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Best Form Of Leadership-Leadership 101


Best Form Of Leadership-Leadership 101


There’s this one great thing, the Lord said to me about Leadership:

Yes- if you’re a leader in any circle, one of the things you’re supposed to note is that you’re not the only leader your followers have in their lives.

While you’re being a leader to them in just one field of life, your followers also have other leaders apart from you, in other circles in their lives! They have their husbands, their choir masters, their class teachers, a C.E.O, a godfather, an elderly sister, a father, a mother, or a business administrator who’re all playing a leadership position(roles) in other aspect of their lives, or perhaps in the same circles of your leadership. (Yes, understand that this is how all followers are to you!)

Now, know that, these followers would have to share their time, energy, money, love, fellowship and almost all other interests among these other leaders, with you inclusive.


Leadership 101

Each follower has this situation going on in his life, and each follower does this no matter which field they find themselves.

Yet, followers will tend to go more to (spend more time with, fellowship more with, dance more with, live more with or may go more with, share their time more with, will live more with, give more love to, talk more with, or simply be more with), the leader (s), who in every way brings them the most results. This means, you’re in competition with all these leaders, who’re also in their lives!

So then, if you do not stand to get for them what they need in life, and psychologically they weigh your efforts as very little or low comparable to all the other leaders, it’ll lead them to pull the bet and now place their time, efforts and even money on those among the remaining, who gives them most satisfaction in life. It may simply not be all of the leaders in their lives, but could be just one faithful leader who is doing that!

(Therefore, don’t beat them nor insult them, nor bully them in life or don’t go and touch negatively the chord of their soul, which is their desire of life, or you will soon become the last on the list of leadership preferences.

Since man is a free moral agent they do not owe you their time or energy. That pre-supposes that, you have to do the right thing to make them psychologically give them to you more.

Yes, every follower has her free living right and her right of choice, that’s why not just anybody may come to you. So treat them with love and with passion. That will in turn make them give their time and will even bring other people in their lives to your leadership services in that field.

Surely, that’s all they need. Yet, that does not mean that there must not be discipline. You should let them understand the goals of the discipline and why it’ll help them, while you’re also watching yourself lest you commit the same offences which you’re disciplining them for.

As I said, know that you’re not the only leader in their ‘life’ circles but if you’ll want more attention, work harder with lots of love and kindness. Don’t demand it, simply, and softly work for it!

(You should just work for the attraction towards you). Do it with love and do it with joy).

So then, if you want more commitment, as we said, wanting all your followers to be polarized toward you in the ongoing competitions, then you must satisfy them the more to win their precious time, energy and expensive attention.

Yet, it’s the Power of Love, Important Provisions, the needed Satisfactions and Purpose, that will connect you to the soul of all your followers.


It’s the goal of all leaders (no matter who they’re), is to bring best satisfaction to their flock or sheep irrespective of the field or circles they’re in.

And so if you want them to give you their time, fellowship or attention then you first need to show them that you can give them your time, fellowship and attention. (It should start from you first; don’t demand it). Followers reciprocate what we have as leaders. They’ll soon bid the bet on you for the time, money and energy you share with them than on others who’re also in the tender and privileged position as you are. It’s not about your sternness!

Everybody is a leader and everybody is a follower at some point; everybody is looking for one who’ll bring him ‘home.’  I know you also do the same when you meet other leaders who are also after your time, attention and all your resources!

We all need leaders and we’ll need to be followers of something. Who can you satisfy today? It begins with those around you!

Parents look for this from their Grandparents. The children especially look for this from their parents; the ladies (women), especially look for this from their husbands; oh, even the maid-servants will look for this from their madams and the men (workers) as well look for this from their bosses, and as well from their directors, and also from their governments.

Indeed, this is the fundamentals of leadership. So therefore, to enter into the game of leadership you must first ask yourself: ‘‘Who Am I?’’ and ‘What Am I Doing With Their Lives?’’

As the Spirit of God was speaking, He said that ‘‘That’s what Christ thought about before calling us men.’’ Yeah, He’s thought about us and knows what’s He’s doing with all our lives, having thought of our salvation, knowing exactly where He was going to take us home!

Yes, these are what all followers will ask for, so to get more attention seek more to work on your attraction levels.

Rest, Love and Pace to your leadership.

Thank you; God bless you!

The Beginning and Art of Leadership!


Prince Akogo.


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