Our Work:

International Development:
International Project and Development Services seeks to equip all LoveHall Conferences
centres to be catalysts of sustainable change in their communities. Working through
a culture of listening to the voices of the local community and then seeking to assist
the aspirations of the community to be realised,
aiming to restore economic, social, ecological and spiritual relationships.Here, we provide tools for work,
and install systems e,g business units etc

Emergency Response:
From sites of natural and man-made disasters to places of human conflict,
the LoveHall is there to provide compassion and practical support to
those in real and sudden need. The LoveHall strives to provide first for the
immediate physical needs but beyond that, ministry for the aching heart and the weary soul.


LoveHall Conferences seeks to operate hospitals and clinics in some of the most needy areas of the world.
That remains true to our core function.
Areas include:
01.ADHD 02. Anger Management 03. Anxiety 04. Behavioral Issues

05. Bipolar Disorder 06. Child 07. Coping Skills 08. Depression
09. Divorce and Marital Problems 10. Dual Diagnosis 11. Emotional Disturbance 12. Family Conflict
13. Oppositional Defiance 14. Parenting 15. Peer Relationships 16. Relationship Issues 17. Self Esteem
18. Substance Use

19. Suicidal Ideation 20. Teen Violence
21. Trauma and PTSD


01. Spiritual Problems 02. Dreams and Vision Interpretation

Social Work:

The LoveHall Conferences is one of the largest social care providers in the world.
There are social programmes running 24/7 online in reach. It’s our vision to run CareCenters for Children, Adults
and anyone needs shelter and care.

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