spirit


So, you can see that the Lord is above the Earth (that is, the Universe), looking down upon us all: Our earth is in the middle-section and hell with it’s fires are below the earth in the realm of the Spirit. But before hell comes, we see the water bodies below our earth (the Universe).

However, the number 12 in the Inner Court, (where the Earth is), indicates how the earth realm is filled with our Kingdoms. For example: the kingdom of man, plants, animals, water resources etc. So, this is where we are!

In other words, the earth which we stand on is actually found between the two opposing or opposite realms; yet, God rules above them all!

This means, God had actually used the tabernacle pattern which is the pattern of His ‘Glory’ to design this realm- from heaven to down to hell so that He’ll rule over them all, over every man, every beast, plant, animal and everything that exists within each realm.

So, it tells us how God is the Owner, of everything, from an intelligent design, and not by Chance!

So then, in the realm of the spirit, is Heavenly realm and the Hellish realm, that is, light and darkness, but in-between them is our Earth, where we are now, partly where the Great Divide is, because it’s as though the earth is what serves as the Great Divide for the opposing realms!

Hence, we also know that, due to our walk on earth we have to chose between these two opposing places (Heaven (+) or Hell (-)-one of the places where we will be after death. This will mean that our spirits will leave to be in the spirit realms!

Hence, one of these will be our destinations, whether heaven or hell.

Inevitably, or whether we like it or not one of these will be our eternal dwelling place of this spirit realm, after God’s judgment!

So then, we have to put that into consideration!

However, I’ll admonish you to choose that which is better, which comes by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Saviour, the Owner of the Universe. Apart from doing this you’ll also end up in Heaven, by following His will, or doing His given will!

So, if you’re of God or you belong to Christ, your soul which also has a gaseous nature (The Spirit Nature) goes, to where or travels up to where God is.

And contrarily, if you are not of God, that is not born again your soul will go down too and will end up traveling down the tunnel of emptiness of nothingness (This is a hollow region of energies of death and darkness), and it takes you down to Hell where Satan and his cohorts are, where they’ve been sent to!

Hence, we must know that the realm of the spirit really exists and we must know that the Lord of this life exists in the realms as well, much more alive than we may think; and he’s been looking down on us.

He’s looking down upon those who are His, and upon those who have forgotten too, about Him as the Lord of the whole Earth. Seriously, understand that as presidents are seen to be on top of their nations, so God is seen on top of His creations, in which He rules down the realms, hence called the or the Universal Ruler or the Sovereign Ruler!

As manufacturers have patent right over their creations, so God has patent right over His creations!

He has set a Day to judge men and creation, to determine each man’s eternal destination, whether He’ll spend his in the light, or his in the darkness!

Nevertheless, today, we know that Heaven, Earth and Hell have all been positioned in a great Spiritual Vacuum with the same three-dimensional pattern of the Tabernacle, because the tabernacle again was what God used to create man(humans), animals and the universe!

We’ll give Him thanks therefore!

Now, may God’s or the Creator’s name be praised forever, a God who’s answerable to no man, or no king, because of His right of patent!

I thank the Living God who gave me these revelations!


Prince Akogo

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