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One Of The Best Leadership 101 Advise Out There

One Of The Best Leadership 101 Advise Out There


There’s this great advise the Lord gave me about leadership, as He Himself is a leader:

Now, if you’re a leader in any circle, one of the things you’re supposed to note is that you’re not the only leader your followers have in their lives.

While you’re being a leader to them in just one field of life, your followers also have other leaders apart from you, in other circles of their lives. They have their husbands, their choir masters, their class teachers, a C.E.O, a godfather, an elderly sister, a father, a mother, or a business administrator who’re all playing a leadership position(role) in other aspect of their lives, or perhaps in the same circles of your leadership. (Yes, understand that this is how all followers are to you.)

In this case, understand that, these followers will have to share their time, energy, money, love, fellowship and almost all other interests among these other leaders, with you inclusive.

Each of the subject you have, has this situation going on in his or her life; each of them do this, no matter who they are.

Yet, followers will tend to go more to (dance more with), the leader (s), who in every way, bring them the most satisfactory results. This means that, you’re in competition with other leaders, who are either in the same circle or in different circles of their lives.

So then, if you do not bring more value to their lives compared to the others, they may shift their ‘gears’ to the others, spending their love, time and energies more with them.

It could even be just one of those faithful leaders who is doing that-and not everyone of the other group.

Therefore, we should make sure we’re giving them the best treatment, otherwise they may relinquish their bet from us. As free moral agents, they owe us nothing, if they should change their course.

That suggest that, you have to be doing your things right to get the highest bid, so they stick more to you and your course. So, do the right thing to make them consciously give them to you.

You need to treat them with upmost respect, love and care, which will pull them closer to you than all the others. However, this does not suggest that they can say nor do anything they want when they come to your circles of leadership, in such a way that there won’t be discipline. There must be discipline, but should be done in the way of love, otherwise, they may become too embittered, provoking them to leave you, to find comfort or solace elsewhere.

This advice is very important, if you want to carefully grow your group to get to the top.


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