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The Source of God’s Intelligence: God reveals the Glory of His Intelligence


Peace onto men: (The Beginning of this post starts with one of the posts I was led to write by the Lord, which He led me to title as ‘God has now revealed His Origin to the World.’

This is because, until we understand where God had originated from, we cannot know where, and how He had gained Wisdom, before Time, or before the creation of the whole Universe. But, if you have already read this post, regarding God’s Origin, I will suggest to you that, you should scroll down to the subtitle, ‘The Eternal Source of God’s Intelligence,‘ or you could consider revising:

The Origin of God

Going beyond God, to bring out how God had originated, in the first place, the Holy Spirit began to explain to me how God’s origin  had come about.  He said that, these were  the ways God’s glory, had come about. The following, was how He had explained it:

In the bible, it is realized that whenever God who is known as the Life appeared to men, He appeared in the form of Lightning (light), Thunder (Sound) and in the form of Gas, (Smoke). For instance, this was how He appeared many times to the children of Israel.

On the morning of the third day there was THUNDER (that is, Sound) AND LIGHTNING (light), with a thick CLOUD (that is, Gas) over the mountain, and a very loud trumpet blast. Everyone in the camp trembled.

Ex. 19:16

So, these natures qualify Him (that is, God) in certain ways when looking at Him in Science. It means that God Himself is by nature is a Power or an Energy Being, since Power or Energy is responsible for the generation of all three of them; Light (lightning), Sound (Thunder) and a (Thick Cloudy) Gas, as far as science is concerned.

Now, since we know that all 3 elements are energies and they are made from power, it makes God seems to be a Power or an Energy Being.

When we come to the Bible too, it is stated that ‘ How God, anointed Jesus with… POWER who went about doing good…’ (Acts10:38).

Moreover, it also stated that the Holy Spirit, who hails from God, comes with Power, to give Power, anytime He comes upon us men. So the Bible stated:

But ye shall receive Power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you:

(Acts 1:8) KJB

In other words the Son of God and the Holy Spirit, who are all members of His Trinity, are all POWER AND ENERGY beings as well; so this is why they come with Power.

Now, since they hailed From God, it means they had gotten their Power and Energy-Nature from God, who is the Father, whom we have seen in the beginning to have elements or characteristics of Power and Energy on the mountain, in the day He appeared to the Jewish people.

Therefore, God couldn’t have supplied Power or Energy out of Himself to the Holy Spirit and to Jesus, if He Himself wasn’t a Power or Energy Being.

Now, see what Jesus emphatically stated in the scripture below, while personally talking about God.

‘”I AM,” said Jesus, “and all of you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of ‘THE POWER’ and coming with the clouds of heaven.”

Mark 14:64 NIV

Did you notice what He said? He called God ‘The Power.’ In other words, Jesus, who was with the Father from the beginning before Time and Space, has revealed to us GOD’S true or His absolute NATURE.

So God is a Power Being since Jesus called Him ‘Power.’

Moreover, we can now also understand why they, that is, the Holy Spirit and Jesus, who were and are members of God’s Trinity come with Power, anytime they come to the earth to rule and dominate life’s resources, with the father’s Glory.

Thus this makes sense, because we are now able to understand why God, who had come to the Jews, came as The Power of Thunder, Lightning and Clouds (Spiritual Gas), to reveal His Glory to the Children of Israel, and to Moses His Servant.Yet, these signs, as far as Science is concerned, are formed or created by Power, or Energy.

In fact, according to the Word, this is how God also appears in His Temple, in Heaven.

In Revelations chapter 11:19 BSB, the Bible stated;

Then the temple of God in heaven was opened, and the ark of His covenant appeared in His temple. And there were flashes of lightning, and rumblings, and rolls of thunder,…

His flashes of lightning light up the world. The earth sees them and trembles.

Psa. 97:4 GWT

So then, if God has been introduced to us as The POWER, by nobody else than Jesus, then we are capable of understanding why He comes as Thunder (Sound), Lightning (light) and Cloudy or like vapourized Gas ( a Spirit/Gas upon the Earth, because He is a Power being.

After the Holy Spirit had given me this important understanding, He added that if we therefore can know how Power, or Energy come about according to Science, then we can know how God the Father, had come about before Time and Space.

Then He added and said that, this is first to mean that God the Power came out from a Power, or Force realm, and acquires such Powers from the Force realm.

                        How Energy or Power too come About!

After He had said this to me, He went ahead to show me how Energy or Power come about so that I would understand where God had come from, or had originated, to acquire the nature of Power and Energies., to do the things He does.

According to the Lord, Energy comes about when there are active charges, that is, when there are positive (+) and negative (-) charges in CONSTANT ACTION OR FLOW.

He said that this is actually known in Science. For instance, when current flows through a circuit, it can be used to produce light, sound and even some times Ionized gases; and often times, these current exists around us in the universe, or in the realm.

He said that, there were constant flows of charges in the spiritual world, or what is called The Super-than-natural Realm, just as they were in, and are in the physical realm too.

In other words, as these charges flow through the physical realm, these charges also flow through the Spirit realm.

He said that there is actually a way to prove this; for example, scientists, have come to realize that, our human spirits contain electro-magnetic energies, and these electro-magnetic energies are from positive and negative charges (+ and -).

Therefore, if the human spirit is from the Spirit realm, and it has these charges, then the Spirit realm it came from, has these charges as well.

However, the human spirits did not come, just from anywhere in the Spirit realm; it had come from God, whom we know is a Spiritual energy or Power being. (Because God carried life energies in Him; and so gave us His Life Energies).

The LORD God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life (spiritual life-energies from Himself); and man became a living being.

Gen 2:7 NASB

Job also added;

The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.

Job 33:4 ESV

Scientists have talked of a big bang energy to create man-kind, but they talk of the Big bang energy as a physical energy which had created mankind.

As they talk of the Big bang being a physical energy, could the Big Bang energy create the human psyche (spirit or soul) too, which are by nature not physical energies, but invisible qualities? They are known to be soulish or spiritual energies, and they cannot be created with a physical energy in which the big bang energy is known to be.

Unless they can tell us that, the big bang energy has soul-like and spirit-like energies in it which can create the soulish and spiritual energies of such creatures such as men and animals, who are also very importantly part of the universe which the so called Big bang had created.

Then if the physical Big Bang Energy had brought about the invisible qualities of a soul and a spirit too, then it should have inherently carried soulish properties, such as desire, emotions, the mind and will too; as well as spiritual intelligence such as conscience and purpose which are also found in man, as well as in animals; and in fact such behaviours are also found in all other element of the universe too; like plants.

This then means that first energy or power should be a three-dimensional entity, having a physical energy body, a soul energy body and a spiritual energy body too, so it can create all these other energies we see in our universe, -not only the physical energies we see.

In other words, that form of Energy or Power, since it has physical energies, soulish energies and spiritual energies, should be a living entity, in whose glory or form, men and beasts and many other elements have taken their 3-dimensional nature, that is, in whose form we’ve been modeled out of.

Thus, in order words, it would not just be a mere physical Power or Energy, since it as well created soulish and spiritual things, which have been importantly part of us. That Power would therefore fall in the class of an Intelligent POWER, whom we will call our glory, and in whom we all call our‘God,’ meaning our ‘Power.’ By reason of the soul it possesses, it would be called an intelligent Power.

But we know of a God, whom we were told created both the physical body of men by the dust of the ground, and the energies of the human soul, as well as his spirits, through power-breath of His nostrils, according to no other pattern but according to His own glory, as far as creationism was concerned, and as far as many of the posts here are concerned.

First this was what the Bible said;

…Let Us create Man in Our own Image; according to our likeness.

Gen. 1:26 NASB

So God created mankind in his own image; in his own image God created them; he created them male and female.

Gen. 1:27 ISV

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life (the human spirit of life); and man became A LIVING SOUL.

Gen. 2:7 KJ 2000B

Man becoming a Living Soul means, man had become an intelligent being, with activity.

So here is why we are also told that God is the Father of Our spirits, according to Heb. 12:9 (NLT), as spoken by Paul, the servant of the Most High God.

…God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life (the human spirit of life); and man became A LIVING SOUL.

Gen. 2:7 KJ 2000B

…shouldn’t we submit even more to the discipline of the Father of Our Spirits and live…?

Heb 12:9 NLT

Moreover, we are told that, ‘God,’ the Force whose title means Power, also created us in His own Image and according to His Likeness. In other words, as we are, so God is.

Therefore, we were told by Him the Lord, to minister to Him, in whose powers and energies we’ve been created out of. Doesn’t it make sense?

Whoever creates you, you should be thankful to that Person.

So now, if the human spirit has been known to be a power or an energy being by scientists, because it contains charges, then God, from whom the spirit of man came out of, also contains positive (+) and negative charges (-) in Himself, and even much more.

In other words, if God breathed His life energies into you, then He put charges into you. It means that, like Himself, He gave us His spiritual or supernatural energies and powers, so that we can possess supernatural powers, in order to subdue and dominate the heavens (the physical heavens) and the physical earth.

Now, after the Lord had created us, this is what the Lord said.

And..God said,… multiply and fill the EARTH and SUBDUE IT, AND HAVE DOMINION over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

Gen. 1:28 ESV.

You cannot subdue, and have dominion over all elements of the earth, unless in you, have been placed spiritual or super-than natural powers.

That means, by putting His charges in us, which are known to form Spiritual Power, God had actually made us gods upon the earth.

Hence, that was what He said;

I (God) said, “You are gods,

And all of you are sons of the Most High.

Psalm 82:6 NAS 1977

He did this so that, we would be like Him, just as He is in Heaven. By this, love is perfected with us, that we may have confidence in the day of judgment; because as He is, so also are we in this world.

1 John 4:17 NAS 1977

Thus, as His own principle states, and making like to beget like, as we have charges (positive and negative charges), so God also have these opposite charges in Himself. All this is to mean that, there were and are opposite charges (- and +) in the Spirit realm too, as they are in the physical realm.

However, are these also not the same opposite charges (+ and -) known in science to create what we call Powers and Energies?

Furthermore, are these not the same charges also known by science to create each of the following-light, Sound, Gas as well as Life energies, in which God has been seen to demonstrate Himself every day He comes or Appears?

By Science, we also know that;

-Light is engineered, when there is a collision or fusion of positive and negative charges (known by us in electrical science).

-Sound is engineered, when there is a collision or fusion of positive and negative charges; it is created by electromagnetic energy.

– Life energies are engineered through the combination or fusion of positive energies and negative charges; it as well created by electromagnetic energy, which are formed by the charges, as in the case of our human spirits.

-Then Ionized Gases or Cloudy Smoke are also engineered, through the collision or the fusion of charges. Ionized gases too come from electromagnetic energy.

Thus, in view of the above, all these are created, when there is a collision or fusion of charges (positive and negative) in the universe, or in the Spirit realm.

If charges exist in the Spirit realm, then Light can exist in the Spirit realm, Life can as well can exist in the Spirit realm and Sound too can exist in the Spirit realm too, for they can be found in our spirits, only that they may be in their spiritual glory (nature).

Thus, if God is Energy or Power, and Energy or Power are being known to come by charges, then as the Energy or as the Power of the supernatural realm, He too can strike as Light (Lightning), as well as Gas (smoke), and as Sound (Thunder)-all in One, while keeping His Soul  and Body Intact.

Therefore, it is also no more a news that the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, should come to the earthly worlds with supernatural powers to dominate here, because they are from God, whom Jesus called ‘The POWER! They had come with Power, for Power, in a spiritual form, exists in the real of the Spirit, as well.

Now, it’s no more a news, that the title ‘God,’ which in esoteric language, means ‘Spiritual Power or A Force of Power or Super-than Natural Power’ should be used by God, as a title to justify the powerful and electrifying nature of His entire glory (self).

He God, had been the Power behind all the powers of the heavens and the earth. For this very reason, we are told by the Bible, that there are no more excuses for us, to say that, we don’t know who God’s very nature is, since the creation and the very natural elements around us, convincingly tell us of them. Paul, by His Spirit said;

For since the creation of the world his invisible attributes–his eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, because they are understood through what has been made (the creations). So people ARE WITHOUT EXCUSE.

Rom. 1:20 NB

Apostle Paul understood that, apart from the Tabernacle design, which was representing God’s glory, elements such as Light or Lightning, Power, Energy, Charges, Sound or Thunder, Ionized Gases, Clouds or Smoke all revere God’s glory.

God too had said, that as long as He lives, all things in the heavens and on the earth; they manifest His glory.

Also, by Isaiah and David’s prophetic writing, we have known that evidently everything on everything on earth reveals the glory of God high in the heavens.

The Heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge.

They have no speech, they use no words; no sound is heard from them. Yet their voice[b] goes out into all the earth,  their words to the ends of the world.

Psalm 19:1 NIV

Yet as surely as I live and as the whole Earth is filled with the LORD’s (God’s) glory,

Num. 14:21 CSB

So now, we know that God’s supernatural Energies and Powers, before Time, were created out of charges, like those of our physical realm, creating God, the Father, to be striking with a fearful presence of a Spiritual light, with Sound (Thunder), as well as a Spiritual Gas which only fills His Temple, when the Holiness of Him, is worshiped by the pure and contrite ones!

How the charges came into Existence  in the first Place

Finally, when I thought all of that was over, the Holy Spirit went ahead to show me how God had originated from the Supernatural world. In order for me to understand, He first explained to me the scientific meaning of a Realm or a World.

‘A ‘World,’ or ‘Realm’ in science, is–an atmosphere of energies or colliding charges being static in a body or vacuum, or is in motion in this body or vacuum.

In other words, it basically means that, a realm is a vacuum in which energies or charges flow through.

Hence, the Spiritual realm, and the Physical realm, both of which are called realms or worlds or Vacuums (Space), possess charges.

This means that, the opposite charges which are positive and negative charges are the reason for POWER or ENERGY creation, existing in the Spirit and in the physical realms or in the world, as we said earlier on.

This means, God, whom we call Power got the charges from the Spiritual realm where there were charges in existence, so He could strike as lightning, thunder and like a Spiritual form of Cloud or Gas.

But it is important to know how the charges came about in the realms in the first place. This will then show us how God had come about in the Spirit realm, also in the very first place. Regarding how the charges came about to form a world or a realm of supernatural power in the first place when nothing was in existence, this was what Father said to me:

When Vapour,  which is gaseous energy, should move in a specific direction, it creates a random pattern which is a form of intelligence, and this same pattern or intelligence will soon or later be destroyed by the same vapour or energy, when in its eternal flow, comes back to destroy the same random pattern or intelligence it first created.This may either take place almost immediately or later.

Hence, the first production of intelligence was a positive action, (+) and its second action of destroying its own intelligence, either sooner or later makes it seem to have negative (-) intelligence as well.

Thus, this same vapour will be seen to have both positive and negative intelligence. These opposite intelligent behaviours, by appearance, are what show themselves as positive (+) and negative (-) electrons, flowing throughout the realm of vapour.

Now, because of these same charges, it would cause the realm of vapour to become energy, or an unleashed powerful realm, with positive (+) and negative (-) behaviours or intelligence, thus giving it a proton (+) power, and also the power of electrons (-) to exist in it.

So it doesn’t just become vapour, but it becomes a vapourized energy which flows throughout the realm it occupies, called Space. Thus, the effects of these intelligence, bring a form of appearance in the form of charges-and the charges are what makes the realm become a power realm or which causes it to have energy, for they are the ones that produce the power or the energy for any given realm.

Moreover, the continuous cycle of producing its own intelligence and destroying its own intelligence by enabling the positive actions to be crossed or canceled out by the negative action will cause Nothing (that is, an Emptiness of Nothingness), to be created, or appear in the realm, because it destroys everything it creates to make it null (0), or Chaos.

This is what causes the the very thin vapour to appear, to be there to serve as the symbol of emptiness of nothingness, while charges flow randomly through it.

Now, this is what we mean to say, that the Nullness, in appearance, will also have a physical appearance. And its physical appearance will also be like thin gases, vapourizing in and out of the realm, called Space. The thin gas would therefore fill the Space available. And this Space, is what we  sometimes call a Void, or Vacuum.

Hence, it was true that nothingness pre-existed in the beginning of realm of everything, but, the nothingness, which by physical appearance, showed itself as thin gases vapourizing, by action, carried in themselves positive and negative intelligence, which in turn appeared as positive (+) and negative(-) electrons, that were flowing throughout the realm.

Secondly, the Emptiness of Nothingness, will again show itself as a Void or a hollow region or atmosphere in which nothingness exist. ‘This is what we’ve called Space.’

Yet, because of these charges flowing through the thin vapourized realm, the thin vapour will make the realm contain power or become energy throughout the realm, since these are the very same charges that create Power or Energy in any given realm.

Hence, there was Power in the realm before Time, because wherever the thin vapour occupied or went, the charges went along with them, and was one with the vapour, causing or producing supernatural energies, power and force, which were unleashed before Time, and as well as before all things had begun.

So Vapour (being a Gaseous energy), which does not flow in any particular direction, took hold of the hollow region available (the Nothingness) and filled it up, to become what is called a realm, or a world.

This was why we said earlier on, that a realm or world, was an atmosphere or vacuum with charges flowing through them. (This could either be in the Super-than natural realm (Spirit realm) or Physical Realm).

Now, according to God, this was also how Space, that is, the physical realm too was, or had began, with all the charges flowing through this realm too.

These are the charges we have come to meet flowing through the Void, which we  call Space.

Hence, the Bible had spoken of it, in the first boo of its beginning.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 Now the earth WAS FORMLESS (not flowing in any particular direction) AND EMPTY (An Emptiness of Nothingness), darkness was over the surface of the deep (Hollow),

Gen 1:1-3 NIV

You should understand, that the darkness existed in the physical realm because the charges were not in perfect balance. Yet, it would take the collision of the charges which God brought about in the physical realm to bring light out of the darkness.

Thus, it was possible for light to be created out of the physical darkness of the realm, even before God had spoken.

Now this is what we are saying, that like the Spiritual realm, the universe was hollow and Empty-what Scientists have described as ‘Space,’ while vapour which does not have a particular direction or form, made the hollow region formless.

In other words, Genesis Chapter 1 gave knowledge of the beginning of God, which was in the Spirit realm.


Notice that, though the realm was empty God created light out of this Emptiness of Nothingness, indicating how God is able to create light (Light Energy) out of the Nothingness; further indicating how He God, being the original Source of Light, was also able to come out of a system of Nothingness which was then eternally dwelling in the Spirit realm).

In order words, by finding how God was able to create light of darkness, from the realm of Emptiness and of Nothingness, we would be able to know how He God, was able to come out as the Immortal Light in the preexisting darkness of the Spirit realm, being a realm of Emptiness and of Nothingness, too.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

5 And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night

Gen. 1;1-5 KJV

For this reason, the Lord spoke through Paul and said:

For God who said, “Let LIGHT SHINE OUT OF DARKNESS,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of God’s glory (which is Light in the darkness) in the face of Jesus Christ.

2 Cor. 4:6 HCSB

So that was how the charges got in the Spirit realm, as well too, in the physical realm.

How Something Came Out of Nothing-(How God came Out of Nothing)

Then, having given me understanding of how the realms or worlds had begun, with charges appearing in the vapour to cause energy, the Holy Spirit, finally reveals to us how God the Immortal Father came out:

Finally, He said, that though the emptiness of the realm created a realm of impossibilities, yet because of the charges which created Energy or Power in the realm, there were possibilities hidden inside this realm of impossibilities; being a realm of  emptiness of the nothingness.

Hence, in other words, it was possible for God, who is a Spiritual Energy or Power who appears as life, light, Sound (The Thunder) and Gas (which is His Spiritual nature), to  exists and emerge out of the realm of Power before Time was begun.

As we know, it is the collision of these charges that create these energies and powers; Lightning, Life, a Spiritual Gas, and Sound or Thunder-the very natures of God He’d described, according to several scriptures of His Word.

As charges were in flow or in motion and did collide it produced an energy or a powerful being, who is composed of the fusion of light, life, light and Gas (like Vapour), yet without any particular form because He is like a form of gas (A Spirit (Air-like or Gas-like Being)- how he’d appeared rightly to the children of Israel:

God was that Energy and Power being.

In other words, before there was a perfect collision, to bring a Change in Energy Level in the realm, the vacuum of emptiness of nothingness, was first in a condition of spiritual darkness, spiritual death, was silent as death, without activity, just as the physical Space was.

So how were the living properties of all God’s body become created?

Visiting back to what we saw,

1.God’s Life energies would be created through a fusion of positive and negative chargesor a spiritual energy, since energy, we know creates life.

2.And His Voice too, through electromagnetic energy which was in the realm; a fusion positive and negative charges are the properties that formed the electromagnetic energy in the Spirit realm. (By logic, if the electrons are in motion in the realm and attaching to each other,  they can form electromagnetic energy). These were the same electromagnetic energy we’ve found in us, that causes voices-like the Father.

3.The body of the Lord, which is Spiritual would be formed through the spiritual  vapour,which is from the crossing out of positive and negative intelligence

4.Then His Light Energies would also be created through the same charges as well.

Indeed, all these would be possible, because of the charges which were a a part of the vast realm, the realm which appeared as a realm of vapour or a supernatural gas, or a spiritual gas.

In order words, the Father would be a Spirit with Life and Light Energies.who also would also have supernatural powers through electromagnetism, to create the voices, for voice or sounds are created through electromagnetism.

He’s a Supernatural Gas-like Power in which Life Dwells, whose body is also an emission, as well as an outshining of Supernatural and Everlasting Lights.

Thus, He was the One (called the Alpha) to begin life, with voice and power of an energetic voice. This was how the Substance, came out of the Emptiness. As a Spirit (with a gas-like nature), He moved swiftly with the nature of clouds, through a realm of emptiness of the nothingness, to build the Life called God, through His three dimensional process(3 means, to reach spiritual perfection), by which we will forever celebrate, and will forever adore.

Surely, there was nothing there: none of us were there.

Hence, now that He has created us, we have no better occupation, than to show the most profound gratitude to the Father, the One who is first and the last, the beginning, and the end. Seriously, we are to love such a One with everything we have, and give Him praise.

According to the Spirit, since God came out from the Spirit realm alone,  He speaks of this reason and  says;

‘By Me, there is No other.’

I am the LORD, and there is none else, there is no God beside me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known me:

Isa. 45:5

Again, He says this in a different place.

I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth…fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

John 15:5 KJB

Indeed, this tells us that if we should go beyond God (who is the Light of Life), we are certainly going to end up in Hell, the everlasting darkness and death, which is the Emptiness of Nothingness which God had come out of. In other words, you will land in what He, in His personal description described as ‘sin,’ which by character and in appearance, is an emptiness of nothingness or the realm or power of vanities of vanities, characterized by the power or energy of spiritual death and darkness, through the imperfect balance of charges.

I want you to know that, this indeed was how come God knew about Spiritual death, before the beginning, and told Adam about it at the beginning of his creation, because He as a Father had loved him. In order words, the Power and Life full of lying vanities, was present before life, that is, even before the human life was created, even in the realm of Emptiness of Nothingness in the Spirit.

So lets be wise and save your soul by the Power of His Light which the Father has re-vitalized us again with, through the Son Jesus Christ, for there will not be any form of salvation again!

For this reason, Jesus said,

For as the Father hath life in Himself, so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself.

John 5:26 NIV

We must take note, and guard, that the life that God has re-vitalized us with, through the very life of His Son Jesus, we don’t loose it, through the vain and sinful life.

Nonetheless, our God and Father,  had stepped into both Time and Eternity to show us that, He is the ‘Father’, meaning ‘The Source’ who comes as Lightning, and as Clouds (a Spiritual Gas) and as Thunderous Voices of Praise, when praised by men and holy angels, to both Jews and the world that is left.

He shall finally step into Time again, with the fire of His zeal, before the Earth ends.

While in Eternity it was written;

Then God’s temple in heaven was opened, and the ark of his covenant was seen within his temple. There were flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, an earthquake, and heavy hail.

Rev. 11:19 ESV

And while on Earth, it was also written of Him (God);

On the morning of the third day there was THUNDER AND LIGHTNING, WITH A THICK CLOUD over the mountain, and a very loud trumpet blast. Everyone in the camp trembled.

Ex. 19:16

At that moment of Life’s beginning, all other members of the Trinity were in Him, I was in Him; you were in Him. I won’t be able to explain that now.

The Lord God is the reason why we, as a world are alive today. Its not your mother, it’s not by your father; by grace they live(d) also. What if, at that moment of His origin, it had not come to His mind to create us?

Where will you be?

And where shall we meet ourselves for the fellowship?

This is why we must also learn to strive and fellowship ourselves in God always, who is the Father of us all.

As for me, since I was born, I have known that the Lord has done great things in my life to keep me in Him. Besides all that, His grace and favour has never left me, though I my confess, I do miss the way sometimes.

While am still yet thinking to see how I will best show my appreciation to Him in the most pleasing way through His Spirit, I would not stop saying, that the Lord has been good; He’s been good to me.

Now, and finally, I would also say, that when the Lord taught and explained these  things to me, He did not only show me by speaking words, but took me to the Spirit realm to see where it had all happened. If the Lord permits, I will share more of my experiences with you.

To them that love Him, by being obedient to His commandments, would He love more. But to those that reject Him, only finds heart in emptiness, at the end of their lives.

UNFORTUNATELY, we were not there, to witness, God’s day to day relationship with Adam, but whether we like or not, depending on who we are, it would not change the fact that, Jesus Christ is God, of the whole Universe, and the Creator of all Mankind

The Eternal Source of God’s Intelligence

“Who has known the mind of the Lord? Or who has been his counselor?”

Rom. 11:34 NIV

People often ask ‘How did God become intelligent?’ How was He able to read, talk, walk, sing, pray, speak, think, observe, study, rest, before creating everything, including man?

The Holy Spirit, also surprised me by the answers.

The utmost Secret behind God’s capability to act intelligently just like any other living being on this earth, was because of the fact that, as an Energy Being, He had the inherent capabilities, to change from one form of energy to another form of energy, while moving as a lonely Spirit in the Spirit realm. This is actually because, as Scientists have stated, Energy is able to change from one form to the other. So God being that first  Energy Being before Time, was able to change from one form to another.

In other words, because God was Energy, He was also able to change His nature into diverse forms, ways, or energy-bodies, that is-into sounds, elements, creatures, emotions, forms, images, shapes, weights, densities, liquids, solids, gases (His cloudy pillars, and behaviours)each of these distinct states being a unique intelligent behaviors.

That means, the total sum of all these unique intelligent behaviours, were what formed God’s Soul, and His Way of Life in general.

Hence, the total sum of all these various ‘characteristics, or ways’  became the God’s total sum of behavior.

Hence, when we say God can SEE, or ‘ Reason,’ it means, He had the inherent capabilities to convert from change from one form of energy to another, or from one form of supernatural intelligence to another intelligent form, due to the clear possibility that Energy (And God too is Energy), is able to change from one form of supernatural energy or supernatural intelligence to another.

So understand, that each of these ways He could change into, were all unique intelligence-on their own forms.

And He could do this from moment to moment, or time to time in the eternal realm.

So, according to the Holy Spirit, the way for God to reason, was a Change in Unique Intelligent Behavior from one moment to another, or from one time to another.

Therefore, as we said, each change He could do by Himself, was a unique intelligent behavior, or perhaps,  can be called unique character, which had its own unique intelligent coding nature, in the energies He supplied to it, or a unique coding form, in the energies He had used to do it.

Thus, each of these unique intelligent coding nature, in each of God’s diverse acts or behaviors, led to His diverse ways in which His bodily energies and the charges reacted.

Therefore, they then led to diverse DNA coding natures or patterns, inside of God’s Soul, which finally defined God’s specific character or behavior, per each moment of time.

Hence, these various DNA energy coding natures were the reasons why God has been behaving in diverse ways and various intelligent acts, known by us, as the Ways, and Acts of God.

He made known His ways to Moses, His acts to the sons of Israel.

Psalm 103:7 NASB

It means that, per each moment of time, a new information coding nature, or an intelligent coding system with new patterns, resulted in His energy-body, just right after He changed, from one kind of supernatural intelligence to another (Diverse Intelligent Ways and Acts, of God).

How God’s Heart is like Our Hearts, in many Ways

For in Him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are His offspring.’

Acts 17:28 BSB

Now, with regards to us humans, it means that if a person’s mood changes from a state of happiness to, let’s say sadness, it means that this  has resulted into a sudden change of intelligent coding nature, or a DNA coding system inside of his soul, in which his soul too, is also known to be an energy-body created to be and function like God’s own.

It is also the same thing that happens when we think from one  thing to another.

Hence, anytime we are thinking, or reasoning from one thing to another, what is actually happening, is that, the living properties, that is, energies of our soul, are undergoing changes, from one specific intelligent-coding nature to another specific intelligent coding nature. Hence, this will results in a new state of minds or the soul. It is what leads to  several emotional changes ( various mood swings, or changes) in the (soul), within that moment, we were did the reasoning.

Now, those ‘thoughts’ and ‘emotions’ like God’s own, would also lead you to a particular action or behavior, just as God’s own, if you decide to act upon that thought, or the mood.

Moreover, the nature of your thought, or your emotion, can also be good (+) or bad (-), or can be in a state of confusion ( which is an imperfect balance of + and – energies in the soul, or in the mind).

In other words, God, too can be happy (+) or sad (-), depending upon His mood  too (His emotional changes), which is going on in Him.  He gets angry or sad, just as we can too.  He can be provoked.

So, His Soul can be positive (+), or can be negative (-), depending upon His mood, which can be from an action caused by you.

In this life, when your energy level is very low, you may become sad; and when your energy level becomes high, you may become happy-this is what leads to mood swings.

Nevertheless, God can be both happy or sad, but He can never be confused. This is because He is Perfect, and so has a Perfect Soul, and this is because He knows everything, and so, He is satisfied within Himself.

Yet, as for us humans, we can be confused. And this is because we are weaker vessels and have serious limitations or some form of weaknesses in the depths of our hearts. And its due to the fact that we don’t know everything of this life.

That is why, God can remember we are ‘dust’ and so, will show us mercy, and some favour, which is when we repent, to (change our minds and souls, from negative (-) ways, to positive (+) ways) by prayer and through a contrite and humble plea. Then He will forgives us.

Secondly, each of these new intelligent behaviors or characters formed by our souls are also new Designs, Patterns, and Drawings, which are created by the soul.

Now, this, Design, or Drawing or Pattern, created by our souls, can be called An Impressions, or a type of Image Printings, which is done by our souls. Now, these distinct Impressions or Image-Prints of our soul (particular our minds), is what is termed as, Imag(e)-inations; this means that, these were images created by our souls-specifically, our minds.

These are the same patterns, or ways, by which God can imagine, and He could create a ‘model, or a picture of us’ with the same imaginative properties of His soul.

Imagines do happen, when the picture we are looking on, is immediately cast on our minds (soul), through electron absorption, and that is possible because of the presence of electromagnetic and electromotive energies in our  minds. During such moments, there are reactions of positive and negative charges, going on inside us.

The picture, will be cast upon our soul, especially, in the presence of light through electron absorbtion and attractions. This was why God could also imagine, because He had the same electromagnetic energies in His Soul.

Now, if Scientists should say that, we have electromagnetic energies in our hearts, then God, as we said, would have much more; so He can be able to imagine too.

So yes, He has Electromagnetic Energies too.

Thirdly, we should also know that, we may be able to lose, or gain electrons in our soul, through the introduction of negative energies or positive energies into that place.

For instance: If the energies from a picture we are looking on, is not that good, like scary, it will create a negative energy, in our soul. However, if we watch pictures carrying positive energies, this will help us attract and to preserve, more positive energies to our soul. Thus, when the images you are watching, does not provide positive energies, it will not help your soul, which is you. These negative energies, will corrupt the mind of goodness, or morality, and will cause you to begin producing a negative character. Hence, your lifestyle will become corrupted.

Hence, this is why God would not sin, thus, He would prevent negative energies from entering into His Soul, because He loves His heart, and knows what sin, which is Negative energy, can do. When negative energies should enter into God’s soul, it would also lead to the corruption of his heart and soul. That would first lead to the destruction of important inherent energies in God’s Soul, destroying His Life, or the positive energies of His Soul. This would also corrupt God’s behaviour, from Holiness to become both The Energy of Sin, and a Sinner.

Therefore, when we men compromise to sin, we lose positive energies in our souls. This was the issue with God’s first man on the Earth, Adam.  Adam died in soul and in his Spirit, when He allowed negative energies to attack, the more positive energies in Soul, which God gave him. All this started, when Adam began to look at the fruit to let it attract him, and then He desired for it, after Eve too had desired after it.

Thus, when negative energies through a sinful lifestyle, should take too much of our soul, then our soul is considered to be  dead spiritually, that is, fully clutched up with spiritual darkness and spiritual death.

In this case, the man therefore is no more made of God, but by darkness, which has corrupted his soul. So, he needs to be recreated by God, both in soul and spirit, through the power of God’s positive energies again. If He doesn’t call on God again to help him, spiritual death and darkness will forever fill his soul and heart, though God still loves him as His creation. Thus, Salvation will never reach his soul again, He has no more knowledge of God again.

Thus, in his soul, he would be in darkness.  He would die, not a natural death, but this time round, a spiritual death and therefore can be taken to hell, where there are spiritually dead souls of men and spirits from the underworld, who also have the spirit of darkness within them, or the same kind of negative spirits. Hence, His Spirit must be BORN AGAIN.

It is the born again spirit, Churches are talking about.

Understand that, the demons which Satan  sends to deceive us, are by nature, souls and spirits, who have become negative energies in the Spirit realm, too. First they were not negative energies; they were of God’s positive energies, when God had first created them.

Hence, if they through their tricks deceive your soul, your soul will also remain in their darkness.  And the soul which is of darkness goes to the world they belong; not to God’s home or abode. Hence, the world of the underworld, where the devils belong, is the world made up of spiritual darkness. It can also be called The home  psychical negative energies-Hell. The Place is called Hell, because of the negative conditions there. Hence, we need to escape from them, from their traps.

Now, notice how Jesus shut Satan up, from all the negative lies He wanted to tell Him. What was Satan trying to do? He wanted to reach Christ’s soul, with his lies, for lies are energies of darkness which can create spiritual death-in a man’s soul. That is why the devil uses lies; however, God tells us to speak the truth.

And after fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry.

During that time the devil came and said to him, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become loaves of bread.”

But Jesus told him, “No! The Scriptures say, ‘People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.'”

Then the devil took him to the holy city, Jerusalem, to the highest point of the Temple,

and said, “If you are the Son of God, jump off! For the Scriptures say, ‘He will order his angels to protect you. And they will hold you up with their hands so you won’t even hurt your foot on a stone.'”

Jesus responded, “The Scriptures also say, ‘You must not test the LORD your God.'”

Next the devil took him to the peak of a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.

“I will give it all to you,” he said, “if you will kneel down and worship me.”

“Get out of here, Satan,” Jesus told him. “For the Scriptures say, ‘You must worship the LORD your God and serve only him.'”

Then the devil went away, and angels came and took care of Jesus.

Matt. 3:4

Look at what Satan was doing! He was pressing up on Christ incessantly, just to be able to get Christ’s Soul. However, Christ knew that, that is what He was trying to do, to get into the corners of His Soul. And He brought to Christ ‘great trophies,’ just so that Christ would compromise.

Look, today, Satan has fooled many people, including some Christians. The Bible says, Jesus was hungry and Satan came for Him to compromise. This is how the world has compromised to the devil, for the sake of money, joy, and fame. They are fooling themselves all this while, when God wants to get their attention, by saying ‘look, watch out to see what Satan is up to. Watch out to see what He’s hiding from you.’ O, today, see how women compromise on their faith, and have broken their virginity, for satan to have access into their hearts. O, see how some men have also compromised on their believe in God, by being ungodly, stealing, embezzling funds, and duping one another.

(Thus, the darkness in the human soul today, is where human wickedness has originated from, because, this is where Satan put His lies into, after he was able to get to the ‘Living Soul of Adam,’ to make it die, so that He will not follow after the Way of Life, after the father of Life again. So, when you see people who are still evil, then the darkness from the devil, is still working in their soul.

Moreover, the reason why people don’t know God again is that, they don’t know that darkness, can enter their soul. They joke with the truth of God, and so they neglect His truth, as though, there is any better help in the world, apart from what God has said.

Why do atheists get ignorant, professing that there is no God? Because, the darkness of Satan has entered into their hearts, and they are living in the darkness, not in the light of the truth. Note that, ignorance is also a type of negative energy. Come on: we must be very vigilant, for the serpent, is roaring like a lion, seeking whom he may next devour.

Furthermore, negative energies in our souls will further destroy our outward flesh and powers, for it is very powerful. It would cause death, and spit out diseases on your flesh. This was waht had happened to Adam, and happening too in men now, who are born of the Adamic nature, because they were offspring of Adam.  But when we have accepted Salvation, God brings back into us, a more positive energy again, which produces a new kind of way of life-being called the Christian Way or Christ-like life. This new positive kind of energy in us, are in the same likeness of God’s intelligent behaviours, which is also able to do the same supernatural demonstrations Christ was able to do on Earth, since He had the intelligence of God, in Him.

So then, when God saves you, He actually creates a perfect balance among the inherent charges in your soul, so that you live by His supernatural energies again. It will cause the devils of the underworld to see that, light, has finally replaced their way of darkness in your. However, watch out, because like Christ, they will come after you incessantly, praying that, one day, just one day you will compromise. They never stop, because, they know that, men don’t like pressure. However, one way they will do that, is to see the current need you have, and bring you gifts and parcels which are wild, to seem to solve your whole world’s problems, which is so that you compromise.

Satan, will give you fame, joy, riches, to get into your soul, just by causing you, to do whatever you can, in your way of life, to compromise. And that is why many Christians, have now compromised on God today, in the midst of this strong Economic turmoil. If  your soul is that valuable to Satan, than giving you a whole world, then ask yourself, why does He, truly like the soul of man?

Don’t sit there to play with Him. He knows what He’s after, when it has to come to the matters of the soul. He’s a 1001 times aware, of want He can do with a new precious soul. Hence, by giving advice, Christ said;

For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?

Matt. 16:26 ESV.

Anyway, if we think money, and free-good sex is valuable than our souls, then the way is in front of us, to continue. To the God of Heaven, such a person, is a foolish man. Only foolish men think, money and sex can buy their soul. The devil, is at the background, promoting free sex, and money, and high fame, and you all, are after him?

Jesus, the Son of God, was hungry, but forfeited satan’s compromising gifts. Please, just look; what Jesus the Son of God forfeited, is much bigger that what Satan has offered you. And you so, don’t follow Him. He offered Jesus THE WHOLE WORLD!!! But what did Jesus do?

Next the devil took him to the peak of a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.

“I will give it all to you,” he said, “if you will kneel down and worship me.”

“Get out of here, Satan,” Jesus told him. “For the Scriptures say, ‘You must worship the LORD your God and serve only him.'”

Then the devil went away, and angels came and took care of Jesus.

Matt. 3:4 NLT

Even if Satan offers you 3 million dollars, He has not done anything for you, and you cannot give up. Your soul is valuable than a Billion Dollars. Don’t be fooled also, by those too who brag with money. Christ was offered better off things than them. He was offered the whole world. For them, they are of greedy eyes; They cannot reject such parcels, and so they are not like Jesus. Jesus, was content with what He had. Note, at that time, He was physically poor. Yes, they cannot live like the Master. They are weak, that is why they’ve compromised. Christ is more matured, who knows better, and is smarter. In fact, today, He now reigns over the whole world. God even gave Him better-given Him powers to rule the whole Heavens, and the Earth. You should not envy those who have gotten money, or fame, through fraudulent means. It shows how weak they are; and they are not like Christ.

Through many products and services, Satan has deceived so many people!

So then, all this has to do with the nature of information  you carry into your hearts, per each moment of your life. It will happen just at the point in time you are watching t.v, or listening to radio, listening to music, or by thinking on something, or may be listening to someone of positive nature or not. Value your life, and let every moment of your life matter to you: or Satan will gradually take you to Hell, to be with Him.

In addition, we must not, and must never, in the name of civilization, give ourselves, in listening to just anyone who talks, or does a song, or does a movie-or we may denature ourselves back into his pit of spiritual slavery, for the time of our departure here to eternity is short.

Also, we must not be educated with just any form of information; for information is all about knowledge, and it can denature your hearts, because wild fake knowledge do create lies.

The Bible is the only way and where the truth is. Study to know what is truth. After all, that is where the truth, which is coming from the Holy Spirit, is all taken out from. So don’t allow yourself to be denatured again. Your life, should be important to you.

Please, know that, such transformations happen silently in our soul; thus we may not see it immediately to deal with it. And so, this is how come we lose our lives back to satan and to his systems again. Yet, just because we think we still know the Lord by His name, we are still in His mind, nor in His Book of Life. God has been blotting out names sometimes from His books-and He means it.

But now, please forgive their sin–but if not, then blot me out of the book you have written.” The LORD replied to Moses, “Whoever has SINNED against me I will blot out of my book.

Exo. 32:32-33 NIV

Moreover, let us remember that Christ said that not many who call Him Lord, Lord, will enter the Kingdom of Heaven but those who actually do His will, who eschew evil, just as He did, when Satan offered him life’s rich provisions, to exchange the values of His soul, which were the positive intelligence of God. For Christ, He loved God, and so He did not want to lose that positive energy.

However, importantly, He loved Himself, because He knew what would have happened to the Intelligence of God in Him, if He had done anything, just anything with the lying devil.

What are we saying here? I was actually trying to say something about God and our hearts, which landed me here.

I was also trying to tell you that, like us, electromagnetic and electromotive energies also exists in the Lord’s  Soul, which is what enables Him to directly attract information into His Soul, and to reject or repel information from His soul-which was in the same case with Christ, when He accepted what God has said in His Word, as the Truth, and rejected the lying words of the devil.

Hence, just as magnets attracts and repels, so also, the magnets in our souls attracts and repels (rejects).

Thus, this is what also causes you to like or to get attracted to someone or something, or to as well reject someone, or something when you have analyzed him, or that thing, with your mind. However, the choice you will make at the end matter, and you must not throw your lives to listen, or to watch just any news too, or to do just anything you like, in  the name of ‘I am a free moral right agent human being.’ Some level of freedom, can be destructive to your soul.

God’s Spiritual-body, is the same as His Soul, because it was first actually His Spirit which carried these electromotive and electromagnetic energies,  to also have the powers of attraction, and rejection. Thus, know that, if he loves you , or rejects you, He has the potential to do so.

So then, the combination of all these unique intelligence, which God acts upon, together with the presence of these electromagnetic energies in Him, was what led to Him having a Soul, to form (His Will, Motives, Interests, Ways, Emotions, Intellect, as well as His behaviour in life.

Thus, they had Formed His Heart, Mind and Soul.

God by nature, is a free moral AGENT, and has inherent capabilities or inherent energies, to do the things He says He can do. As for Him, He is not answerable to anyone.

Moreover, through His unlimited strategies, He can choose to use His skills in many ways He deems fit, while thinking about how to use them to perfect His Glory. Yes, He is the God, who has the right to Change into Unlimited Ways, as He wishes.

Hence, these technically led to God’s infinite intelligence before time, making God both an Intelligent being, and also, a Conscious reasonable being.

          How God became The Living Soul

So, we’ve said that, God’s Soul could perform diverse intelligent behaviours (Acts, and Ways etc) before Time had begun.

Then also, He was by nature a Living Soul. And this was and is because He is more attracted to positive energies and powers, than to negative energies and powers, which can disrupt His Soul, through death, and darkness.

Thus realizing that for Him to live that long, He also had to live a life which is rich in positive energies, (For instance, the action or behaviour of His Love, Godliness or Holiness), to attract and to keep more positive energies. Note: (There are actually actions that make you keep more positive positive energies in you. They are the lifestyle that God has given to the believer).

Hence, this is why God will never sin. So His Soul is Living, not dead yet. It will never be able to die, becuase He will not sin. And for this reason, we call Him The Holy One. From then on from Eternity to this age, God, a God of what is called love, has never changed; Yes, He’s still the same.

Yes, God is aware if He does not also live righteously or should sin, He may lose  energies, from His Soul, and this may mean death, or corruption of His heart-which was what Lucifer, and His cohorts had done, when they compromised upon their salvation, when they were then with Him in the Life of Glory, before they fell, into the Spirit of Death, by sin.

Can God also, or actually lose energies from His Soul?

Yes, He can too!

This was actually what happened to Jesus too, who was God’s Son from the beginning, and by nature, was still God, around the same time His soul was made an offering for the sins of humanity, whom He had loved, from Eternity.

What had happened to Jesus, when His Soul, was also made an offering for our Sins? Indeed, He also died, when God the Father, had put our sins, that is, the sins of all men (all these negative energies from men’s heart and soul), into Jesus’ heart, so that He would die a separated death from the Father’s path. In other words, Jesus lost The Glory of Life He had with the Father.

We know that, in the same day He died, darkness went into Jesus, the Son of God, and rushing down deep, into His Heart, to denature the Son of God, which is a sign that darkness too, can corrupt God’s Soul.

That is why God prevents it from happening, by He being the first one to live a righteousness life, by also living a more positive way (the Way of Holiness), to maintain the positive energies in Him, which He acquired before Time. So, unless we also don’t value it, by giving ourselves to darkness, we will also lose it.

So, it was also the negative energies (energies attracted by our negative behaviours), which went down into Christ’s heart, completely paralyzing the Power of God-inside of Him. I told you, that sin, which is negative Energy, is that Powerful! If is able to corrupt God’s Soul, how much yours?

This is why we know that, when He had died, Satanic forces took hold of Christ’s dead or denatured Soul down there. It was also because, they were the Lords of Spiritual death, and of the Power of Negative energies by then-both on earth, an in the realms.

These were the Spirits, who knew what darkness was, and Spiritual dead energies were, from Life’s beginning, after they had been caused, to departure from God’s Estate.

In that moment, God’s Son, went through an instance of intense beating in their hands, with also spiritual death conditions, from their hands and in their realms; until, He was taken back from there, after the blood had been there, through the Immense Power of the Holy Spirit, to purify Him-God’s lovely Son who died on our behalf.

What was Christ doing? He was substituting us, so that He would lose His positive energies in other to be buried and suffer spiritual darkness and death on our behalf, so that we will live now with God, and back again with God, on earth, and in heaven. So, it was a Substitutionary Work He worked with us on that DAY OF SALVATION!

He has suffered, so that man would not suffer. He suffered for us, so that we would be created newly, with God’s positive charges, which brings Life and Light powerful energies again, into our hearts. Therefore, Christ’s Living Energies, which the Father had given Him before Time, was now exchanged with ours, which had been soaked in Darkness and with spiritual death conditions, of the Spirit Eternal realm.

What does it mean? It’s up to us now to consciously accept, and believe, the POWERFUL Gifts and Sacrifices of Christ has given to us, through the Eternal Father’s Life Energies, which He gained from the Eternal realm before creating us.

Its just One life Christ gives, so we must cherish it, to guard our hearts.

However, now, Christ is no more there on His wooden Cross, nor in Spiritual death, but now, is with the Father of the New Creation Life Style, interceding for us- until we all come to repentance, and to escape from Gods sure-coming wrath of God. We have now been recreated to enjoy the Powers of  God’s Dynamic Intelligence, which are in this Life of Blessings. God, is now the Father, and Leader, of all of us, because of His Soul, and the new Energy in us, and not because of the darkness, or the sins, that were leading our souls captives.

Also, we must know, that Salvation is an instant thing, not a future thing to come. And also, after we have been saved, we must never strive to go back to our sins. Not, everyone has a Second Chance, from God, because He’s of Free Moral Right.

Now, when we sin again, we are actually re-corrupting our souls back into the Life which Christ came to save us from.

We’re re-corrupting our souls, through the words we speak, and the porn we watch, through lesbianism, and by sexual immorality; by also fornication, adultery, drunkenness, fraudulence, stealing or bribery, envy or jealousy, and by being lustful after so many women,  together with all the sins we love to commit in all the secret places.

It still means that, when you die, you’re actually going back into to Hell. It means that, your heart, has become un-saved again; because these were the same off behaviours, which by former practice, caused your Soul to become to be engaged and locked with darkness, which had also corrupted your Soul with negative Energies,  called sin, before Christ came to save you.

Hence, again, you need to repent, and a change of your that heart, because spiritual darkness and death, subtly rushed back into your Souls. God knows you are no more in His reach again. He knows that you’ve been recreated back into Darkness, and have become a vessel for Demonic habitations, through negative energies.  Satan is sitting there laughing at you, calling you unholy saint.

He knows you’ve become a member of His courts. He has known, that you are among the stubborn ones, who belong to God’s family; but He has deceived with unimportant luxury, passing away, to get there.  Silently, and in your ignorantly, He’s having a field day over your soul, why controlling it. You have consciously, not repented. because, you have not truly repented, but you claim, you’ve been going to Church.

Now, If Salvation is about matters of the heart, as we’ve seen here, then its also not about the Church you go to, that will change God’s  about you, as well as Satanic minds on you. God has never said He is dealing with a Church building; He said He is dealing with your heart. For this reason, many people, who enter the walls of Church Buildings, will still go to Hell.

While I was writing this, the Lord spoke to me and said, ‘In fact, some have even gone.’

So we produce negative energies back into our hearts again, when we sin. Hence, you can lose your salvation, as a Christian. It’s all about the Energy you keep adding up in you-right in there, whether they are positive or negative.

Therefore, we shouldn’t think we should be overjoyed in a current time of sin, when Sin is in the abundance, by practice, which men are drawing closer to themselves, with a chord. Seriously, they are actually dead, and darkness, have filled their hearts. Through their observance of sinful practices, today, the world has become a dark haven.

The Lord again said to me that, in this day it is not only the lost that He must save, but even the ‘righteous, ‘His Church’ must be re-saved.’

He said this because He realized that, after He had annulled our Covenant with Death, and with Darkness, we are still back, tying our souls to the evil world, through the practice of the many sins we are committing today, as though they are the practices, He has given to the Churches. Therefore it means that, if we still sin, it is possible we will go to Hell, because the Lord God, is not a respecter of persons; even, persons of His Church. Sinners, are not favoured in His Church; they would added to the world, and destroyed by Him. This is also why members of His Church, must first start with the judgment, on the Judgment Day of Christ.

Hello, and hello, my dear friend, please  don’t be easily fooled by some who say, that ‘Christianity, is the matter of the heart. The Christians of the Olden Days, were called Christians by the righteous practices, not by what they had claimed they have in their hearts. Who, opened their chests to see their hearts anyway? Who, could have done that?

It is an action rather, that corrupts your Soul. Its about what you do, and watch, other than that, God wouldn’t have told us not to do those things He referred to us, according to practice.

Who had also lied to you?

It was an action, that Adam took, which had led to the corruption of His Soul, not just his believe in the forbidden fruit, which He engaged with his heart. It was a behaviour, that brought the Corruption. Hence, it is the reversibility of actions, through a complete repentant heart, which Christ is looking for. That is exactly, what would lead to Pure Repentance hearts, not mere words, nor mere creeds.

In other words, just believing, and going to Church, is not enough to bring us into God’s full Salvation. If this was the case, God wouldn’t have died. People who sin, are considered goats by Him, and people who do righteousness, who disallow evil corrupting their Soul, while maintaining, the energies of their soul, have been considered wise people, by Him.

So it is not your big dress that makes your salvation well guaranteed, into the eternal home of the Father, as some church members have been been deceived. Church, is not a matter too of social stand, nor of social class

It’s also not about your Religion, Religious Life, nor your so called Good-Tribe too.

It’s about the fact that, your heart has experienced the change we are talking about through the Power of the Cross, and the love of Christ. However, more importantly, it’s about living the Christ-like Life, which is what shall preserve and keep your souls positive energies intact, for the life which is to come.  Hence, our behaviors are what keep our new positive energies, which God deposited into us intact.  So, we should not lose them by being bad boys, or girls, or by being bad women, and bad men. Hence, practically living the Good Behavioural Life through Christ’s Power, is the most concrete way, of providing security for the good-heart condition God has  given us all.

Hence, we have been told to guard our hearts (that is, providing conscious security for our hearts, if we do love ourselves) with every diligence, for out of the hearts are the issues of life. And this issues of Life, is what we’ve spoken about here, which has become the all-time primary goal of devil, together with His agents on Earth.

Above all else, guard thy heart; for out of it flows the issues of life.

Prov. 4:23 JB 2000

Pure Salvation, can only come through living like Christ, and not on a worldly character, which we mix into our faith. Yes, that form of worldly character, and tradition, is ruled by demonic agents, just so that they can still have engagement with your soul.

Don’t forget that the Father only needs righteous men, to lift them up to Heaven, for the advancement of positive energies in the kingdom, not sinners, or they would nullify His positive energies.

Hence, we are adviced through the Holy Spirit and  through God’s Daily Words, not to lose His positive energies of our soul, by compromising. For the devil comes to attract us with many things through a so-called Modern way of Civilization, by which He has already gotten many souls captives.

He has also been able to do this, by using some  humans in government, who do some of His Work and Ministry for him, whether they know it or not. He’s trying to play smarter than you can think, and have introduced many things in the world, and sometimes even with high cutting-edge technology, just so that he can get your soul.

The Final Words

Finally, according to the Holy Spirit, the factor of God being Wise, was  through dynamic Intelligence, which I had said, had happened through God’s ability to change, into many several intelligent FORMS & WAYS (CALLED THE WAYS, AND ACTS OF GOD).

Thus, each of these changes He did were also unique dynamic intelligence in themselves,  He could form, or change Himself into anything He liked, per any moment of time, and at will. He was Energy, and could do these because,  as we had said, energy has the potency, to change from one form to another. Thus, this was the factor, which  had rendered God, who as a Father, to also be called a God of Dynamic Intelligence, or Wisdom before Time begun; Yes, He pre-existed Time, getting ready to bring dynamic people and creations all as one together, so that we all can operate to a certain level of God’s Infinite Dynamism.

Hence, this is why we have been seeing God changing from one form of Glory to another ever since creation begun. We have seen Him change into a Pillar of Fire in the Temple, into Pillar of Great Clouds, into a Mighty Rushing Wind, also as a Living Rain or Water, like an Oil, (The Anointing of God);

We have also seen Him coming as a Thunderous Voice, then as Lightning, and as Smoke over great mountains to Israel, as a Great Angel to Moses, like a Dove upon Christ the Lord, and not with-standing in the likeness of Man (Jesus Christ) to Israel and to the entire World. Yes, all this is because, God is an Infinite and Creative Being. As Energy, One God can do all these things, because He can easily and practically do them.

All these together form God’s infinite creative abilities through which we said, was by dynamic intelligence. All these intelligence have formed His heart, and soul, rendering them to become full of dynamic intelligence, thus , The Infinite Wisdom, and thus making God’s hand too, to become  very articulate or skillful.  Thus, God, can do everything, and anything He chooses. He’s actually unlimited, in His Powers.

Hence, God basically, can do everything, because He can practically change Himself, to fit every problems need. He would look at the problem briefly, and change to practically, cause Himself to fit the Solution, needed for that problem; and now the problem will get solved. Hence, no problem, is of higher standard to God. They are mere   issues.

Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.”

Mat. 19:26 NLT


As a result, He has chosen the name, ‘Jesus,’ so that He would also become ‘The Solution, The Salvation, or The Savior’ of everything He’s able to save. He is such an Unlimited God by Power.

Finally, though God can change into all forms and ways, one best form of Glory that glorifies Him the most, is   Glory of Man, which He has now, which is also  the same Glory, we have now. Yes, no doubt, we look like Him.

Here was how God our Father, was able to gain wisdom, and was able to pass that Wisdom into all of us, who have now occupied the Earth, through DNA systems, through our first biological father called Adam. Just that, some of us, are using our wisdom to do evil to others, which God does not like;

This is why He desires to save us. So, He has His dynamic working wisdom operating in all men, whether blacks, or whites up to the Limit, and Measure He has chosen. Whatever skill we have today, its by Grace, and its only by His Grace.

This was one of the ways God had obtained wisdom, when He had originated from the darkness.

To the praise of His name, is this article written. Peace!

Prince Akogo, called to pastor and teacher.

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