The Meaning Or The Purpose Of Life: The Lord Reveals

The Meaning Or The Purpose Of Life: The Lord Reveals
‘‘What is the purpose or the meaning of Life?’’
‘The purpose or the meaning of Life is about Education.’
Recently I asked the Lord the true meaning of Life,’ and that was the vivid answer the Lord gave me.
I was astounded.
Well, we have mostly thought that the true meaning of life is about a journey, or it’s about game and how we play it.
The Lord said to me, ‘The true meaning of Life is about Education and I had brought you here to come and learn.’
Well, seriously it has been a wonder to many of us and by the entire world who’d asked about the meaning of Life. Indeed, I have also pondered over it many times myself, until this recent reply given to me; and just like all the others I didn’t know that this true meaning of life was just nothing, but this thing called education.
I thought about the Lord’s words carefully, and then realized that even though we can say that life is a game, about a journey and perhaps what some ultimately say, that it’s about we being here to worship Him, without the proper education we cannot walk through this journey of life well, or even play the game intelligently as it’s supposed to be played or perhaps worship Him, as we’re supposed to worship Him.
All those factors are still based on Education: Obviously, it takes absolutely education to learn these.
Now, this was what made me realize that what God was saying, was absolutely true, that no matter what, everything boils down to education, but well, a kind of education.
So then, God brought us here to learn since the primary core of life is about education.
This should also mean that we must be acquiring knowledge every time to improve upon ourselves, and of course, on how this game of life is to be played; upon how we worthily worship Him and chiefly, upon how we all will have to pass through the walk of life, in an important way or we’ll falter in life.
Each and everyday, in all we hear, say and do we’re learning, either positively or negatively, the things or the elements, or things that composes life altogether. The experiences we have, teach us a lot and they really get embedded down into our souls, in which we live with them for many years, and they actually eventually direct the paths of our lives.
Differently, in all we must know that, there is a good way to learn and there’s a bad way to learn.
Surely, whatever we’re learning, whether formal or by informal means, contains one of these, which direct the road map our lives.
This inevitably means, you must learn too from the right sources to importantly determine the best way of the journey before our lives gets surprised; and this will surely determine the quality nature of our worship, and obviously the best of way, we play the life-game. (I tell you, this is ultimately important! I can tell you, That Your Education Is Your Road-Map To Everything.
Secondly, the Lord whispered to me, and said something very important.
”In The Heavenly Places Where I Am Knowledge Is Most Important It’s Knowledge That’s The Highest And Most Important In Everything, Not The Material Things You’re Seeking For. It’s Not Money; It’s Neither Fame. We Know That What’s Valuable In The Realm Of The Spirit, And For That Matter Is The Most Valuable Thing Of Life On Earth, Is What We Call Knowledge.”
Now, when He had also said this, I realized that no wonder that Satan has been trying to faithfully educationally ‘brainwash’ multitudes and has been faithfully penetrating through the educational sector, making people understand things even God doesn’t even understand; therefore, they lead their lives to death, which is based on a different kind of roadmap. By knowledge, He can lead people to hell.
Ah, He has been suggesting things to people’s hearts (mind) which is also the most place which information (called Knowledge), is gathered by men. Ah, remember He suggested thoughts to Adam! And not just Adam; Eve as well!
So then, this is why Satan is really in a hurry to fight the mind battle more than anything, to get man to become self-destructed and misinformed in a split second in his mind;
(so we can’t just say, that life is a game or just about a journey).
So whether it’s a game or a worship, life demands the right education to play it. Whether it’s a journey we need the right education as the roadmap to live or you’ll give up on earth.
So, though Education is everything we must have, we must still endeavour to learn it from the right place or we’ll get deceived from people who seemingly think they know everything. Schools of thoughts are there to deceive; they’re not the truth.
Now moreover, today, everybody is saying he knows something, meanwhile, he’s never the author of life.
Yet, though we may all know something, nobody knows it all-except the One we can say is the Author of Our Destinies, And Our Lives! (Yes, we should get to know this before we waste our lives on a different course or roadmap.)
Certainly, no one brought a book of knowledge here, and we all had come to school and learn something here (whatever that thing may be); so it means that, we can be deceived, or be taught the right things, based upon what the people are saying they know!
So, this is why no man can actually take this position of God. Now, since this meaning of ‘life’ (which has been long-sought of out for) is now explained as education, we must learn it from the Author of Life Himself SO THAT FROM TODAY OUR LIVES CAN HAVE A TRUE PURPOSE! For sure, In Him you can trust that information which will build and develop your life. Understand, that all things all men speak, can be of lies, or even if they don’t intend to lie to you, can even be mixed up with error or with lies.
Indeed, lies exists in every place, and in everywhere, and in every school.
Lies exist even in the Church, or in the House of God; Lies exist in the home, in friends, in family, in our parents, in our bosses, and in the offices! Lies exists on the streets; in business circles! And lies is fully existing in politicians (The politicians tell lies a lot)! So how many of the people can you trust today?
The Word-Life’s Educational Manual
Moreover, since Knowledge is the Most Important Gem In All Ages, This Is Why God Too Would Exalt His Word (His Knowledge) Above His Names, And Why He Should Call Jesus His Word, Or The One He’s Given Today, To Be Our Teacher (Rabbi) In Life.
So then this is why God obviously will despise fools, who despises The Word of God, which is the Word for His Creation.
Indeed, God has not done anything but has only given us His Word, to practice it here in life as His educational material which will show us the road-map to the Eden or perfectness of our lives and to always win in these so-called games and journeys of life.
Why should the Lord of Life and this Universe give us anything lesser than His own Educational Material, if that is what He knows can make our nature live and survive?
The Word Of God You Hear And Read Is Your Education, Which Is To Keep You In This Perfect Game-Plan And Journey Of Life.
So Christ also declared.
“Therefore, anyone who listens to my teaching (the Education God gave Him), and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the Rock…But everyone who hears these words of Mine and does not act on them is like a Foolish Man…’’
(Matt 7:24 & 25;BSB 7:26 NLT).
“…The WORDS that I have spoken to you are spirit and (are)…life.
John 6:63 NASB
Yes, so now, after a long time the meaning of life has now been known From Our Author, and the meaning of life is about our education, or is about we coming here to learn.
Now, God through His Word has already given us this Educational Material! So if you really want to live and you really want to live and have the truth, then you must read His Word (The Word of God), and find life’s perfect paths and answers, so that your life can be afresh and you start all over.
The Lord God had also told us that the time will come when He will personally teach us and no one will teach us. Hence, He gives us the Spirit of God, saying that when the Spirit of Truth comes, He shall lead us into all His Truth (His Educational Word, Is This Truth). So then, God will not leave us, in educating us, or finding the truth by ourselves! He’s giving each one, a personal teacher.
‘‘…When He the Spirit of truth comes, he will Guide you into ALL THE TRUTH (NOT FALSEHOOD).
He will not speak on his own…
(John 16:13 NIV)
Understand again that, due to this Knowledge this is why Satan tries to intentionally come in to adulterate the Word of God, and to lure men through false knowledge so that they’ll end up walking in the roadmap of foolishness, and into the lecture hall of damnation and madness! And it’s just a simple thought He put in their minds, as well as schools of thoughts!
He has brought His own educational system to destroy and tramp upon the real path of truth!
”Now, to tell you how in one way we have been deceived by Satan, imagine men saying that life is about a game, but the Spirit of God comes out here re-educating us that life is about education, whom should we believe now?
Certainly, this alone has changed the path of these men who’ve believed in such seemingly right knowledge, which is quite close to the truth but it’s never the truth!
In this wise, this is why God doesn’t just call His Knowledge ”Knowledge,” but He calls His Knowledge ”The Truth!” The Truth, Is Higher And Greater Than Mere Knowledge!
And The Absolute Truth Is The Powerful Answer!
Therefore, we are to be sure that, one who’s not walking in the directions of His Holy Spirit but in the directions of men can be walking in knowledge but not the Truth! God gives us truth, not knowledge, for God knows, He doesn’t do guess-works about thing called life, For He Himself Is Life!
Thus, God ultimately knows His Word of Truth is what will rebuild or build us and to give us this Game Plan or Road Map FOR THE BEST JOURNEY OF LIFE, NOT MEN’S LIMITED KNOWLEDGE!
So what it means is that, obedience to His truth is investing into the true life-education He God has given to us, as our manufacturer or creator!
Be disciplined And Know That, His Word Being The Great Truth Is All What’ll Develop Us Not A Rumour, Or A Mere Here-Say, Which Will Be Full of Gossips And Falsehoods!
So, as the Creator, or the Manufacturer of our lives, He already knows how we’re to function; Our lives can only do well by the Truth not just a researched-knowledge! This is why though knowledge has increased in the world,people are not becoming any way better, because it’s still different from the Truth?
“Therefore, anyone who listens to my teaching (the Education God gave Him), and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the Rock…But everyone who hears these words of Mine and does not act on them is like a Foolish Man…’’
(Matt 7:24 & 25;BSB 7:26 NLT).
Moreover, just as we say, the best legacy a man can leave for his children is also education, especially if it’s the right education. Even giving resources without education, is lack of common sense, and ever since God gave us the universe, He knows that our ‘systems-bodies, souls and spirits’ needs the right Truth, to enable us to manage the resources well!
So indeed, we know that when children and people of society know the right way, not just knowledge, but the truth, they’ll self-improve. To some extent, whatever we’re made to experience, is also a part of education, for sometimes, that’s where the truth comes out of! As Father’s teach their children, and will give them the Truth, it’s so that for this life, God yearns to show us the Truth.
Hence, this was what He also meant by ‘call no one your teacher (Matt. 23:8)’ and ‘acknowledging Him, that He may direct Your Path (Prov. 23:6)’ In This Truth!
And Just As David, Tell Him To Order Your Steps In His Word, And Should Guide Your Feet In His Word-To Help You Be Disciplined In His Word (Truth), And To Ultimately Show You How To Walk In His Word!
God’s Word, undoubtedly, is the road-map to our lives.
Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet, And A Light Unto My Path
Psa. 119:105 KJV.
The 21st century, has devalued the Word of Truth (The Word of God) that’s why they’re suffering! Why? Because they seek for the knowledge, they don’t seek for the Truth, which is the Solution!
If you devalue the Word of God you’ll devalue the joy of your life!
So then, the purpose or reason for God living is to find a way to always give us His wisdom, His knowledge, His faith and ultimately His love by giving us the truth, and thus giving us the purpose we need, in the world of His own.
So well, if I make a lamp, am I not the one to show you how the lamp can function? So is the Author of Life.
Life Is About Education, And The Perfect Education Is About The Truth; Nothing More, Nothing Less! We Must Know That Our Actions Will Be Judged, Based On The Truth We Claim We Know!
Yes, Education as God has revealed, is concretely the meaning and purpose of life! You stop learning, you start dying. Our God is already rich in the wisdom of His created world, in whom you can gain a lot of wisdom (The Truth) from. (He taught me all these things when I had and encounter with Him).
So therefore, this is one of the first SECRET of Life I’m hearing about the course of life, ultimately different from what we’ve been hearing. It Was The First Time I Was Hearing It From The Author Of Our Lives!
(Therefore, if you should walk into this world, but do not learn anything but just fooling, putting yourself into lewdness and wasting your life, you’re just on the wrong path! You’ve not been properly educated yet!)
You don’t know what you’re doing; You’re not even yet alive, and so you can be called dead!
So start by analyzing the knowledge of your mind to see whether you’re in the right place before you pass on because there’s a reaping of everything we sow both in this life, and outside of this world. As Right Education is important, keep searching for the truth, not just knowledge!
Now, this will help you to avoid losing the true Joy And Hopeful Life, you need to have here in this life!
Please be very humble to learn, learn, and desire to learn the truth from Him alone, not from some prophet. You must indeed learn the truth from the only one in whom it exists, since He created the worlds-and it’s right there in His Word!
Education (The Right Knowledge) Is The Roadmap to every walk you’ll walk on earth, showing you how you’re to play the game properly, walk on in this world in the right way, and to obviously show us how to worship in the truth.
Yes, we also worship in The Truth Not Just In Knowledge; for Jesus again said:
God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”John 4:24 NKJV
In our world today the kind of education we have is what is making, and unmaking men.
You’re to learn from the right source, because though narrow is the way that leads to the true life of God, but very broad is the way that leads men to destruction.
The meaning of life is about Education, because God brought us here to learn! Yet, He has not brought us here to here knowledge, but to Know The Truth! For knowledge doesn’t set free, but Truth sets free!
”Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
John 8:32 NIV
Since the world is encircling in knowledge, and not in the truth, the world is not free! Today, we cannot boast about our civilization! Human Civilization Is Not Achieved Through Knowledge; Human Civilization Is Achieved Through Sharing The Truth! Thus, If We Know The Truth, And Are Willing To Know The Truth, And Walk In It, Will This Present Darkness Be Cut Off, And The World Shall Be Set Out Free! (This Is What The Lord Finally Wants Us To Know).
Yet, we know where His Truth-Knowledge is:
Sanctify them through thy truth: Thy Word Is Truth!
John 17:17 KJV.
Well, as God has shown us, are we willing to have the right Education today, To Clear The Existing Darkness?Truth is the education the world in purpose, must live on, not the gossips, nor on all the backbitings, on our guesses and assumptions, or the hear-says! World-the meaning of our lives is now and forever about education, which should linger till we meet our God!
Moreso, after the Lord had expounded to me the meaning of life, He also Showed Me How We Can Maximize Our Time In Our Individual Purposes, In The Meaning of Life?
Then, He also showed me ‘The Meaning Of Love (our love; Aside knowing the meaning of life, we’re Also Supposed To Know What The Meaning of Love Is. (Why Are We Supposed To Be In Love, Or Why Should We Be In Love Too, Or At All?)
Importantly, the third one was how we can identify our individual purposes, and meanings in this life aside the general purpose of education, or which is, He’s brought us here to learn!?
Life, has questions; so there must be several solutions!
There, He showed me many things about the questions of life, which my purpose is to bring them one by one! Be Strong-Keep Up With The Good Faith, And Enjoy Your Education, In The Light Of His Word!
Know, that It’s not good to end your life yet! Your Road Is About To Begin, In The Light Of His Word-And There’s A Lot To Do With Family And With Friends-Which You Haven’t Yet Done! You Should Come Around, Again, And Even Stronger! Before You Do Anything Reflect On The Meaning Of Life!
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Lots of love.
Prince Akogo


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