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5 Good Games Parents And Their Families Can Consistently Play At Home To Revive Their Families


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The Lord said to me that, the modern day is faced with the issue of a lot of families no more having joy in their families. This is causing families to ‘break’ down. Hence, for that sure symptom of ‘death’ to leave the house, He gave me some games and activities which consistently, families and homes (that, parents and their children), can play to resuscitate things; so, these are needed to resuscitate families, to enjoy their ‘shared’ love again!

As I heard Him speak, these were some easy and simple ‘family reviving activities and games,’ which families can play to simply resuscitate themselves from boredom, from growing weak, or to be seen as dead! Indeed, families are considered to be ‘dead,’ when there’s no joy in the House!

Below were these games, and activities:

  • Texting Me, When I Can See You!: Text each other while sitting in the same compound, but away from each other. Okay, so you can sit at different places, say in a stadium, meanwhile you can see each other amongst the people, wondering what he or she is about to type on the phone, with children by you, or the two of you alone.
  • The Game of Flight. The Cockpit Game is the game of flight. In your home cockpit flight game, you’ll be the pilot; and she will be your co-pilot, and the children will be the air-hostess or air hostesses. You ‘work it out’ like how the professionals work it out, in the plane, coupled with Mixture Of Fun!
  • The Game of The Excellency And The First Lady: You and your wife, can play the Game of the Excellency. The Game of Excellency, is the game the man acts as the president, and the woman, as the first lady, and they talk about the development of the economy, or economic matters, in a funny setting; perhaps, it’s about the economy of their house! Yes, so though it can be funny, it can be educational!
  • Play the Game of The Judge, The Lawyer, and the Convict: You play the Game of The Law Court, funnily. Your husband sits as the Judge, sitting over a case in which one of your children had stolen a candy; Your wife is the Lawyer, who’s been hired by your children, to defend her. ‘‘If really played well, it can be The Fun Game of The House Law Court,’’ so the Lord said!
  • Play The Tennis of Fun: You Can Play The TENNIS OF FUN. This is not the competitive type of tennis game, we see around.

Okay, so it’s different!

You both be at your side of the tennis court; ready with your bats!

So, he’ll pass the ball to you (over the net), and the you’ll pass the ball also to him over the net. Play the ball in a kind of a partnership mode, not in a competitive mode.

The goal of both of you, is to make sure, the tennis ball does not go out-and none of you miss the ball at your end; hence, as a family you work it together. Yes, both of you should play as though you’re learning and as a family, you must partner together, to make sure the ball does not go out.

Once any of you miss the ball, both of you have lost, so partner to make sure the ball does not go out.

In addition, your children (if around), can bring in more fun. So, you’ll place them in the middle, and they’ll be desperately trying to catch the ball you spouses are trying to pass to each other. If they catch, they’ve won, or gotten a point.

Meanwhile, both of you will only have one hit on the ball.

It’s a game which can show how both partners can work together to keep things going, and how they keep things together from danger, or from trouble!

If through love, we play these games well they’ll help revive each of these families we belong to.

Peace, And Lots Of Love!

Prince Akogo.

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